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Reviews for Educators - "The Lost Music"
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The Lost Music: Gustav Mole's War on Noise
Illustrated by Kthryn Meyrick
Published by Child's Play International Limited
ISBN 0-85953-327-1

This delightfully illustrated children's book is suitable for use with students at a preliterate and early literate level. It chronicles the problems Gustav Mole has without music. Joined by C.A.L.M. (Campaign for All Lovers of Music), Gustav searches for the lost music.

They travel to many places seeing many instruments:
Paris, France -- the piano accordion
Venice, Italy -- singer and violinist
Budapst, Hungary -- Cimbaloms and Kocsogduda(friction drum)
Africa -- marimba, drums, flutes, gourd lutes
India -- pipes, drums, tabla, sitar, tanpura
China -- P'I-P'A(lute), CH'IN(Zither), KAO-HU(bowed string)
Japan -- Moon Guitar, Koto (zither), Takebue (flute)
Bali -- Bedhug (drum), Gong Ageng, Rebab(bowed string), Kethipung drum, Gambang xylophones, Bonang Barung (knobbed kettles) Saron Panerus (bronze slabs)
Australia -- didgeridoo, hollow log Ubar, clapping sticks
Hawaii -- Ukeke (mouth bow), Puniu and Pahu drums, slit drums
Peru -- Charango (ten stringed lute), Bomba drum, Quena (flute), Zamponas (raft pipes) guitar
New Orleans -- trombone, saxophone, banjo, drums
Scotland -- the Great Highland Bagpipes

While this is a visual journey designed to appeal to children, the drawings are well done and the artwork is appealing to children of all ages.

This might work best in concert with sound recordings of the instruments described so that young students might become aware of the shape and sound of various instruments along with their names.

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