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Reviews for Educators - "Gourd Talkers"
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Grayhorse Singers -- Gourd Talkers/Sound of America Records 143

Published in Albuquerque, New Mexico by Sound of America Records.

This collection of music from the Kiowa Gourd Dance was recorded by one of the best Kiowa Drums (group of singers and the drum around which they sing). It has very significant songs from the relatively limited repertoire of Kiowa Gourd Dance music and includes one Buffalo dance.

Buffalo Dance
Kiowa Gourd Dances

This is a beautiful recording of significant music in the Kiowa Tia Piah Tradition -- the music of the Gourd dance. Re-established after the Second World War, the Gourd Dance has been given by the Kiowa to many other Nations and now serves as an intertribal veterans dance. The Kiowa Gourd Clan, Kiowa Tia Piah Society, and the Tia Piah Society of Oklahoma all use this style of song in their celebrations each Fourth of July. There is no attached documentation, but information on the Gourd dance is available in Kiowa Voices.

The included text is appropriate for some junior high and most high school students.

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