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Reviews for Educators - "Dawn Until Dusk: Tribal Song and Didjeridu"
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Dawn Until Dusk AMI3003-2

Published in Australia -- available through Australian Music International 25 Cornelia St. Suite 25, New York, NY 10014 USA.

This is a collection of tribal music and yidaki (didjeridu) totems as performed by Adam Plack, Johnny (White Ant) Soames, William Brady and Luke Cummins.

The recordings were produced in a very informal manner with some narration which is helpful to students. The Sounds of the yadaki (didgeridoo), clap sticks, and vocals are drawn from the traditions of the Ku-Ku Yalanji and Ku-Ku Imaji tribes of Northern Queensland in Australia.

The limited notes are helpful in understanding the use of the instruments, but the inclusion of narration does more in some cases to outline what is being performed.

Suitable for listening by all ages. The text is suited to Junior high and beyond.

The popularity of the sound of the yidaki in popular music and the movies make it a candidate for inclusion in the curriculum of elementary students. The sounds are clearly identifiable by students who are quite capable of associating them with the instrument that creates them. I have found many elementary students able to recognize these sounds, but few who had been exposed to the yidaki which actually makes the sounds.

The simplicity of making a demonstration PVC yidaki could add wonderfully to class discussions on the acoustics of aerophones, the culture of Aboriginal Australia and even the borrowing of these sounds for non-Aboriginal compositions.

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