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Member-at-Large, Groups Bios
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Christi-Anne CASTRO

Christi-Anne Castro received her Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from UCLA and, after surviving the learning curve of lectureships at various institutions of higher education, is now an associate professor at the University of Michigan. She has served as associate director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at UM, along with two terms on the executive committee, and she will begin a term as director in Fall 2013.

Her book, Musical Renderings of the Philippine Nation (Oxford 2011), reflects her primary research interests in the performance arts of the Philippines and in cultural politics; however, she recently finished a program as a faculty scholar in the UM Program in Integrative Healthcare, accommodating her fascination with music and health. Her other interests include Asian American music, Latin American music, and issues related to music, gender, and sexuality.

Her history of service to the field includes reading an accumulated barrel full of abstracts as a member of two SEMSCC (now SEMSCHC) program committees (including one foray as program chair), a MIDSEM program committee, and a program committee for the SEM Annual Meeting. She has also served on the SEM Council, enduring at least one early morning meeting without caffeinated beverages. In addition, she is presently on the editorial advisory board for the Journal of the Society for Asian Music. Although it means regularly leaving the balmy climes of the Midwest, she has continued to act as musical director of the Iskwelahang Pilipino Rondalla of Boston, a position she has held since before many of her current undergraduates were born.


Professor and Chair, Department of Music, University of Pittsburgh. After receiving an M.A. from the University of Hawai‘i (1990) and a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley (1997), I joined the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh in 1997. Indonesia has been a major focus of my research, especially Sundanese music and Indonesian popular music. I am the author of numerous articles and two books: Power Plays: Wayang Golek Puppet Theater of West Java (2004) and Dangdut Stories: A Social and Musical History of Indonesia’s Most Popular Music (2010). I am the editor of Islam and Popular Culture in Indonesia and Malaysia (2011), and co-editor (with Bell Yung) of Music and Cultural Rights (2008). New on-going projects include collaborations with scholars, musicians, and policy makers in Uganda to repatriate historical sound recordings ("The Audible Future: Reimagining the Role of Sound Archives and Sound Repatriation in Uganda,” co-authored with Sylvia Nannyonga-Tamusuza in Ethnomusicology 56/2, 2012). I am also working with scholars in the Netherlands on writing a history of Indonesian popular music (1950-1970).

I have been a member of SEM since 1986. My SEM activities include 12 papers presented at the Annual Meetings (1990-2012); Seeger Prize (1991); Council Member (1992-95 and 2000-2003); Council Nominating Committee (2002); Kunst Prize Committee (2003 and 2004); and Local Arrangements Committee Chair (2014). I have also been active in MACSEM as Vice President (1999-2001); member of the program committee (1999-2001 and 2011); and annual conference organizer (2000). I have been an Executive Board member and Treasurer of the Society for Asian Music since 2006. Having been a member of SEM for over 25 years, I would be honored to serve on the Board for the first time.

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