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SEM-L and SEMNotices-L Electronic Lists
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The Society for Ethnomusicology has two separate electronic emailing lists.

SEM-L is interactive and intended for posts that seek feedback or discussion on issues related to ethnomusicology.

SEMNotices-L is for ethnomusicological announcements that are not intended for discussion, such as calls for papers and job advertisements.

SEM-L and SEMNotices-L are closed, moderated lists.

"Closed" means that subscriptions are approved by the list moderator. The lists are open to subscriptions by SEM members and non-members alike.

"Moderated" means that messages are approved by the moderator before they go to the list.

The contact information for our current moderator is the following:

SEM-L/SEMNotices-L Moderator
Hope Munro
Assistant Professor
Department of Music
CSU Chico
400 West First Street
Chico, CA 95929-0805
Phone: 530-898-6128
Email: hmunro@csuchico.edu

How to Subscribe

Address an email to iulist@iulist.indiana.edu, and leave the subject line blank. 

For SEM-L: Put SUBSCRIBE SEM-L yourfirstname yourlastname in the body of the message.

For SEMNotices-L: Put SUBSCRIBE SEMNOTICES-L yourfirstname yourlastname in the body of the message.

Allow a day or two for your subscription to be approved. You will then receive a welcome message that explains the list policies.

How to Post a Message

To post a message, write an email to the relevant address.

SEM-L: sem-l@iulist.indiana.edu

SEMNotices-L: semnotices-l@iulist.indiana.edu

NOTE: All questions regarding the list need to be sent to the moderator Hope Munro Smith at hmunro@csuchico.edu. Your questions will not be addressed if sent to the list serve addresses. 

Special Instructions
If you are going to be away and want to temporarily stop receiving listserv postings, or you wish to receive a digest version of the postings, or you wish to unsubscribe, follow the instructions on this page: Special Instructions

Special Feature
Thanks to Indiana University's robust technical support, all postings are automatically archived.

To read the list archive online, do as follows:

  1. Go to the IU List homepage and log on.
  2. Go to the information page of the list of which you want to read the archive.
  3. In the left menu, click on the 'Archive' link.
  4. The message index of the current month displays.

To search the archives: Click on the 'Search Archives' button in the upper right of the archives box.

Electronic Mailing List Policies

  • Purposes of the lists
  • Appropriate content for postings
  • Informing, not advertising
  • Copyright observance
  • Format for postings
  • Who may join? Who may post?
  • Etiquette

Purposes of Lists

SEM-L is intended for:

  1. discussion of ethnomusicology in general and related disciplines. (See the About Us area for more on what ethnomusicology is and for the mission of the Society.)
  2. reports of music-making from around the world.
  3. discussions of career-related activities for ethnomusicologists, including teaching, research, publishing, performance, archiving and librarianship, public sector work, etc.

SEMNotices-L is intended for:

  1. the timely circulation of news about the work of the Society for Ethnomusicology among SEM members and others interested in ethnomusicology.
  2. the announcement of ethnomusicology related career opportunities, calls for papers, etc.

Appropriate Content

SEM-L and SEMNotices-L are moderated lists that provide a forum for those with an educational or professional interest in the field of ethnomusicology. The quality of information on SEMNotices and discussion on SEM-L should be consistently useful to its subscribers.

The following kinds of communication are not appropriate for the lists:

  • messages that cannot reasonably be fit into one of the categories listed under "purposes of this list"
  • commercial solicitation
  • announcements of single concerts or lectures
  • mass mailings
  • personal attacks
  • messages so carelessly written that they are confusing

The moderator reserves the right to contact individuals who send messages inappropriate for the list, and, if necessary, to prevent their access to the list.

See below for further discussion of what constitutes commercial solicitation under "Informing, not Advertising." The announcements of individual concerts and lectures present a slippery slope: if everyone could send in announcements of their concerts, which naturally only interest the small percentage of subscribers who live nearby, then the signal/noise ratio for the list as a whole could rise to unacceptable levels. In such cases, the moderator will suggest that the announcement be forwarded instead to the SEM Internet Editor for posting on the News section of the website. SEMNotices-L will post announcements of concert tours and conferences, although for accuracy we ask that producers or chairpersons be the ones to send these announcements.

Informing, Not Advertising

SEMNotices-L welcomes announcements of publication or re-publication of books, recordings, and films related to ethnomusicology, as well as of concert tours and of new Internet resources for ethnomusicology. Many of these announcements are of educational interest to librarians and bibliographers as well as individual students and scholars. We do ask that you please remove price and ordering information (referring the reader to a website or email address where such information may be obtained), and limit the announcements to items newly available or reissued. (Relevant websites should seek to be listed in the SEM website's Resources section.) Advance announcements of publications (that is, prior to general availability) will not be accepted. Announcements from publishers, wholesalers, and retailers will also not be accepted. Do not send announcements of the form "see what's new on our website this month" or "item X is *still* for sale," as they clutter the list with redundant information.

Copyright Observance

SEM-L and SEMNotices-L follow a conservative interpretation of fair use doctrine in the observance of copyright laws in the quoting of song lyrics, newspaper and magazine articles, and all other intellectual property outside of postings to SEM-L and SEMNotices-L themselves. Still, it is extremely difficult for the moderator to know in all cases, especially where the source material is not at hand, what constitutes fair use. Therefore, the Society for Ethnomusicology and the subscribers of SEM-L and SEMNotices-L take no responsibility for any infringements of copyright resulting from postings on the lists.

The most common mistake made by subscribers is to send the entire text of a news article. The proper way to post a notice of a newsworthy event is to describe briefly what it is and to include the URL of a website where the news article resides.

Copyright for a message posted to SEM-L and SEMNotices-L are held solely by the author of the message, but with the understanding that reproduction and distribution of messages within the context of SEM-L discussion and archiving is not a violation of copyright. The author has sole copyright, including rights to reproduction and distribution, to this content outside the context of SEMNotices-L, SEM-L, and its publicly available Internet archives.

Any use of ideas or research without accurate attribution is plagiarism, including those that appear on SEM-L and SEMNotices-L.

Format for Postings

SEM-L and SEMNotices-L have a plain-text only policy. No attachments, no special formatting, no HTML or other Internet mark-up language for web pages. If you are concerned about losing the impact of what your web site's formatting provides, include a simple URL reference to the web page (using the http:// prefix), which is converted to a hyperlink by many email-reading programs.

Who may join? Who may post?

SEM-L and SEMNotices-L are open to SEM members and non-members alike.

Anyone, not only subscribers, may send a message to SEM-L and SEMNotices-L subject to the moderator's approval. Of course, we encourage anyone interested in the list to subscribe to it. We also urge anyone with an abiding interest in our field to join the Society for Ethnomusicology (learn more about Benefits and Rates).


When you hit "reply" to a message, the response automatically goes to SEM-L and SEMNotices-L, and to the person who posted the message. Personal asides and short responses like "I agree!" should go to the person, not the list, and the moderator will generally not post such personal responses that are inappropriately sent to the whole list. However, the moderator cannot always accurately detect intent, and once he or she posts a message to the list, it cannot be retracted. Therefore, pay attention to whom your SEM-L replies are addressed.

When responding to SEM-L and SEMNotices-L, don't change the subject line of the message. Continuity of subject lines is critical for the maintenance of "threads" (sequences of messages connected by topic) that one may consult in the SEM-L archives (list.indiana.edu/sympa/home).

Also when responding to SEM-L and SEMNotices-L, don't include the entire text of the message to which you're responding. This is especially important for longer posts or daily digests, which unnecessarily clog everyone's mailboxes. Including excerpts to which you are specifically responding is fine. The subject line, in conjunction with the archives and reader's memories of what has already been said, is generally sufficient to provide the context for the discussion.

If you post a query and receive a number of off-list responses, we ask that you post a final summary of the contributions you have received. Please make the subject line note that this is a summary: "SUMMARY: Sources on Maltese music." We suggest that you post this summary a week after you posed your initial query, or after the contributions have settled down, whichever comes first.

All posters need to identify themselves by full name and affiliation (institutional or any other type) and/or location, in their signature. This is not only a common courtesy, but also emphasizes the fact that the SEM-L is a list of a professional organization. Even if you have been a regular poster to this list, and/or feel that the ethnomusicology community is familiar with your work, please keep this in mind when sending your e-mails to avoid cancellations or delay in processing the posts.


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