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Sound and Sensory Studies Bibliography
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Original bibliography by Hannah Adamy (University of California, Davis)

*The following resource list expands upon an annotated bibliography published in SEM Student News, Volume 13, Number 2: Sound and Sensory Studies. We welcome comments on, and suggested additions to, this version of the resource list.

Sound Studies’s intervention is, expectedly, the senses: how might attending to the senses and theories of the senses offer a means of reassessing entrenched methodologies and evidence previously overlooked in academic writing? This enterprise is solidly underway in music and its sister disciplines. Indeed, any inquiry that considers bodies and bodily experience as valid sites of knowledge could easily populate this resource list, but that would be an immense list. Instead, this list offers texts that have sound at their center, however sound-as-sense manifests in the particular context.

    Because this list, like the Sensory Studies subfield, is intensely interdisciplinary, collaborative, and in rapid flux, please email semstudentnews@gmail.com (subject line “Sound and Sensory Studies Resource List”) with any additional citations. Recommendations need not be sound-specific, as ethnomusicologists are comparatively new to the conversation. Any and all related sensory literature is welcome.


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