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Current Discography, Vol. 46, No. 3 (Fall 2002)
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Compiled by Mercedes Dujunco (New York University)

General | Africa | Americas | Asia & Oceania | Europe


Philadelphia Folk Festival: 40th Anniversary. cp2001. Sliced Bread SB74440D1-D4. Four compact discs. Disc four is an enhanced CD that includes bonus multimedia. Historical and program notes by Jonathan Takiff, Michael Cooney, and Mark Moss laid in container. Produced by Gene Shay. Folk music of North America, Ireland, and Latin America. Various performers.

Rough Guide to World Music. Volume One: Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. cp1999. World Music Network RGNET 1032. One compact disc. Compiled by Phil Stanton from previously released albums.


La Belleza Contemplada: Musica Andalusi de Laud. cp2000. Pneuma PN-260. One compact disc. Program notes in English and Spanish, and song texts in Arabic, with English and Spanish translations, inserted in container. Lute music from Al-Andalus and Morocco; several selections with vocals in Arabic. Performers: Larbi Akrim, 'ud; El Arabi Serghini Mohammed, voice, pandero, darbuga.

Centrafrique: Rituels Gbanzili et Mbugu et l'Oubangui. cp2001. Chant du Monde CNR 2741121. One compact disc. Program notes by Vincent Dehoux and Jacqueline M.C. Thomas in French with English translations (42 pp.: port.). Music of the Banziri people from the Central African Republic.

Chants et Danses en Imerina. cp2000. Arion ARN 64522. One compact disc. Folk music and songs of the Merina of Imerina province in Madagascar. Vocals sung in Merina. Performers: Rakotofrah, sodina (flute); with ensemble.

Confrérie des Aïssawa. cp2001. Ocora Radio France C 560140. One compact disc. Extensive technical notes in French, English and German by Christian Poche (24 pp.: ill.) in container. Traditional music of the Moroccan lila ritual of the Aissawa brotherhood or confraternity. Sufi music. Performers: Aissawa of Meknes, tayfa of Cheikh Sidi Mohamed. [ Confrerie Aissawa ]

Madagascar: Accordéons et Esprits Ancestraux. cp2001. VDE CD-1065. One compact disc. Notes in French and English (23 pp.: ports.) inserted in container. Folk accordion music from Madagascar. Various performers. [ Accordeons ]

Madagascar:Valiha-Marovany de la Côte Est. cp2000. Buda Records 1979322. One compact disc. Program notes (27 pp.) in French, English, and Malagasy, with text summaries, inserted in container. Folk music of Madagascar, sung in Malagasy. Performer: Troupe Valiha. [ Cote ]

Musique Andalous d'Alger. cp2000. Institut du Monde Arabe 321031. One compact disc. Program notes by Rachid Aous in French with English translation and song summaries/texts in French and English translations (12 pp.). Vocal and instrumental music from Algeria. Performer: Al-Djazairiya al-Mossiliya Ensemble.

Pygmées Aka. cp1998. Ocora/Radio France C 560139. One compact disc. Historical and descriptive notes in English, French, and German, and short bibliography (40 pp.: ill.). Folk music of the Aka people from the Lobaye region in southwestern Central African Republic. [ Pygmees ]

Tunisie: La Mémoire des Juifs de Djerba. cp2001. VDE-Gallo CD-1057. One compact disc. Program notes by Andre Klopmann in French with English translation (31 pp.: ill.). Hebrew songs from Tunisia, with 'ud accompaniment. Performer: Yaacov Bchiri, voice and 'ud. [ Memoire ]


20 to Life: Prison Blues/Songs from the Angola State Penitentiary. cp2001. Universal Music and Video Distribution 302 061 161 2. One compact disc. Blues music. Various performers.

Argentine Swing, 1936-1948. cp2000. Harlequin. HQCD 152. One compact disc. Jazz and swing music from Argentina. Most tracks dubbed from acetates, only issued previously in 1989. Various performers.

Bolivie: Musique des Calcha. cp2000. Le Chant du Monde CNR 2741120. One compact disc. Program notes in French with English and Spanish translations (42 pp.: map, ports.). Field recordings by Rosalia Martinez. Quechua folk songs and music from Bolivia.

The Complete Early Recordings of Skip James, 1930. cp2001. Yazoo 2009. One compact disc. Blues music. Compiled from old 78's. Performer: Skip James, vocals and guitar.

Cubanismo! in New Orleans: Mardi Gras Mambo. cp2000. Hannibal HNCD 1441. One compact disc. Program notes by Joe Boyd inserted in container; lyrics of Paso en Tampa, with English translation. Popular and dance music from Cuba. Performers: Cubanismo!; Jesus Alemany, leader/trumpet; John Boutte, vocals; Yockamo All-Stars.

Dance Music from Brazil:Choros and Forro. cp2000. Nimbus NI 1741 (NI5338/ 5398/5404/5543). Four compact discs. Program notes (24 pp.). Popular instrumental music from Brazil. Performers: Os Ingenuos; Oficina de Cordas; Fred Dantas, trombone; Ailton Reiner, bandolim; Camarao, accordion.

Folks, He Sure Do Pull Some Bow!: Vintage Fiddle Music, 1927-1935. cp2001. Old Hat Enterprises CD-1003. One compact disc. Previously released material. Booklet notes by Marshall Wyatt. Fiddle tunes, blues music, jazz, and ragtime music. Various performers.

Havana, Cuba, ca. 1957: Rhythms and Songs for the Orishas. cp2001. Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40489. One compact disc. Program notes with bibliography and discography by Morton Marks (24 pp.: ill.). Santeria music from Cuba, featuring bata drums. From the historic recordings of Lydia Cabrera and Josefina Tarafa.

Lamento Borincano/Early Puerto Rican Music, 1916-1939. cp2001. Arhoolie 7037, 7038. Two compact discs. Booklet (53 pp.) containing notes by Cristobal Diaz Ayala and lyrics in English and Spanish. Popular music from Puerto Rico. Various performers.

The Legend of Cuban Percussion/Patato. cp2000. Six Degrees 657036 1027-2. One compact disc. Popular and dance music from Cuba. Performer: Carlos "Patato" Valdes, congas; with accompanying musicians.

The Lima Highlands. cp2001. Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40450. One compact disc. Notes by Manuel Raez in Spanish, with English translation (25 pp.: ill., map). Twenty-five field recordings of folk dances and songs from the Lima Highlands of Peru featuring traditional instruments.

Matanzas, Cuba, ca. 1957: Afro-Cuban Sacred Music from the Countryside. cp2001. Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40490. One compact disc. Program notes in English, with bibliographical and discographical references by Morton Marks (28 pp.: ill.). Santeria music from Matanzas Province of Cuba. From the historic recordings of Lydia Cabrera and Josefina Tarafa.

Musica Tambora: Las Primeras Graciones de la Musica de Tambora. cp2001. Arhoolie CD 7048. One compact disc. Program notes (18 pp.). Popular music from Mexico. Various performers.

Newport Folk Festival: Best of the Blues, 1959-68. cp2001. Vanguard 193/95-2. Three compact discs. Program notes by John Milward (10 pp.: ill.). Includes some previously unreleased material. Blues music. Various artists.

Orquesta Típica Victor. cp2000. Harlequin HQCD 155. One compact disc. Primarily instrumental Argentine dance orchestra music; vocal selections sung in Spanish. Performer: Orquesta Tipica Victor. [ Tipica ]

The Real Birth of Cubop: Historic Live Recordings. cp2001. Tumbao Cuban Classics TCD-102. One compact disc. Program notes written by Jordi Pujol, with historical and biographical information in Spanish and English. Dance orchestra music from Cuba, 1941-1950. Performers: Chano Pozo with Dizzy Gillespie and his orchestra.

The Rhythm of Juan d'Arienzo. cp2000. Harlequin HQCD 157. One compact disc. Argentine tango music from 1931-1950. Performer: Juan d'Arienzo (violin and leader) with tango band.

Rough Guide to the Cuban Music Story. cp2001. World Music Network RGNET 1068. One compact disc. Folk and dance music from Cuba. Compiled by David Flower from previously released albums. Various performers.

Say It Loud!: A Celebration of Black Music in America. cp2001. Rhino Entertainment Company R2 76660. Six compact discs. One booklet (72 pp.: ill.; 25 cm.). Compilation produced by Patrick Milligan, Shawn Amos & Quincy Newell ; sound produced by Bill Inglot. Various performers.

Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues. cp2001. Revenant 212. Seven compact discs. Historical and biographical notes by Dick Spottswood or John Fahey, texts, and appendix by Edward Komara, including discography, bibliographical references, and thematic index in booklet (127 pp.: ill.). Also includes Charley Patton / by John Fahey. London : Studio Vista, 1970 (112 pp.: ill.; 20 cm.) and "The immortal Charlie Patton", by Bernard Klatzko (5 leaves) inserted in inner container. Mississippi Delta blues music by Charley Patton and others, performed by him, accompanying himself on guitar, in part by other musicians, or sung and played by other musicians.

Twenty-First St. Stomp: The Piano Blues of St. Louis, Classic Recordings from the 1920's. cp2002. Yazoo 2061. One compact disc. Program and biographical notes in container. A collection of the greatest St. Louis barrelhouse piano classics of the 20's and 30's, featuring rare and classic performances by legendary artists. Compiled from old '78s. Produced by Francis Wilford-Smith.

Asia and Oceania

Armenia: Heavenly Duduk. cp1999. World Network WDR 32.377. One compact disc. Armenian folk songs and music. Performers: Djivan Gasparyan, duduk, vocals; Ararat Dalakyan, bass duduk, duduk, zurna; Ashot Ghazaryan, duduk, dhol.

The Bali Sessions: Living Art, Sounding Spirit. cp1999. Rykodisc RCD 10449. Three compact discs. Program and historical notes, bibliographical references on insert. Recorded by Mickey Hart. Gamelan music from Bali, Indonesia. Various performers.

Les Croisades: Sous le Regard de l'Órient. cp2001. Le Chant du Monde 5741118/19. Two compact discs. Booklet articles in French and English by Andre Miquel, Myriam Antaki, Georges Tate, and Jamel Eddine Bencheikh, and French and English translations of Arabic texts (56 pp.: ill.). Arab music and poetry from Syria from the time of the Crusades. Performers: Omar Sarmini, vocals ; Ensemble Al-Kindi: Julien Jalal Eddine Weiss, qanun, director ; Ziyad Qadi Amin, nay; Muhammad Qadri Dalal, ud; Adel Shams Eddine, riqq; Mohammad Gomar Al-Bawi, joza ; Hicham Al-Khatib, douff; Maher Moudalal, vocals; Aboulala Dalal, vocals. [ l'Orient ]

Ghazal: Moon Rise Over the Silk Road. cp1999. Shanachie 66024. Program notes (8 pp.: ports.) in container. Improvisations by Persian and Indian musicians. Performers: Kayhan Kalhor, kamancheh; Shujaat Hussain Khan, sitar and vocals; Swapan Chaudhuri, tabla; with assisting musicians.

Hawaiian String Virtuoso/King Bennie Nawahi. cp2000. Yazoo 2055. One compact disc. Hawaiian guitar music. Remastered directly from original 78s. Biography on insert. Performer: King Bennie Nawahi with various groups.

Lost Sounds of the Tao: Chinese Masters of the Guqin. cp 2001. World Arbiter 2004. One compact disc. Program notes in English by Allan Evans, Dale A. Craig, and Philip Lo (19 pp.: ill.) inserted in container. Chinese qin zither music. Performers: Lo Ka Ping; Zheng Yingsun; Xu Yuan Bay.

Musique Traditionelles du Timor. cp2000. PlayaSound PS 65242. One compact disc. Indonesian folk music from Timor. Sung in Ambeno, Suai and Ainaro. Performers: Groupe Tifa, vocals, lakadau (bamboo percussion instrument).

Piya Basanti. cp2001. Sony Music 4984612. One compact disc. Hindustani music and folk songs from Rajasthan. Performers: Ustad Sultan Khan, vocals; Chitra, sarangi; Sandesh Shandilya, tabla.

The Silk Road: A Musical Caravan. cp2002. Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40438. Two compact discs. Traditional music from Afghanistan, China, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, and other Central Eurasian nations and peoples. Various performers.

Sizhu: Jiangnan Classics. cp2001. Naxos World 76008-2. One compact disc. Program notes, in English, inserted in container. Chinese folk music from the Jiangsu region. Performers: The Jiangnan Ensemble of the Shanghai Conservatory: Zhang Niambing, sanxian/ruan ; Wang Yongde, erhu ; Zhang Jiujin, dizi ; Sheng Haihua, yangqin ; Zhang Tie, pipa ; Liu Ying, percussion.

Thai Elephant Orchestra. cp2000. Mulatta Records MUL 004. One compact disc. Program notes in container. Dave Soldier and Richard Lair with others create Thai musical instruments for elephants and guide them to play. Animal sounds and animals in the performing arts.

Wonder of Naxi. cp1999. Hugo HRP 7204-2. One compact disc. Biographical and program notes, in Chinese and English (25 pp. ports.) inserted in container. Chinese orchestral music. Performers: Various instrumental soloists; Hong Kong Sinfonietta; Tsung Yeh, conductor.


Bulgarian Tamboura. cp2001. American Recording Productions ARP 027. One compact disc. Popular instrumental and vocal music in Bulgarian folk style. Selections primarily by Valeri Dimchev. Performers: Valeri Dimchev Trio (Desislava Dimcheva, vocal; Anton Apostolov, acoustic guitar; Valeri Dimchev, tamboura) ; Drago Dimov, percussion.

Croatia: Traditional Music. cp1998. Auvidis/UNESCO D8276. One compact disc. Historical and descriptive notes by Svanibor Pettan, in English with French translation (19 pp.: ill.). Traditional and contemporary music of Croatia. Reissue of recordings from 1971-1995. Various performers.

Edda: Myths from Medieval Iceland. cp1999. Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 05472-77381-2. One compact disc. Program notes (47 pp.) in English and German with song texts in English and Icelandic. Folk music from Iceland. Performers: Sequentia.

European Klezmer Music. cp2000. Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40486. One compact disc. Program notes (36 pp.: ports). Performers: Khevrisa (Steven Greenman, violin; W. Zev Feldman, cimbal; Alicia Svigals, Michael Alpert, sekund; Stuart Brotman, bass).

Gypsies of Romania. cp2000. ARC Music EUCD 1618. One compact disc. Digitally remastered analog recording. Romani music. Performers: Taraful din Baia: "Danu" Dan Daniel, violin, band leader; Ovidiu Cozma, taragot; Marcel Seraz, accordion; Stefan Peterfi, keyboards; Teofil Rad, violin.

Kosovo: Music of the Albanian Kosovars. cp1999. FM Records 1092. One compact disc. Production credits in container. Principally monophonic and polyphonic Albanian songs frpm Kosovo with instrumental accompaniment.

Kurbeti: Music of Albania's Gypsies. cp2000. FM Records 1053. One compact disc. Romani music from Albania. Performers: Fatos Selmani, voice ; Tate Osmani, clarinet ; Keli Bame, guitar, lute, bouzouki; Ilia Tchumani, guitar, keyboards, bass; Ilir Mutcho, drums, percussion; Renato Ibrahimi, keyboards, accordion; Oselito Tchuni, percussion.

Musiques Traditionelle d'Ukraine. cp1998. Silex/Auvidis 225211/225216. Two compact discs. Texts in Ukrainian with English and French translations and program notes in English, French, and Ukrainan inserted in container. Ukrainian folk songs and music. Various performers.

Scottish Folk: Living Traditions from Glasgow to the Shetlands. cp2000. World Music Network RGNET 1038. One compact disc. Compiled by Phil Stanton from previously released material. Folk music from Scotland.

Songs and Dances from Albania. cp2000. ARC Music EUCD 1601. One compact disc. Live recordings of traditional folk music and songs from Albania, played on traditional instruments. Information about the music and the instruments in booklet. Performer: Tirana Folk Ensemble.

Wales: Harps, Bards, and Gwerin Sounds. cp2000. World Music Network RGNET 1052. One enhanced compact disc. Compiled by Ceri Rhys Matthews from previously released material. Folk music from Wales.

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