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Current Discography, Vol. 47, No. 2 (Summer 2003)
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Compiled by Mercedes Dujunco (New York University)

Editor's note: in order to aid searching, names and terms that have been coded to display diacriticals have been appended to the entry in brackets without diacriticals.

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Complete National Anthems of the World. cp1998. Marco Polo 8.223386/223387/223388/223835/223836/223852. Six compact discs. Arranged and conducted by Peter Breiner. Includes long and short versions of some anthems. Performed by the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra.


Africa Raps. cp2001. Trikont US-294. One compact disc. Rap music of Senegal, Gambia, and Mali; sung in French and undetermined languages.

Ashkelon: Moroccan Mawal. cp1998. Piranha CD-PIR 1260. One compact disc. Program notes and lyrics or synopses of lyrics (8 pp.: ill.) inserted in container. Moroccan and Judeo-Moroccan mawal and traditional songs in popular style, with ensemble of both traditional and modern instruments. The songs arr. by the singer and Yossi Fine. Performer:Emil Zrihan, vocal; with supporting instrumentalists.

Cameroun: Pygmées Bedzan de la plaine Tikar. cp2000. Maisons des Culture du Monde W 260095. One compact disc. Technical and ethnographic notes by Nathalie Fernando and Fabrice Marandola in French and English (19 pp.: ill.) in container. Pygmy music from Cameroon. [ Pygmees ]

The Gift/Hassan Hakmoun. cp2002. Triloka Records 7930185228-2. One compact disc. Trance music of the Gnawa of Morocco modified with the instrumentation of the Arab world -- orchestral violins, oud, banjo, and dumbek. Performer: Hassan Hakmoun.

Gumboots: Rishile Gumboot Dancers of Soweto and Zenzi Mbuli. cp2000. RCA Victor 09026-63724-2. One compact disc. Program notes including synopsis and personnel listings inserted in container. Songs and music of South African miners.

Mali Music. cp2002. Astralwerks ASW 41019. One compact disc. Popular music from Mali. Various performers.

Mauritius: Les Îles Créoles de l'Océan Indien. cp1998. Auvidis Ethnic YA 225716. One compact disc. Folk music from Mauritius. Various performers. [ Iles Creoles l'Ocean ]

Núba al-Istihlál. cp2000. Pneuma PN-250. One compact disc. Commentary and musical notation, with lyrics in Arabic with English, German and French translations laid in container. Traditional Andalusian-Moroccan music. Performer: Ibn Báya Ensemble (Eduardo Paniagua, medieval flutes; Luis Delgado, Andalusi lute; Gloria Lergo, singer; Mohamed El Arabi Serghini, solo singer, alto viola, darbouka; Omar Metioui, oud (Egyptian lute), Andalusi lute, alto viola, singer). [ Nuba Istihlal Baya ]

Timbila ta Venancio. cp2001. Naxos World 76016-2. One compact disc. Program notes in English and texts with English translations (14 pp.: ports.) inserted in container. Folk songs and dance music of the Chopi of Mozambique. Performers: Venancio Mbande, mbila (xylophone), composer; Tibila ta Venancio.

Ujumbe. cp2001. Stern's Music/Earthworks STEW 43CD. One compact disc. Program notes inserted in container. Popular music from Kenya and the Congo (Democratic Republic). Performing group: Orchestra Virunga.

The World of Gnawa. cp2001. Rounder 82161-5080-2. Two compact discs. Program notes in English, and English translations of Arabic texts (38 pp.) inserted in container. Folk music from Morocco. Native Gnawa musicians.


Antología del Tango de Rioplatense: Desde sus Comienzos hasta 1920 . cp2002. Instituto Nacional de Musicologia "Carlos Vega". Two enhanced compact discs. Program notes and texts inserted in container. Tangos from the Rio de la Plata region of Argentina and Uruguay. Various performers. [ Antologia ]

Black Religious Music: In Chronological Order, 1930-1956. cp1999. Document Records DOCD-5639. One compact disc. Gospel music and evangelistic sermons. Last two selections are live recordings of Baptist church services made by ethnomusicologist Herbert Pepper. Performers: Lightfoot Michaux, The Lacey Family, and Kings of Harmony.

Dallas Sky Drag: Piano Blues, Rags & Stomps, Classic Recordings from the Early 1920s & 30s. cp2000. Yazoo 2054. One compact disc. Program notes and historical notes about performers on container. Produced by Francis Wilford-Smith. Blues piano music. Various performers.

Dreaming the Blues: The Best of Charlie Spand, Classic Recordings from the 1920s. cp2002. Yazoo 2062. One compact disc. Biographical and program notes in container. Blues piano music. Performers: Charlie Spand, piano, vocals; in part with Blind Blake, guitar.

En Vivo!: En Piedras Negras, Coah. Cp2001. Arhoolie 9023. One compact disc. Norteño music from Mexico. Performing group: Los Alacranes de Durango (Eusevio Gallegos, accordion, vocals; Arriola Memo, 12-string bass guitar; J. Raul Torres, double bass). [ Norteno ]

Far from the Shamrock Shore. cp2002. Shanachie 78050. One compact disc. Popular and traditional songs depicting the experience of early Irish immigrants in the United States. Performers: Mick Maloney, vocals, tenor banjo, mandolin, guitar; with assisting musicians.

In the Sky I am Walking: Songs of the Native Americans. cp1998. Mode 068. One compact disc. Program notes in English with French and German translations, text of the 10th work, and text of the 11th work with French and German translations (24 pp.) inserted in container. Songs of various North and South American Indians (1st-9th works) and music based on melodies and/or texts of the American Indians (Chippewa, Pawnee, Nootka, Teton Sioux, Ayacucho, Aztec). Performing group: Voxnova (Valerie Chouaniere, soprano; Isabelle Soccoja, mezzo soprano; Thierry Foure, tenor; Nicholas Isherwood, bass baritone).

Isles of Golden Dream: Music of Hawaii. cp1998. Harlequin HQ 112. One compact disc. Songs and music from Hawaii. Various performers.

Juke Joint Saturday Night: Piano Blues, Rags & Stomps, Classic Recordings from the Early 1920s & 30s. cp2000. Yazoo 2053. One compact disc. Biographical notes by Bob Hall laid in container. Produced by Francis Wilford-Smith. Blues and boogie-woogie piano music. Various performers.

Mondo Soca. cp2001. Ark 21 Records 186 850 035 2. One compact disc. A compilation of calypso, soca, rapso, and ragga-soca music from Trinidad and Tobago. Selections originally released between 1994 and 2000. Various artists.

Sangre de un Don: Herencia Afro-Peruana. cp2000. Times Square Records TSOD 9013. One compact disc. Notes by Dan Rosenberg in English, French and Spanish (19 pp.) inserted in container. Black popular, folk, and dance music from Peru. Performing group: Peru Negro (Jorge Velasquez, guitar; Juan Castro, bass; Ronny Campos, William Vicario, Oscar Brunce, percussion; Monica Duenas, Elina del Rio, vocals).

There is No Eye: Music for Photographs/Recordings of Musicians Photographed by John Cohen. cp2001. Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40091. One compact disc. Companion CD to John Cohen's There is No Eye (New York: Powerhouse Books, 2001). Some selections previously released. Program notes by Joel Cohen (32 pp.: ill.) inserted in container. Principally roots music (including gospel, blues, bluegrass, and traditional folk songs and ballads) from the United States; track 9 is a recording of a Scottish ballad; track 22 is a recording of traditional Peruvian folk music.

Tree of Life/Arbol de la Vida. cp1999. Narada 72438-49798-2-9. One compact disc. Program notes in English on container insert. Folk music from Mexico. Performer: Lila Downs, with musical accompaniment.


Le Chant de Sanaa. cp2001. Institut du Monde Arabe 321029. One compact disc. Program notes in French with English translations and song texts in French and English translations (12 pp.) in container. Vocal music from Yemen. Performers: Hasan al-Ajami, vocals, qanbus; Ahmed Ushaysh, vocals, sah mimiyeh.

Dust to Gold. cp1999. Narada 72438-49178-2-1. One compact disc. English translations of texts inserted in container. Sufi music from Pakistan. Performers: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, lead vocals; with accompanying musicians.

Dzezair. cp2001. Naive NV36911. One compact disc. Program booklet includes lyrics in French and English translations. Rai music from Algeria. Performer: Kadda Cherif Hadria, vocals; with assisting musicians.

Madhuvanti/Shweta Javeri. cp2001. Biswas Records BIS 221. One compact disc. Hindustani vocal music. Performers: Shweta Jhaveri, vocals; Samar Saha, tabla; and accompanying musicians.

Mohammed Reza Shadjarian, Vol. 1: Bidad, Homayun. cp1996. Al Sur ALCD 191. One compact disc. Program notes in French with English translation (20 pp.) in container. Persian vocal music. Performer: Mohammad Reza Shadjarian, vocals, with instrumental accompaniment.

Mohammed Reza Shadjarian, Vol. 2: Dashti. cp1996. Al Sur ALCD 192. One compact disc. Program notes in French with English translation (16 pp.: ill.) in container. Persian vocal music. Performers: Mohammad Reza Shadjarian, vocals; Payvar Ensemble; Faramarz Payvar, conductor.

Mohammed Reza Shadjarian, Vol. 3. Mahur. cp1996. Al Sur ALCD 193. One compact disc. Program notes in French and Arabic with English translation (12 pp.) in container. Persian vocal music. Performers: Mohammad Reza Shadjarian, vocals; Mohammad Moussavi, ney;Parviz Meshkatian, setar.

Two Tenors and Qantara: Historic Live Concert of Arabic Masters. cp2000. Ark21 Records 186 850 014 2. One compact disc. Program notes with lyrics in English and Arabic (12 pp.) inserted in container. Arab instrumental and vocal music. Performers: Wadi Al-Safi, Sabah Fakhri, vocals; acc. by Simon Shaheen & Qantara.

Virtuoso from Afghanistan. cp2002. Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40439. Program notes (17 pp.: map., ill., ports.) in container. Traditional instrumental music from Afghanistan. Performers: Mohammed Omar, rabab; Zakir Hussein, tabla.


Alchemy/The Tannehill Weavers. cp2000. Green Linnet GLCD 1210. One compact disc. Lyrics, glossary and notes on insert. Folk music from Scotland. Performers: The Tannahill Weavers (Roy Gullane, guitar, vocals; Phil Smillie, flute, whistles, vocals; John Martin, fiddle, viola, cello, mandolin, vocals; Les Wilson, bouzouki, guitar, keyboards, vocals; Duncan J. Nicholson, highland bagpipes, Scottish small pipes, whistles).

The Barley Corn/The Johnstons. cp2000. Castle Music CMAR 643. One compact disc. Irish traditional music, sung in English or Gaelic. Previously released in 1968 (The Johnstons) and 1969 (The Barley Corn) by Transatlantic Records. Performers: The Johnstons (Adrienne Johnston, Luci Johnston, vocals; Mick Moloney, guitars, banjo, mandolin, vocals; Paul Brady, guitars, fiddle, mandolin, vocals).

Bohola. cp2002. Shanachie 78048. One compact disc. Traditional Irish music, primarily instrumental. Performing group: Bohola (Jimmy Keane, accordion; Sean Cleland, fiddle; Pat Broaders, dordan, bouzouki, vocals).

Fado em Mim. cp2001. Times Square Records TSOD 9026. One compact disc. Fados (vocal music) from Portugal. Performer: Mariza, vocals; with musical accompaniment.

Flamenco on Fire. cp2001. Legacy International CD 465. One compact disc. Program notes in container insert. Flamenco music. Performer: Sabicas, guitar; with ensemble.

Italie: Musiques Populaires Dáujourdhui. cp2000[?]. Buda Records 92702-2. One compact disc. Program notes in French, English and Italian (31 pp.) inserted in container. Traditional regional music from Italy. Various performers. [ Daujourdhui ]

Tarantella Storta. cp2001. Dunya FY 8036. One compact disc. Popular instrumental music from Italy. Performing group: Antonello Paliotti Trio (Antonello Paliotti, guitar, percussion; Mauro Squillante, mandolin, mandoloncello, percussion; Leonardo Massa, violoncello, mandoloncello, percussion); Maddalena Abbate, castanets.

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