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Reviews for Educators - "Musical Instruments of the World"
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LDX 274 675 Instrument de Musique du Monde/Le Chant du Monde

Published in France by Le Chant du Monde (distribution by Harmonia Mundi - France) Musical Instruments of the World (Instruments de Musique du Monde) is a compilation of sounds from the Collection du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique et du Musee de L'homme.

Divided into four categories (Cordophones, Membranophones, Aerophones and Idiophones) these 36 musical examples of non-western instruments could be useful to many teachers.

Box Zither (Madhya Pradesh, India)
Board Zither (Vietnam)
Lute (Chad)
Lute (Azerbaijan)
Fiddles (Rajasthan)
Musical Bow (Central African Republic)
Harp (Central African Republic)
Harp-lute (Guinea)
Drum Ensemble (Benin)
Variable Tension Drums (Benin)
Frame Drum (Rajasthan)
Goblet Drum (Egypt)
Tabla (India)
Drums, cymbals, gongs (Kerala, India)
Wooden Trumpets (Central African Republic)
Metal Trumpets (Tibet)
Bamboo Trumpet (Madhya Pradesh, India)
Flute with Vocal Drone (Rajasthan)
Air-duct Flutes (Rajasthan, India)
Double Flutes (Brazil)
Panpipes (raftpipes) (Soloman Islands)
Mouth Organ (Thailand)
Accordian (Sardinia)
Clarinet Ensemble (Guyana)
Jew's Harp Morchang (Rajasthan)
Lamellaphone (Central African Republic)
Wooden slit-drum (Central African Republic)
Xylophone Ensemble (Guinea)
Double Xylophone (Benin)
Wooden Clappers (Rajasthan)
Stamping Tubes (Solomon Islands)
Sliding Rattle Angklung (Java)
Metallophone Ensemble (Bali)

One might use them to illustrate the sounds of various instrumental types via organology.

One might use them to give musical sounds to go with the various countries represented.

The accompanying 120 page booklet with commentary by Genevieve Dournon is printed both in English and in French. Each instrument is listed with its local name and the source of the sounds produced. It includes 88 figures, both black and white photographs and line drawings of the instruments discussed. (One photo included in the booklet might be deemed unsuitable by some school districts as the photograph includes Solomon Islanders in local dress playing their stamping tubes. This photo could easily be removed from the booklet.)

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