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Current Films and Videos, Volume 46, no. 3 (Fall 2002)
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Compiled by Barbara Rose Lange / University of Houston

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Au coeur du blues. 2001. Directed by Louis Mouchet. Distributed by RTBF, Brussels, Belgium. Video, 52 mins. Depicts a "road" for the blues from Mali to the southern U.S. and then to Chicago, with foootage of Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, and others.

Hip Hop: The New World Order. 2002. Directed by Muhammida el Muhajir. DV, 50 mins. Short version distributed by DVD Music. Explores hip hop's impact on global youth culture. Includes footage from Japan, Cuba, London, Paris, Hamburg, Rio de Janeiro, and Amsterdam; fans and musicians discuss the significance of the music for their own localities.


Keep the Timbila Playing. 2001. Directed by Frank Diamand. Distributed by DocWorkers Int., Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 35 mm, 82 mins. Depicts the trip of a Dutch timbila orchestra to Mozambique. Explains the effects of the civil war there and how the orchestra leader Vanancio Mbande managed to maintain a timbila group in exile. Includes performance footage of several Mozambican timbila orchestras.

Ein Leben mit den Göttern. Living with the Gods. 2001. Directed by Claudia Willke. 58 mins. Documents the spiritual outlook of Susanne Wenger, an Austrian artist who has been involved in Yoruba religion for forty years. [ Gottern ]

Les Maitres du balafon: la joie de la jeunesse. 2002. Directed by Hugo Zemp. 16 mm, 70 mins. Depicts the Senufo people's use of the balafon for events concerning young people, in agricultural work, initiations, and church services.

Le Reve plus fort que la mort. 2002. Directed by Jean Rouch and Bernard Surugue. Distributed by IRD Audiovisuel, Bondy, France. 35 mm, 90 mins. Depicts Songhay mythology, music, dance, and trance, making an analogy with classical tragedy.

Stage-Shakers! Ghana's Concert Party Theatre. 2001. Directed by Kwame Braun. Distributed by Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN. Video, 103 mins. An examination of Concert Party Theatre, a West African art form that includes female impersonation and blackface. Companion film to Ghana's Concert Party Theatre (2001, Indiana University Press).


Biggie and Tupac. 2002. Directed by Nick Broomfield. Distributed by Nick Broomfield. 107 mins. Documentary on the unsolved murders of the rap stars Christopher Wallace and Tupac Shakur.

Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live at the Isle of Wight. 2001. Directed by Murray Lerner. Distributed by amazon.com and others. Video, DVD, 102 mins. All of the original footage of Hendrix's 1970 performance at the Isle of Wight festival, with remastered sound.

Cinco joyas de música Cubana. 2000. Directed by Luis Filepa Bernaza, Oscar L. Valdés, Constante Diego, and Mayra Vilasis. Produced by Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (ICAIC), Havana, Cuba. Video, 100 mins. Documentaries on five Cuban musicians: Ignacio Pinerio and the Septeto Nacional; singer Maria Teresa Vera; Ernesto Lecuona; bandleader Beny More; and Bola de Nieve. [ musica Valdes Cinematograficos ]

A Cuban Legend. 2001. Directed by Bette Wanderman. Distributed by KW Filmworks, New York, NY. 79 mins. Depicts the art and life of muralist Salvador Gonzalez Escalona. Includes a history of rumba and explains the basis of the painter's art in Santeria.

Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme. 2002. Directed by Kevin Fitzgerald. 74 mins. Explores improvisational rhyming, with footage by Mos Def, DJ Kool Herc, the Last Poets, and others.

Grateful Dawg. 2002, 2001. Directed by Gillian Grisman. Distributed by Sony Pictures Classics. DVD, 81 mins. Concert and music video footage of David Grisman and Jerry Garcia jamming together.

He Touched Me: The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley. 1999. Directed by Michael Merriman. Distributed by elvisproducts.com and others. VHS, 90 mins or 2 DVDs, 180 mins. Two-part documentary, originally aired on television, that describes the involvement of Elvis Presley in gospel music. DVD includes forty recordings.

Immaculate Funk. 2000. Directed by Tom Thurman. Betacam, 73 mins. Explores the life and career of Jerry Wexler. Includes performance footage and comments by musicians who recorded for Stax and Atlantic.

In the Mirror of Maya Deren. 2001. Directed by Martina Kudlácek. Distributed by Navigator Film, Vienna, Austria. 35 mm, 103 mins. Depicts the life and work of Deren as a dancer, photographer, and Vodou initiate. [ Kudlacek ]

Johnny Cash: The Anthology. 2001. Distributed by amazon.com and others. DVD, 143 mins. Two documentaries with overlapping musical content. Includes footage of early television performances.

Keep on Walking. 2001. Directed by Tana Ross. 52 mins. Depicts the performances of Joshua Nelson, a Jewish African American gospel singer.

Kottonmouth Kings Dopeumentary. 2001. Directed by Bill Wadsworth. Distributed by amazon.com. Video, DVD, 60 mins. Documentary exploring the music and the fan culture surrounding the Kottonmouth Kings.

The Legacy of Antonio Lorenzano. 2000. Directed by Paul Henley. Distributed by Granada Center for Visual Anthropology, Manchester, UK. Video, 46 mins. Recollections by family members of the importance of Lorenzano, a Warao shaman, musician, and craftsman.

Louis Prima: The Wildest. 2000. Directed by Don McGlynn. Distributed by Facets Multimedia, Chicago, IL. Video, 80 mins, DVD, 107 mins. Depicts the life and career of Louis Prima. DVD includes interview and performance clips.

Rhythm 'n Bayous. 2002. Directed by Robert Mugge. Distributed by Cowboy Booking International, New York, NY. 107 mins. Surveys music in Louisiana, including rockabilly and country from the northern region as well as swamp pop, zydeco, and jazz in the south. Features many elderly musicians.

Screamin' Jay Hawkins: I Put a Spell on Me. 2001. Directed by Nicholas Triantafyllidis. Distributed by Filmtrade, Athens, Greece. 35 mm, 102 mins. Traces the life and career of Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

Songmakers. 2001. Directed by Morgan Neville and John Griffin. Distributed by amazon.com. Two DVDs. 259 mins. Five episodes of A&E Biography on American pop performers and songwriters. Includes a program about songwriters of the late 1950s and 1960s and episodes on Leiber and Stoller, Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach, and Bobby Darin. DVDs include text biographies of the featured artists.

Spirits of Havana. 2000. Directed by Bay Weyman and Luis O. Garcia. Distributed by the National Film Board of Canada, Ottawa, Canada. Follows jazz musicians Jane Bunnett and Larry Cramer as Bunnett returns to Havana a number of years after her 1992 collaboration with Cubuan musicians on the recording Spirits of Havana. Shows their work in Cuban music schools, including instrument repair and jazz workshops.

Street Dreams. 2001. Directed by Tony Dofat. Distributed by Ventura Distribution, Thousand Oaks, CA. Two DVDs, 93 mins. History of rap. Includes excerpts of interviews with agents, attorneys, artists, and record executives.

Teddy Edwards: The Legend of Teddy Edwards. 2001. Directed by Don McGlynn. DVD and video, 85 mins. Distributed by Image Entertainment, DVD Music, and others. Traces the life of Teddy Edwards and his contributions to bebop. Includes footage of Edwards's current quintet.

Through the Years of Hip Hop. Vol. One: Graffiti. 2001. Produced by Maryse Karunaratne. Distributed by Music Video Distributors, Oaks, PA. DVD, 90 mins. First part of the documentary series The Architects. Oral history of 1970s graffiti; includes seven early hip hop videos.

Tupac Shakur/Thug Angel: The Life of an Outlaw. 2002. Directed by Peter Spirer. Distributed by Image Entertainment. Video, 92 mins. Explores the life of Tupac, including his Black Panther background. Includes interview footage with the artist.

Women in Jazz. 1999. Directed by Gilles Corre. Distributed by Doc Ad Hoc, Toulouse, France. 80 mins. Features twenty contemporary women performers.


Batak: Ancient Spirits, Modern World. 2000. Directed by. J. Scott Dodds with James Eder. Distributed by Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Princeton, NJ. VHS, 50 mins. Documents the situation that Philippine Bataks face in negotiating between a hunter-gatherer way of life, the cash economy present on their island, and the efforts of conservationists to institute sustainable forest use.

Do Re Me. 2001. Directed by Peng Yang. 30 mins. Depicts a music shop in Kashgar, Xinjiang province, where craftsmen make instruments and teach tourists to play them.

Koto: Praise on Strings. 2002. Distributed by Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Princeton, NJ. VHS, 48 mins. Interview and performance footage of koto player Hideaki Kuribayashi of the Sawai koto school, including original compositons.

Koto: The Music of Tadao. 2002. Distributed by Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Princeton, NJ. VHS, 55 mins. Discusses the style of Tadao Sawai; includes historical performance footage and contemporary compositions.

Mille et une voix, la musique d'Islam. A Thousand and One Voices: The Music of Islam. 2001. Directed by Mahmoud ben Mahmoud. Distributed by Idéale Audience International, Paris, France. Video, 90 mins. Musical performances presented in travelogue style and in conjunction with major Muslim holidays. Includes footage from Egypt, Tunisia, Senegal, India, and Turkey, with a subtext of resistance to fundamentalism. In French and Arabic with English and French subtitles. [ Ideale ]

Of Bards and Beggars. 2002. Directed by Shweta Kishore and Yask Desai. Distributed by Shweta Kishore, Mt. Waverley, Australia. Video, 33 mins. Depicts Pabuji epic recitation in Rajasthan. English subtitles.

Peshavar Rubab. Silent Voices. 2001. Directed by Daniel Ridicki. Distributed by Factum, Zagreb, Croatia. Video, 26 mins. Afghan rubab players who were refugees in Peshawar during the time of Taliban. In Farsi with English subtitles.

The Poet of Linge Homeland. 2000. Directed by Aryo Danusiri. Distributed by SET Film Workshop, Jakarta, Indonesia. Video, 25 mins. Portrait of Ibrahim Kadir, an Acehnese performer of didong poetry who was jailed during the Suharto years.

Sounds of Love and Sorrow. 2000. Directed by Hu Tai-li. 16 mm, 86 mins. Distributed by Hu Tai-li, Taipei, Taiwan. Depicts the life and music of indigenous Paiwanese flute players of Taiwan.


British Steel. 2001. Directed by Tim Kirkby. Distributed by Warner Vision Australia, Crows Nest, Australia. DVD, 110 mins. Describes the making of Judas Priest's album British Steel, with interviews, archival footage, and live performances. Part of Warner Vision's Classic Albums series.

From a Whisper to a Scream. 2001. Directed by David Heffernan. Distributed by Winstar/Fox Lorber, New York, NY. Three videos, 156 mins. Three-part series tracing Irish popular and rock music from the 1950s through the present day.

I Like Hearts Like Mine: Markos Vamvakaris. 2001. Directed by George C. Zervas. Distributed by Documentary Educational Resources, Watertown, MA. Video, 65 mins. History of rebetiko, including archival footage of performances and recollections about Vamvakaris.

Nina Hagen: Punk and Glory. 2002. Directed by Peter Sempel. Distributed by Silver Cine Filmverleih, Hamburg, Germany. 93 mins. Depiction of Hagen, her importance as a performer of punk, and her spiritual and political beliefs. Includes casual performances, concert footage, and comments about Hagen by other contemporary artists.

Niseach. Ness - The Parish. 2001. Directed by Midge MacKenzie. Distributed by Midge MacKenzie, London, UK. Video, 59 mins. Depicts fishing, singing, and weaving in a village of the Outer Hebrides. In Gaelic with English subtitles.

Los Romeros: The Royal Family of the Guitar. 2001. Directed by Bill Chayes and L. John Harris. Distribution: 1-800-266-5727. 35 mm, 57 mins. Documents the life of Celedonio Romero in the context of civil war and political repression in Spain; explores his family of guitarists. Includes archival footage.

Staroverci. Old Believers. 2001. Directed by Jana Sevcikova. Distributed by Jana Sevcikova, Prague, Czech Republic. 35 mm, 46 mins. Documentary on a village of Old Believers in present-day Romania.

Y Llan - The Parish. 2001. Directed by Midge MacKenzie. Distributed by Midge MacKenzie, London, UK. Video, 59 mins. Depicts choral singing, farming, and mercantile activity in a Welsh village. English subtitles.

Distributor Addresses

Cowboy Booking International
6 W. 24th St.
New York, NY 10010
fax: 212-929-9786

Doc Ad Hoc
15 rue de la Concorde
Toulouse 3100, France

Documentary Educational Resources
101 Morse St.
Watertown, MA 02172

DocWorkers Int.
Janette Kolkema, Nelleke Driessen
P.O. Box 164 99
1001 RN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
fax: 31-20-675-46-56

DVD Music

Facets Multimedia
1517 Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
fax: 773-929-5437

Nenad Puhovski
c/o Hebrangova 21
10000 Zagreb
fax: 385-1-485-64-55

Films for the Humanities and Sciences
P.O. Box 2053
Princeton, NJ 08543

130A Kifissias Avenue, 115 25
fax: 30-1-69-83-430

Granada Center for Visual Anthropology
Roscoe building
University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL
United Kingdom
fax: 44-161-275-3970

Hu Tai-Li
Institute of Ethnology
Academia Sinica
Nankang, Taipei

Calle 23 no. 1155
La Habana 4
fax: 537-333078

Idéale Audience International
Susanna Scott
55 rue des Petites Ecuries
75010 Paris
fax: 33-1-48016536
scott@ideale-audience.fr [ Ideale ]

Image Entertainment

Indiana University Press
c/o Dee Mortenson
601 N. Morton St.
Bloomington, IN 47404

IRD Audiovisuel
32, avenue Henri-Varagnat
F-93143 Bondy cedex
fax: 01-48-02-56-52

Jana Sevcikove
Terronska 45
CZ-160 00 Prague
Czech Republic
fax: 42-6-03-82-98-72

KW Filmworks
102 Clinton St.
New York, NY 10002
fax: 212-228-8998

Midge MacKenzie
Parish Productions Limited
93 Barnsbury Street
London N1 1EJ
United Kingdom
fax: 44-20-7770-06-289

Music Video Distributors
P.O. Box 280
Oaks, PA 19456

National Film Board of Canada
Constitution Square
360 Albert St., Suite 1560
Ottawa, ONT KIA OM9

Navigator Film
Schottenfeldgasse 14
A-1070 Vienna
fax: 43-1-5249777-20

Nick Broomfield

RTBF - Service Ventes
52 Blvd Reyers
B.1044 Bruxelles
fax: 32-2-737-45-61

SET Film Workshop
J1 Bacang 111, no. 5
South Jakarta

Shweta Kishore
31 Alica Street
Mt. Waverley
VIC 3149, Australia

Silver Cine Filmverleih
Thomas Bronner
Jungfrauenthal 53
20149 Hamburg
fax: 040-41-86-94

Sony Pictures Classics

Ventura Distribution
770 Lawrence Dr.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
fax: 805-498-7842

Warner Vision Australia
P.O. Box 39-47
Albany Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065
fax: 02-9950-1530

Winstar Communications/Fox Lorber
419 Park Ave. South, 20th floor
New York, NY 10016

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