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Current Bibliography, Vol. 46, No. 1 (Winter 2002)
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Compiled by Kevin Medows (University of Illinois at Urbana)

Editor's note: in order to aid searching, names and terms that have been coded to display diacriticals have been appended to the entry in brackets without diacriticals.

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II. "All That Jazz": History, Culture, Performers, Instruments, and Political Functionality

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III. Jazz Expression in Dance and Literature

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IV. Rap Music as Art Form, Social-Political Commentary, and Economic Commodity

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V. Toward the Future: Educating Future Generations and Preserving Cultural Traditions

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    • Candomblé and Community / Maria José do Espírito Santo França (53-58)

II. Perpectives on Race, Class, and Culture

    • Perspectives on Race and Class in Brazil
    • Blacks in Salvador: Racial Paths

III. Brazil/Africa

    • Africa-Brazil: "Ex Africa Semper Aliquid Novi"? / Anani Dzidzienyo (105-142)
    • Art History, Agency, and Identity: Yorùbá Transcultural Currents in the Making of Black Brazil / Henry John Drewal (143-174)
    • Black Brazil: African Notes on a New Negritude / Femi Ojo-Ade (175-197)

IV. Religions, Culture, and Resistance

    • Candomblé in Bahia: Repression and Resistance / Júlio Braga (201-212)
    • Power, Invention, and the Politics of Race: Umbanda Past and Future / Diana DeG. Brown (213-236)
    • The Fall of a Black Prophet: Pentecostalism and the Rhetoric of Race in Urban Brazil / John Burdick (237-245)

V. Music, Carnival, and Identity

    • Carnival: The Colors of Change / Antônio Risério (249-259)
    • The Multiplicity of Black Identities in Brazilian Popular Music / José Jorge de Carvalho (261-295)
    • The Rise of Bumba-meu-Boi in Maranhão: Resilience of African-Brazilian Cultural Identity / Kazadi wa Mukuna (297-310)

VI. Black in the Visual Media

    • The Flash of Spirit: Cinematic Representations of Afro-Brazilian Religion / Robert Stam (313-338)
    • The Drama of Modernity: Color and Symbolic Exclusion in the Brazilian Telenovela / Denise Ferreira da Silva (339-316)
    • The Representation of Blacks on Commercial Television in Brazil: Some Cultivation Effects / Michael Leslie (363-275)

[ antonio joao jose franca yoruba maranhao candomble riserio espirito julio ]

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