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Current Films and Videos, Volume 47, no. 1 (Winter 2003)
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Compiled by Barbara Rose Lange / University of Houston

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The Cleveland Experiment. 2001. Directed by Adrin Neatrour. Distributed by Crinkle Cut Motion Pictures, Newcastle, UK. Video, 48 mins. Depicts U.S. medical observations of a Sufi, and of films of Sufis; a researcher concludes that Sufi rituals generate paranormal effects.

Al Nur (The Light). 2000. Directed by Giulio Latini, Marco Rovetto, and Silvia di Domenico. Distributed by Rai Trade, Rome, Italy. 35mm, 29 mins. Depicts a trip taken to Morocco by an electronic composer and a Berber musician that culminates in a joint composition. English subtitles.

Sounds Sacred. 2001. Directed by Barbara Rick. Distributed by University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, Berkeley, CA. Video, 60 mins. Cross-cultural survey of religious music, sound, and dance, including footage of Native American flutists, Benedictine nuns, Javanese gamelan players, and many other musicians.


Polyphonies éthiopiennes, chants Dokos / chants Hararis. 2001. Directed by Samson Giorgis and Guillaume Terver. Distributed by Bel Air Media, Paris, France. DV, 55 mins. Explores the importance of song in the lives of Harari women and Doko farmers in northern Ethiopia. [ ethiopiennes ]


Accordion Dreams. 2000. Directed by Hector Galan. 57 mins. Traces the history of Texas-Mexican music and conjunto; includes interview footage of musicians from different generations.

The Artist and the Shaman. 2001. Directed by Paul Davids. Distributed by Monarch Films, Jersey City, NJ. Video, 75 mins. Documents a vision quest by a painter who seeks the aid of an Arizona shaman.

Dewey Time. 2001. Directed by Daniel Berman. 89 mins. Examines the music and the artistic significance of saxophonist Dewey Redman.

Elvis Week. 2001. Directed by Geoff Harkness. Distributed by Passim Productions, Lawrence, KS. Video, 49 mins. Explores the annual commemoration in Memphis of Elvis Presley's death.

Feathers from the Sky. 2001. Directed by Lode Cafmeyer. Distributed by ITP, Brussels, Belgium. Video, 50 mins. Depicts a Kalapo name-giving ceremony in the Amazon; participants and ritual specialists explain their cosmology.

Festive Land: Carnival in Bahia. 2001. Directed by Carolina Moraes-Liu. Distributed by University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, Berkeley, CA. Video, 48 mins. Documents Carnival in Salvador, Bahia, including dances, religious practices, and other street activities.

Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns. 2002. Directed by A.J. Schnack. Distributed by Cowboy Booking, New York, NY. A documentary about the duo They Might Be Giants. Includes live performance footage, animation, videos, and fan commentaries.

Hank & Jimmy: A Story of Country. 2000. Directed by John Martin. 56 mins. Compares the country music career of Hank Snow with that of his son Jimmy, who after an early start in music then preached against rock and roll.

Hazel Dickens: It's Hard to Tell the Singer from the Song. 2001. Directed by Mimi Pickering. Distributed by Appalshop. 61 mins. Details the life and music of Hazel Dickens, with archival footage and depictions of Dicken's live performances, as well as interviews with musicians like Alison Krauss and Naomi Judd.

Los hijos de benkos. Les fils de benko. 2000. Directed by Luca Silva. Distributed by Les Films du Village, Paris, France. Video, 52 mins. Depicts the musical life of a Maroon village in Colombia, where African-derived drumming blends with such genres as soukous, calypso, and reggae.

Hip Hop Hope. 2002. Directed by Darrell Wilks. Distributed by Darrell Wilks, New York, NY. Video, 62 mins. Depicts the reactions of several New York hip hop artists to the events of September 11, 2001.

Hughes' Dream Harlem. 2002. Directed by Jamal Joseph. Distributed by California Newsreel, South Burlington, VT. Video, 61 mins. Traces connections between the poets of the Harlem Renaissance and spoken-word artists of today.

In Beauty I Walk: the Navajo Way to Harmony. 2001. Directed by Sherri Brenner. Distributed by University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, Berkeley, CA. Video, 28 mins. Examination of Navajo cosmology and art.

Inside out in the Open. 2001. Directed by Alan Roth. Distributed by Alan Roth. 60 mins. Traces the history of free jazz. Includes images and music of Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, and Eric Dolphy; contains no "talking head" commentaries.

Jazz Seen. 2001. Directed by Julian Benedikt. Distributed by EuroArts Entertainment, Berlin, Germany. 35 mm, 77 mins. Explores the career of William Claxton, who photographed film stars and jazz musicians.

Jazz Women. 2001. Directed by Gabriella Morandi. 79 mins. Depicts female jazz singers musicians who are better known to jazz aficionados than the general public.

John Lee Hooker: That's My Story. 2001. Directed by Jörg Bundschuh. Distributed by Kick Film. 90 mins. [ Jorg ]

Kinky Friedman-Proud to Be an Asshole from El Paso. 2001. Directed by Simone de Vries. Distributed by Lagestee Film BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Video, 53 mins. Biography of Kinky Friedman, focusing on his activities both as a writer and a musician; discusses the effects of his recent tribute album.

The Legend of Teddy Edwards. 2000. Directed by Don McGlynn. 85 mins. Examines the life of saxophonist and bebop innovator Teddy Edwards, including a look at his current musical activities in Los Angeles.

100 Years Old - Ain't Done Yet. 2001. Directed by Roger Harb. 56 mins. Portrait of Tennessee fiddler and centenarian Bob Douglas.

Pavarotti of the Plains: Don Walser's Story. 2001. Directed by T.J. Morehouse. 70 mins. A tribute to the Texas singer.

Pleasure & Pain. 2001. Directed by Danny Clinch and Sam Lee. 92 mins. Explores the music of Ben Harper and his band The Innocent Criminals; includes concert, tour, and backstage footage.

Raices. 2001. Directed by Angel Pena. Distributed by Antojitos.com, Palmer, PR. DVD, 90 mins; booklet. Traces the history of Puerto Rican bomba and plena, with performance and documentary footage from New York and Puerto Rico.

Rebel Music: The Bob Marley Story. 2000. Directed by Jeremy Marre. Distributed by Facets Multi-Media, Chicago, IL. 89 mins. Includes unreleased recordings, footage of live concerts, and inverviews with people closely associated with Marley.

La Reina del Barrio. 2001. Produced by Ethel Jorge. Distributed by University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, Berkeley, CA. Video, 30 mins. Depicts Carnival in Montevideo, Uruguay, focusing on a performance group led by José Morgade, a composer known for his resistance to dictatorship during the 1970s. In Spanish with English subtitles. [ Jose ]

Rhythm & Bayous: A Road Map to Louisiana Music. 2000. Directed by Robert Mugge. 120 mins. Eclectic view of music in Louisiana; includes footage of rural blues, Cajun music, zydeco, and New Orleans performances.

Saudade do futuro. 2000. Directed by César Paes. Distributed by Laterit Productions, Paris, France. Video, 94 mins. Depicts street musicians of Sao Paulo, in daily life and in performance; the film contains no omniscient narration. In Portuguese with English subtitles. [ Cesar ]

Showbiz Is My Life. 2001. Directed by Hilary Harris and Ayr Robinson. 53 mins. Depicts the New York cabaret scene, with attention to the singers Julie Wilson, Baby Jane Dexter, and Natalia Gamsu.

Try This at Home. 2001. Directed by Elina Shatkin, Cris Dupont, and Thomas Loyorei. 16 mm, 80 mins. Depicts the independent arts scene in Olympia, Washington, with footage of groups like Sleater-Kinney and The Make Up.

Viva mi tierra caliente. The Music of Juan Reynoso. 2002. Directed by Bruce "Pacho" Lane. Distributed by Ethnoscope Film & Video, Rochester, NY. Betacam SP and DV, 56 mins. Follows the work and life routines of Reynoso, a renowned folk fiddler from the Tierra Caliente region of Mexico.

Welcome to the Club: The Women of Rockabilly. 2001. Directed by Beth Harrington. 57 mins. A film about the largely forgotten female performers of the early rockabilly era.


Ball of Fire: The Angry Goddess. 1999. Directed by Sarah Caldwell. Distributed by University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, Berkeley, CA. Video, 58 mins. Explores gender ambiguities and complexities in the mudiyettu ritual dance form. In Malayalam with English subtitles.

Les bardes de Samarkand (Ouzbékistan). 2000. Directed by Nadine Assoune. Distributed by Mat Films, Paris, France. 52 mins. Portrait of the singer and domra player Shaberdi Baltaev, who like some other traditional musicians of Central Asia, has resumed a traveling life after the end of the Soviet Union. [ Ouzbekistan ]

Borrowed Fire: The Shadow Puppets of Kerala. 2000. Directed by Anurag Wadehra and Salil Singh. Distributed by University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, Berkeley, CA. Video, 50 mins. A detailed examination of the Tolpava Koothu genre of shadow puppetry, including footage of performances backstage, puppet-making, scripts, and segments of a Ramayana staging.

Dhaminis of Jumla: Spirit Possession in Western Nepal. 2000. Directed by C. Townsend Middleton. Distributed by University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, Berkeley, CA Video, 35 mins. Details two spirit possession rituals in Nepal, one in a temple context and the other a at large outdoor festival.

Dreamtime to Dance. 2001. Directed by Andre Castaldi. Distributed by Firelight Productions, Paddington, Australia. Video, 26 mins. Depicts the lives of several students at an indigenous Australian dance college.

The Drum and the Mask. 2000. Directed by Caroline and Donald Yacoe. Distributed by University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, Berkeley, CA. Video, 30 mins. Explores initiation into a secret male society of the Tolai people of Papua New Guinea; includes urban and rural footage.

Kawitan: Creating Childhood in Bali. 2002. Produced by Linda Burman-Hall; directed by Eli Hollander. Distributed by University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, Berkeley, CA. Video, 57 mins. Follows early-life rituals in Bali, including the dedication of a six-year-old to music study.

Maha Kumb: A Mythic Confluence. 2001. Directed by Habib Feisal. Distributed by TPI, Chantilly, VA. Video, 52 mins. Depicts the 2001 Maha Kumbh Mela festival, with its huge number and variety of pilgrims.

Sand Painting: Sacred Art of Tibet. 2002(1991). Directed by Sheri Brenner. Distributed by University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, Berkeley, CA. Video, 30 mins. Portrays the process of creating the Kalachakra mandala, with many close-ups.

A Voice from Heaven: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. 2001. Directed by Giuseppe Asaro. Distributed by Facets Multi-Media, Chicago, IL. Video, 75 mins. Tribute to the qawwali singer, including much live concert footage.


Amsterdammed Jazz: The Willem Breuker Kollektief. 2000. Directed by Daniel Jouanisson. 52 mins. Film about the eminent free jazz ensemble, depicting the group's stage antics and musical interactions.

Bolshoi-Dois séculos de história (Bolshoi-Two Centuries of History). 2001. Directed by Liloye Boubli. Distributed by Grupo Novo de Cinema e TV, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 16mm, 70 mins. Depicts performances and backstage life of the Bolshoi ballet artists on a 1999 tour of Brazil. In Portuguese with English subtitles. [ seculos historia]

Carnival in Switzerland: A World Upside Down. 2000. Produced by Albert Gasser. Distributed by University of California Extension Center for Media and Independent Learning, Berkeley, CA. Video, 54 mins. Depicts Carnival in four different Swiss towns, with footage of preparations and interviews as well as the actual festivities.

Cool & Crazy. 2001. Directed by Knut Eric Jensen. Distributed by Amazon.com. DVD and video, 105 mins. Depicts the activities of a male choir in a tiny village of northern Norway, as well as the personal histories of the choir members.

Hip-Hop de Luxe. 2000. Directed by Joachim Haupt and Sabine Pollmeier. Distributed by Parnass Film, Munich, Germany. Video, 56 mins. Follows the German hip hop scene, including the participation of immigrants. In German with English subtitles.

Lessons from Gulam. 1999. Directed by John Baily. Distributed by Facets Multi-Media, Chicago, IL. Video, 49 mins. Explores music of the Asian community in Bradford, England, focusing on a Muslim occupational group known for qawwali singing.

Lola da Musica: Dave Clark. 2001. Directed by Sarah Vos. Distributed by NOS Sales, Hilversum, The Netherlands. Video, 52 mins. About British techno DJ Dave Clark, depicting his work in Paris and London. In Dutch and English with English subtitles.

Man in the Sand: Billy Bragg & Wilco. 1999. Directed by Kim Hopkins. Distributed by Facets Multi-Media, Chicago, IL. Video, 90 mins. Relates the process by which folk singer Billy Bragg, in collaboration with the band Wilco and singer Natalie Merchant, created the Mermaid Avenue albums using unpublished lyrics by Woodie Guthrie.

Weintraubs Syncopators. 2000. Directed by Jorg Susserbach and Klaus Sander. 60 mins. Traces the history of this jazz band during 1920s and 1930s, from their successful initial career in Berlin through internment in the Pacific.

Distributor Addresses

Box 460
Palmer, PR 00721-0460
(787) 887-0033

(800) 545 7467

Bel Air Media
15, rue du Louvre
75001 Paris
33 (1) 44 88 48 18
fax: 33 (1) 44 88 28 14

California Newsreel
149 Ninth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 621-6196
fax: (415) 621-6522

Cowboy Booking International
6 W. 24th St.
New York, NY 10010
(212) 924-4200
fax: (212) 929-9786

Crinkle Cut Motion Pictures
16 Windsor Ave., South Gosforth
Newcastle NE31PS
44 191 284 40 73
fax: 44 870 126 58 02

Ethnoscope Film & Video
P.O. Box 92353
Rochester, NY 14692
(585) 442-5274

EuroArts Entertainment
Bettine Kunde
Hohenzollerndamm 150
14199, Berlin
49 30 887 08 100
fax: 49 30 887 08 101

Facets Multi-Media
1517 W. Fullerton
Chicago, IL 60614
(800) 331 6197

Les Films du Village
24-26, rue des Prairies
75020 Paris

Firelight Productions
18a Glenmore Rd.
Paddington NSW 2021
61 2 9360 0007
fax: 61 2 9360 0009

Grupo Novo de Cinema e TV
Cosme Coelho
R. Capitao Salomao, 42 - Humaita
222 70 040 Rio de Janeiro
55 21 253 91 538
fax: 55 21 226 63 637

Tine Mertens
Bloemtuinenlaan 33
1030 Brussel
32 2 7268919
fax: 32 2 7268939

Kick Film

Lagestee Film BV
Martin Lagestee
Haarlemmer Houttuinen 305
1013 GM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
31 20 6273374
fax: 31 20 6261049

Laterit Productions
Marie-Clemence Paes
9 rue de Terre-Neuve
75020 Paris
33 43 72 74 72
fax: 33 43 72 65 60

Mat Films
Richard Magnieu
5, rue Charonne
75011 Paris
33 (1) 48 05 70 61
fax: 33 (1) 40 21 07 24

Monarch Films
Arthur Skopinsky
368 Danforth Ave.
Jersey City, NJ 07305
(201) 451 3770
fax: 201 451 3877

NOS Sales
Kaisa Kriek
Sumatralaan 45
1217 GP Hilversum
The Netherlands
31 31 677 35 61
fax: 31 35 677 53 18

Parnass Film
Joachim Haupt
Türkenstrasse 84
80799 Munich
49 89 282 920
fax: 49 89 285 209
joachimhaupt@web.de [ Turkenstrasse ]

Passim Productions
Geoff Harkness
1419 Chio #10
Lawrence, KS 66044
(785) 841 6870

Rai Trade
Susanna Gianandrea
Via Umberto Navaro 18
Rome 00195
39 06 374 98 269
fax: 39 06 370 13 43

Alan Roth
(718) 567 8052

Ron Alexander
4520 Daly Dr.
Chantilly, VA 20151
(703) 222 2408
fax: (703) 222 3964

University of California Extension
Center for Media and Independent Learning
2000 Center Street, Fourth Floor
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 642 0460
fax: (510) 643 9271

Darrell Wilks
Mineral Palace Productions
311 Greenwich St. 4D
New York, NY 10013
(212) 875-7236

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