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Call for Submissions: Ethnomusicologists' Cookbook

Friday, July 18, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Jennifer Studebaker
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I am looking for more submissions for the second volume of the Ethnomusicologists' Cookbook!

- I need you, the contributor, to be an ethnomusicologist. While I appreciate that the world is full of wonderful cooks, this is intended to be interdisciplinary in its approach and focused on ethnomusicology. In particular, this project requires that you can do the essay that engages the connections between food and music in your particular area. The expected length of that essay is 1,000 words.
- I hope that the ingredients of your recipes will be relatively easy to find. For example, last time I was offered recipes for "whole roasted kangaroo,” spicy Thai dogmeat, and several that required particular named spice combinations available in every souk in the Middle East and/or India, but unavailable elsewhere. I had to say no. Be reasonable in your expectations of the book’s readership. Can you buy it in a large shop in a medium-sized town?
- My expectation is that you will avoid the approach of using pre-published recipes (that you found in someone else’s cookbook), and that you will also avoid sending me isolated recipes. I love recipes, and I am surely a better cook because of them, but that is not what I need for this project. Instead, I need the complete package:
· a proverb (ideally concerning both food and music)
· the specific location (as in Laos or, in a larger country, the province or state or district)
· the menu
· preparation time
· recipes for each dish: name of the first dish in the original language, followed by a translation into English; the ingredients of the first dish in order of adding them; and the cooking process
· the essay, with a title (see first volume for examples)
· recommended listening: if you list a website, I would prefer that you use URLs from permanent sites (academic sites, for example) as opposed to the most current band
· for further information: book titles, articles, URLs

Firm deadline: October 31, 2014 

Thanks! Please consider being a part of this!

Sean Williams: williams@evergreen.edu

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