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Music and Diaspora: A Resource List
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By SarahVictoria Rosemann (Wesleyan University) and Davin Rosenberg (University of California, Davis)



The following resource list is a companion piece to SEM Student News Volume 10, on the intersections of Diaspora and Music. It expands upon the newsletter's resource list to include a wider variety of publications within the fields of ethnomusicology and diaspora studies. In recent decades, diaspora studies have become increasingly expansive, coinciding with the broadening of the term's definition and application. While in the early twentieth century diaspora referred to dispersed populations in forced exile (frequently in reference to a limited number of group's experiences), in the 1990s the term's use grew immensely. Now diaspora commonly refers to the dispersion/displacement experiences of many different peoples—forced or voluntary, multiple- or single-generational, permanent or temporary—with a perceived homeland.

This resource list features literature that reflects the broad and varied theoretical approaches scholars have used in diaspora studies over the last thirty years. The first section is dedicated to music-centered works, while the second addresses diaspora in general. The categories represented are flexible and often overlap; however, we attempt to respect the authors definition of the diaspora they discuss. Please see the table of contents to conveniently navigate the varied sources.

This effort is by no means exhaustive and omissions are inevitable. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding publications that have been overlooked, are new, or forthcoming. We also welcome suggestions for online resources, communities, blogs, institutions, societies, and conference websites. Please direct all comments, questions, and suggested additions to semstudentnews@gmail.com.


Table of Contents

Part I: Music and Diaspora Publications

A. Theory
B. Diasporic Communities
     i. African Continent and Black Diasporas
     ii. Asian Continent Diasporas
          Subgroup: India
     iii. American Continent(s) Diasporas
     iv. Caribbean/Pacific Islands and Diasporas
          Subgroup: Trinidad
     v. European Continent Diasporas
     vi. Jewish Diaspora
     vii. Digital and Genre Diasporas

Part II: Diaspora Publications

A. Theory
B. Diasporic Communities
     i. African Continent and Black Diasporas
     ii. Asian Continent Diasporas
          Subgroup: India
     iii. American Continent(s) Diasporas
     iv. Caribbean Island Diasporas
     v. European Continent Diasporas
     vi. Jewish Diaspora
     vii. Digital Diasporas
     viii. Religious Diasporas
C. Diaspora and Interrelated Concepts
     i. Politics of Diasporas
     ii. Community and Identity in Diaspora
     iii. Migration and Globalization
     iv. (Trans)Nationalism



Part I: Music and Diaspora Publications

A. Theory

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B. Diasporic Communities

i. African Continent and Black Diasporas

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ii. Asian Continent Diasporas

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Subgroup: India

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iii. American Continent(s) Diasporas

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iv. Caribbean/Pacific Islands and Diasporas

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Subgroup: Trinidad

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v. European Continent Diasporas

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vi. Jewish Diaspora

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vii. Digital and Genre Diasporas

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Part II: Diaspora Publications

A. Theory 

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B. Diasporic Communities

i. African Continent and Black Diasporas

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