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Publication: SEM Student News


SEM Student News is an official, biannual publication of the Society for Ethnomusicology created and run by students. In cooperation with the SEM Student Union, we aim to voice current student issues and ideas, and to provide useful, relevant information for students conducting music research. Most of all, this newsletter is a forum for students to communicate with their peers, and to start addressing the issues that we face together.

Latest Issue: Volume 10: Music and Diaspora

Previous issue: Volume 9: Medical and Cognitive Ethnomusicology



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Call for Submissions:

The ​Fall/Winter 2015 issue of SEM Student News (Volume 1​1​)​ will ​focus on the trajectories of Music​ Education​ and ​Ethnomusicology. ​As music departments around the country work to broaden and strengthen their training of musicians in the 21st century, we hope that this volume will highlight some of the issues of and possibilities for integrating music education pedagogy and ethnomusicological studies. ​In addition to contributions from our staff we are looking for submissions from students and professionals that engage in these exciting endeavours.

We are accepting submissions for Volume 1​1​ in the following capacities:
- original photography related to topic of the issue

- student submissions (c.150-200 words) for our "State of the Field" column [discussing personal experience and research strategies ​in combining music education and ethnomusicology]

- student articles/editorials (c. 500-750 words) [on issues or case studies of combining music education and ethnomusicology​]

- professional submissions either for our "Dear SEM" column (c. 250 words) or individual editorials (c. 500-750 words) [on issues and advice on combining music education and ethnomusicology​]

Those planning on submitting piece, please contact the 
editor at semstudentnews@gmail.com. We also welcome any other ideas, comments, and questions. Submissions should be formatted in Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, in author-date style. Files should be submitted in .doc​x​ (text) or .jpg (photography) formats and received no later than ​October 2, 2015. Be sure to include your contact information and university affiliation in your email.

Call for Applications:

SEM Student News is currently seeking one or more writers to join its student-led team as regular staff contributors. The start date for staff writer positions begins immediately with our upcoming Fall/Winter 2015 issue (on Music Education and Ethnomusicology) and continues for a term of at least four issues (two years). Applicants should be students currently registered in a graduate degree program and conducting music research in ethnomusicology or a related discipline. Masters and early PhD students are especially encouraged to apply.

Staff Contributors are responsible for writing editorials on a variety of topics, reflective of each issue's particular theme, typically between 750–1000 words. Applicants should be creative, original thinkers, and able to demonstrate advanced yet accessible writing. Prior publication experience is not required.

To apply, please send your CV along with a brief statement of your experience and interest (c. 250 words), and a writing sample illustrating ability, style, and perspective (c. 1000-3000 words), to semstudentnews@gmail.com no later than September 15th, 2015.


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