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AFSLIBR: The listserv used by the Archives and Libraries Section of the American Folklore Society and uses the address AFSLIBR@gmu.edu for posting messages. To subscribe to the list, address an email to listproc@gmu.edu and type the following in the body of the email: SUBSCRIBE AFSLIBR first_name last_name (Replace "first_name" "last_name" with your first and last name).


Applied Ethnomusicology Discussion List (appliedethno): A forum to discuss issues in applied ethnomusicology and related work in the public sector. See their website for subscription details.


ARABIC-INFO Discussion list: Follow this link for subscription information or to read archived posts.


British Library National Sound Archive: Contains recordings in seven main subject areas: Classical Music, Drama and Literature, International Music Collection, Jazz, Oral History, Popular Music, and Wildlife Sound.


Dancecult: Home of the electronic dance music culture research network: Dancecult is a forum for the electronic dance music culture (EDMC) research network, whose doors opened in April, 2005. Presently, Dancecult manifests as a mailing list and rich informational website. Dancecult-l is an interdisciplinary mailing list for graduate students, scholars, and other parties interested in the study and documentation of EDMCs from proto-disco through post-rave formations. As a critical information exchange hub, Dancecult-l enables resource sharing and collaboration between international researchers of club cultures, raves, techno, electronica, doof, digital arts and other manifestations of EDMC. Members come from various different disciplines, operating in many different global locations, and employing diverse methodologies.


HISTOETHNO (Historical Ethnomusicology Special Interest Group Listserv): The mission of the special interest group for historical ethnomusicology is to support historical studies in the field of ethnomusicology primarily through the sponsorship and promotion of discussion, events and publications related to historical approaches in the study of music. This group provides: 1) A forum for music scholars with historical interests to discuss issues related to the study of music history 2) An organizational basis to plan and execute events that focus on historical topics and methodologies 3) An information network where scholars can share and promote publications and activities related to the study of music history.


PMSCOPY-L (Popular Music Section of SEM, Music and Fair Use Forum Discussion List): The electronic discussion list of the Music and Fair Use Forum, a subcommittee of PMSSEM which explores issues of fair use and intellectual property rights more generally. To join send an e-mail to Harris M. Berger at harris-m-berger@neo.tamu.edu; please indicate that you would like to join and state that you are an SEM member. This discussion list is open to all SEM members.


PMSSEM-L (Popular Music Section of SEM Discussion List): An electronic mailing list for the discussion of the ethnomusicology of popular music; news, announcements, queries, and substantive discussion about popular music and ethnomusicology are the topics to which the list is dedicated. To join send an e-mail to section chair Paul D. Greene at pdg4@psu.edu; please indicate that you would like to join and state that you are an SEM member. This discussion list is open to all SEM members.


SAMR-list: Information on the Society for Arab Music Listserv.


SEM African Music Section Discussion List: Discussion list of the SEM African Music Section. Link includes instructions for joining as well as an archive of postings.


SEM Dance Section Listserv (SEMDANCE-L): The SEM Dance Section Listserv is a forum for SEM members interested in dance. To join the listserv, send an email message to Clara Henderson at clahende@indiana.edu.


SEM European Music Special Interest Group: The European Music Special Interest Group exists to promote interest in and raise awareness of ethnomusicological research of European music-cultures. They are committed to achieving these goals through panels, forums, and roundtables at SEM regional and national meetings. The list address is (sem-europe@lists.ucla.edu) and it is located at (http://lists.ucla.edu/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/sem-europe). All the subscription information is at that page, it is all very simple and straightforward ( just type in your e-mail address and password, click submit and wait for the approval). Right now, since this is an SEM Special Interest Group, subscription is open to SEM members only.




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