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SEM 2005 (50th) Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia
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Hosted by Emory University.



Past SEM Presidents (left to right): Bruno Nettl, Anthony Seeger, Ruth Stone, David McAllester, Charlotte Frisbie,
Robert Garfias, William Malm, Kay Kaufman Shelemay, Bonnie Wade,
Ellen Koskoff, Timothy Rice (Outgoing President).



Bruno Nettl, SEM 2005 Program Committee Co-Chair.



Anthony Seeger, SEM 2005 Seeger Lecturer.



Ellen Koskoff, Bonnie Wade, David McAllester, Albrecht Schneider, Yosihiko Tokumaru, and Bruno Nettl.


Yosihiko Tokumaru speaking.



David McAllester speaking, with Bonnie Wade and Yosihiko Tokumaru.



Bonnie Wade speaking, with Yosihiko Tokumaru.



Beverley Diamond speaking, with (left-right) J.H. Kwabena Nketia, Stephen Wild, and Kay Kaufman Shelemay.



J.H. Kwabena Nketia speaking.



Samuel Araujo speaking, with (left-right) J.H. Kwabena Nketia, Stephen Wild, and Beverley Diamond.



William Malm recognized for Honorary Membership (awarded in 2004), with (left-right) Philip Bohlman, Deborah Wong, and Timothy Rice.



Robert Garfias speaking, with Larry Witzleben.



Kay Kaufman Shelemay speaking, with Judith McCulloh.


Peter Manuel speaking, with Gordon Thompson.



Steven Loza speaking.



Judith Gray speaking, with Joseph Hickerson (Honorary Membership awardee).



Patricia Campbell speaking.



Judy Mitoma speaking at a memorial service for Mantle Hood.



Center (left-right): Portia Maultsby, Lois Anderson, and Mellonee Burnim.

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