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Current Films and Videos, Vol. 46, No. 1 (Winter 2002)
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Compiled by Barbara Rose Lange (University of Houston)

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Ali Farka Touré: Springing from the Roots. 2000. Directed by Yves Billon and Henri Lecomte. 16mm, 52 mins. Follows Ali Farka Touré on a tour through Mali. Touré describes how his music came to combine blues and African styles. [Toure]

Masters of the Balafon: Funeral Festivities. 2001. Directed by Hugo Zemp. Distributed by Süpor XAO, Villebon-sur-Yvette, France. 16mm, 80 mins. Shows Senufo players of the balafon in Ivory Coast performing for funeral rituals. Master balafonis t Nahoua is interviewed by a young balafon player. [Supor]


Bruce Springsteen: The Complete Video Anthology, 1978-2000. 2001 (1989). Distributed by Sony Music, New York, NY. Two DVDs, 165 mins. Compilation of Bruce Springsteen videos. Includes live and acoustic versions of Springsteen's best-known songs and the 1996 documentary Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: Blood Brothers.

Experience. 2001. Distributed by MCA Music, Universal City, CA. Video, 69 mins. Excerpts of performances by Jimi Hendrix filmed between 1961 and 1970.

Gospel -- Rhythm of the Heart. 2001. Directed by Leslie Neale. Distributed by Fox Lorber, New York, NY. DVD, 60 mins. Outlines the history of African American gospel music, encompassing early and modern performers. Includes film footage from the Ne w Orleans Jazz Festival and the Sacred Steel Convention.

Jazz. 2000. Directed by Ken Burns. Distributed by PBS Video, Alexandria, MD. 10 videos, 1230 mins. Series tracing the history of jazz, with commentary and analysis by contemporary jazz musicians and critics. Focuses primarily on the 1890s through t he 1950s.

Marvin Gaye, Searching Soul. 2000. Directed by Richard Olivier. Distributed by Beverly Wilshire Filmworks. DVD, 30 mins. Reflects on the life and music of Marvin Gaye. Includes interview excerpts and footage of Gaye performing some of his best know n songs.

The Master of the Cape Breton Fiddle: Buddy MacMaster. 1999. Produced by Peter Murphy. Distributed by SeaBright Murphy Video Productions, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Video, 60 mins. Depicts Buddy MacMaster performing in concert, as well as a Cape Bret on fiddle workshop.

Memphis Dreams: Innocence and Rebellion. ABC Century series, no. 7. 1999. Distributed by Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Princeton, NJ. Video, 43 mins. Reflects on Elvis Presley as a figure who transformed American society in the 1950s.

Muddy Waters. Got My Mojo Working: Rare Performances 1968-1978. 2000 (1974). Distributed by Shanachie Entertainment, Newton, NJ. DVD, color and b&w, 54 mins. Digital remaster of a series of performances by Muddy Waters using electric instruments. < p> The New Klezmorim: Voices Inside the Revival of New Yiddish Music. 2000. Directed by David Kaufman. Distributed by Ergo Media, Teaneck, NJ. Video, 69 mins. Reflects on the revival of klezmer music and Yiddish song. Includes performances by several bands and interviews with revival musicians.

Ojibwe Music. 2000. Distributed by Wisconsin Public Television, Madison, WI. Video, 30 mins. Explores music in the daily lives and cosmology of the Ojibwe.

Original Research Film Clips of Social Dances, 1900-1940. Distributed by Dancetime Publications, Kentfield, CA. Video, color and b&w, 94 mins. Compilation of dance sequences, including excerpts from feature films, television, newsreel reports on ma rathons, and a dance event filmed by Thomas Edison in 1897.

Original Research Film Clips of Social Dances, 1940-1990. Distributed by Dancetime Publications, Kentfield, CA. Video, 77 mins. Compilation of dance sequences from documentaries, television programs, music videos, and films. Includes performances b y Elvis Presley, John Travolta, Madonna, Fred Astaire, Carmen Miranda, and others; depicts a range of styles from Latin to disco to hip hop.

Sacred Steel. 2002. Directed by Robert L. Stone. Distributed by Arhoolie, El Cerrito, CA. Video, 55 mins. Depicts the steel guitar and sacred dance tradition dating from the 1930s in the House of God church. Includes interview excerpts and performa nces from several congregations.

Say Amen, Somebody. 2000 (1983). Directed by George T. Nierenberg. Distributed by First Run/Icarus, New York, NY. Video, 100 mins. Rerelease of the documentary about African American gospel music. Includes footage of Willie Mae Ford Smith, Thomas A. Dorsey, and others.

Son House and Bukka White. 2000 (1991). Directed by Donald Ciro. Distributed by Yazoo Records, New York, NY. DVD, color and b&w, 60 mins. Digital reissue of performances by the two Delta blues musicians, introduced by Taj Mahal.

Tan-Singing of Trinidad and Guyana: Indo-Caribbean "Local-Classical Music." 2000. Directed by Peter Manuel. Distributed by Peter Manuel, Leonia, NJ. Video, 51 mins. Documents the musical life of South Asians in Trinidad, Guyana, and the Caribbean d iaspora of New York City. Focuses on the art genre called "tan-singing," with reference to other genres like chowtal and chutney.

A Vision Shared: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly. 2000 (1988). Directed by Jim Brown. Distributed by Sony Music, New York, NY. DVD, 72mins. U2, Taj Mahal, Bruce Springsteen, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Bob Dylan, and others interpret classic songs by Guthrie and Ledbetter. Digital video remaster.


Bridewealth for a Goddess. 2000. Directed by Chris Owen. Distributed by Documentary Educational Resources, Watertown, MA. 16mm, 72 mins. Documents a struggle over performing a fertility ritual in Papua New Guinea. A headman has determined that it m ay may help his group gain strength for a return to territory in which they lived prior to colonialization. Christian members of the tribe protest, and do not participate; anthropologists supply conflicting analyses.

Call for Grace. 2000. Directed by Laetitia Merli. Distributed by Granada Centre, Manchester, UK. 16mm, 30 mins. Explores the post-Communist revival of shamanism in Mongolia, centering on the activities of a shaman in Ulan Bator.

Chinese Cracker: The Making of The Peony Pavilion. Distributed by Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Princeton, NJ. Video, 52 mins. Documents the first full production in four hundred years of the Peony Pavilion opera, nineteen hours in length. Follows the politics of staging in China and the U.S.; includes interview and rehearsal footage.

Dongba. 2000. Directed by Paul Benjamin Harris. Distributed by People and Places, Cologne, Germany. 16mm, 52 mins. Depicts the religious culture of the Naxi of southwest China, and the NaxiÕs use of hieroglyphic script. Documents a ritual to guard against suicide.

Gagaku: An Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan. 2000. Directed by Kazuo Okada. Distributed by Tokyo Cinema, Shimonaka Memorial Foundation, Tokyo, Japan. 10 videos, 396 mins; 2 booklets. Features performances of the major gagaku dance an d music repertoires. Explains costumes, masks, instruments, and notation. Narrated and subtitled in English. Booklets include commentaries in English.

Keep the River on Your Right: A Modern Cannibal Tale. 2000. Directed by Laurie Gwen Shapiro and David Shapiro. Distributed by Next Wave Films, Santa Monica, CA. 16mm, 90 mins. The artist Tobias Schneebaum went native with the Asmat of West Papua du ring the 1960s; then he wrote and lectured on the sensational aspects of their culture. In this film he is persuaded to leave the cruise-ship lecture circuit and revisit the Asmat.

Rhythms to Nirvana: An Introduction to Indian Classical Music. 1999. Directed by Rajesh Murthy. Distributed by Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Princeton, NJ. Video, 30 mins. Takes a spiritual orientation towards the Indian art music traditio ns. Introduces the major Indian instruments and discusses musical training.

Songs of the Mountains, Dances of the Sea: Music and Dances of Taiwan's Indigenous People. 1997. Directed by David Tawai Lee. Distributed by Kwang Hwa Mass Communications, Taipei, Taiwan. Video, 30 mins. Documents the cultures of indigenous peoples of Taiwan including music, dance, and religious beliefs. Compares them to neighboring Southeast Asian and Pacific island peoples.

Succession of a Kyomai Master. 2000. Produced by NHK. Distributed by Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Princeton, NJ. Video, 52 mins. Explores the kyomai dance form associated with geishas in Kyoto, as a 95-year old dancer trains her granddaug hter in the art. Includes footage of kyomai performance from the early twentieth century.

T.N. Krishnan, Violinist. 2000. Directed by Fredric Lieberman. Distributed by Apsara Media for Intercultural Education, Van Nuys, CA. Video, 70 mins. Depicts T.N. Krishnan teaching at home and performing in concert with drummer Palghat Mani Iyer. < p> Told in Heaven to Become Stories on Earth: A Study of Change in Randai Theatre of the Minangkabau in West Sumatra. 2000. Directed by Wim van Zanten and Bart Barenregt. Distributed by the Institute of Cultural and Social Studies, University of Leide n, Leiden, Netherlands. Video, 48 mins; study guide. Utilizes the feedback method, depicting the reactions of present-day Minangkabau to film clips of Randai theatre from the 1920s and 1930s. Study guide contains a copy of the film script with English tra nslation.


An Art of Living. Un art de vivre. Lorsque le monde parlait arabe, part 6. 2001 (1999). Directed by Mahmoud Hussain. Distributed by Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Princeton, NJ. Video, 27 mins. Describes musical life in ninth century Cordob a, focusing on the contributions of lutenist and fashion arbiter Ziryab. Part of a series on Arabic culture. Multiple languages; English subtitles.

Djolomars. 1998. Directed by Vladimir Bocev. Distributed by Museum of Macedonia, Skopje, Macedonia. 16mm, 16 mins. Documents a masked New Year ritual in southern Macedonia. Depicts magical activities designed to cleanse the world.

Seven Songs from the Tundra. 2000. Directed by Anastasia Lapsui and Markku Lehmuskallio. Distributed by Jörn Donner Productions Oy, Helsinki, Finland. 16mm b&w, 89 mins. Depicts how the Nenets managed to maintain a hunter-gatherer way of life during the Soviet period while Russians settled near them. A combination of fiction and documentary in which Nenets and Russians play themselves. Two song performances and accompanying film footage, including a winter caribou sacrifice, are documentary. [ Jorn]

Distributor Addresses

Apsara Media for Intercultural Education
13659 Victory Blvd, Suite 577
Van Nuys, CA 91401

Arhoolie Productions
10341 San Pablo Ave.
El Cerrito, CA 94530

Dancetime Publications
Carol Téten [Teten]
P.O. Box 845
Kentfield, CA 94914

Documentary Educational Resources
101 Morse St.
Watertown, MA 02172

Ergo Media
688 American Legion Dr.
P.O. Box 2037
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Films for the Humanities and Sciences
P.O. Box 2053
Princeton, NJ 08543

First Run/Icarus Films
153 Waverly Place
New York, NY 10014

Fox Lorber
419 Park Ave. South, 20th floor
New York, NY 10016

Granada Centre
Roscoe Building, University of Manchester
M13 9PL Manchester
United Kingdom

Institute of Cultural and Social Studies
University of Leiden
International Institute for Asian Studies
P.O. Box 9515
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands

Jörn Donner Productions Oy [Jorn]
Pohjoisranta 12, FIN-00170
Helsinki, Finland
fax: 358-9-135-7568

Kwang Hwa Mass Communications
2 Tientsin St.
Taipei, Taiwan 100
fax: 856-2-2357-9157

MCA Music
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

Museum of Macedonia
Circiska bb
1000 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia
fax: 389-2-116439

Next Wave Films
2510 7th St., Suite E
Santa Monica, CA 90405

PBS Video
1320 Braddock Place
Alexandria, VA 22314-1698

People and Places
Cranachstr. 27
50733 Cologne
fax: 49-221-728277

Peter Manuel
117 Park Ave.
Leonia, NJ 07605

SeaBright Murphy Video Productions
P.O. Box
Antigonish, NS B2G 2 MS

Shanachie Entertainment
37 E. Clifton St.
Newton, NJ 07860

Sony Music
550 Madison Avenue, 27th fl.
New York, NY 10022-3211

Süpor XAO [Supor]
36, rue du Moulin de la Planche
F-91400 Villebon-sur-Yvette

Tokyo Cinema
Shimonaka Memorial Foundation
Mr. Okada Kazuo
Ichigaya Ito Heim #302
7 Ichigaya-Tamachi 2
Tokyo 162-0843
fax: 813-3269-6746

Wisconsin Public Television
821 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53706

Yazoo Records
P.O. Box 20124, Columbus Circle Station
New York, NY 10023

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