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The Daniel Neuman Collection
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Photographs of the
SEM 1999 Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas



Daniel Neuman


Meeting attendees wait to see Mexican free-tailed bats fly out from under the Congress Avenue Bridge in
downtown Austin. Left to right: David Trasoff, Lorraine Sakata, Fred Lau, Margaret Sarkissian,
Anthony Seeger, and Tim Rice.



Charles Capwell and Isabel K.F. Wong


Thomas Turino and Jocelyne Guilbault



Gerard Bèhague and Regula Qureshi



Fredric Lieberman and Roderic Knight



Kay Shelemay and William Malm



Mantle Hood and Bruno Nettl



Bruno Nettl and Judy McCulloh



Charlotte Frisbie and Hiromi Lorraine Sakata



Barbara Rose Lange and Christopher Waterman



Mark Kligman and Mark Slobin



Gage Averill, Megan McNamer, and Steven Friedson



Nazir Jairazbhoy



Anthony Seeger and Mark Slobin



Henry Spiller



The Special Interest Group for Archiving meeting. Left to right: Shubha Chaudhuri, Anthony Seeger, Nora Yeh,
Janet Topp Fargion, Suzanne Flandreau, and Judith Gray.



The AV Committee meeting. Left to right: Amy Caitlin, Gei Zantzinger, Suzel Riley, Fredric Lieberman,
Atesh Sonneborn, and Regula Qureshi.



Gordon Thompson and Peter Manuel



Ruth Davis



René Lysloff and Deborah Wong



Kimasi Browne and Jay Keister



Roderic Knight and Alan Kagan



Dale Olsen



Hiromi Lorraine Sakata and Shannon Dudley



Lester Monts and Jean Kidula



Scott Marcus and Sumarsam

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