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CALL FOR PAPERS - VIII National Meeting of the Brazilian Association for Ethnomusicology

Thursday, January 19, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Marysol Quevedo
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VIII National Meeting of the Brazilian Association for Ethnomusicology


The Brazilian Association for Ethnomusicology (ABET) and the organizing committee for the VIII National Meeting of ABET (VIII ENABET) invite students, professors and researchers involved with Ethnomusicology, Musicology, Anthropology of Dance and other fields studying music and dance from cultural, social, historical, political and educational perspectives, to submit papers for the VIII ENABET that will take place between 1 and 4 of may 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

The VIII National Meeting of the Brazilian Association for Ethnomusicology (ENABET), with the general theme “Music, Dance, Citizenship and Participation” aims to gather researchers devoted to the study of musical and choreographic practices and thinking within the most diverse contexts, either in Brazil or in neighboring countries, strengthening in special the dialogue among Latin American countries and disseminating their scientific and artistic production. The program of this edition reflects the increasing interest among its member in the study of dance (Ethnochoreology or Anthropology of dance), and assumes as thematic axes  ‘citizenship”, specially through affirmative action politics –such as the “encontros de saberes” [meeting of knowledges], slot reservation, and the law 11.645 – aimed at the inclusion of Brazilian cultural diversity in schools and universities, with the involvement of  professionals from our field in the debates around their formulation and implementation; and ‘participation’, practical and conceptual perspective that has led to ethical and epistemological  transformations within the Humanities in general, and specially within Anthropology and Ethnomusicology, fostering the adoption of more dialogic instruments and models of discussion.

O VIII ENABET is calling for papers presenting theoretical and/or empirical reflections with a coherent methodological basis that, in both cases, establish a dialogue with the researches and the literature that are relevant for the fields of Ethnomusicology and Anthropology of Dance.

Papers can be submitted individually by their authors (or group of

authors) or as a part of a “thematic organized panel” (each panel with 3 papers). In the latter case, the panel organizer will send us the general title of the panel, a short abstract (up to 250 words), together with the three papers forming it.

• Papers have to be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish, and can be

submitted by any person interested in the field of ethnomusicology and anthropology of dance (no matter if member of ABET or not). The deadline for submission is March 03, 2017.

• Paper presentations will last up to 20 minutes.

  Each author can submit only one paper.  He/she can however present another paper as coauthor.

  Notification of acceptance: Individuals whose proposals have been accepted will be notified around April 1, 2017.

  The final version of the papers to be published in the proceedings of the conference should be sent by April 15, 2017.

  By paying the registration fee individuals are enabled to take part in the event, which will be made up of lectures, round-tables, debates, organized panels and individual papers sessions, and artistic presentations. This fee will not be returned to those whose papers have not been approved. .

  Members whose papers will be accepted, will only be included in the program of the event and in the publication of the Proceedings of the VIII Enabet, if they are in good standing with the payment of their annual fees.

  Papers (both individual papers and organized thematic panels) have to be sent to the following e-mail: comitecientifico.viiienabet@gmail.com – To facilitate the work of the scientific committee, we kindly ask you to inform, in the subject of your e-mail message, if the paper (or panel) deals mainly with MUSIC or DANCE.

To be published in the Proceedings of the VIII ENABET, the submitted papers must comply with the following requirements:

  Papers submitted to the Scientific Committee must be no longer than 4.000 words (including footnotes and bibliography);

 Only papers in Portuguese, English or Spanish will be accepted;

  Please use 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1,5 space; footnotes should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals and written using 11 pt. Times New Roman font, single-spaced; The author-date system of referencing is used as, for example: (Merriam, 1964, p. 57).

• A list with the complete bibliographical references must be inserted at the end of the paper.  

These references will be listed in alphabetic order, single-spaced, left-aligned, following the norms defined by ABNT/2000 (NBR 6023), an example of which can be found below.

Illustrations (tables, diagrams, musical notations, maps, etc.) have to be inserted as part of the text, and numbered (for example, “Table 1”, etc.).

o Example: MERRIAM, Alan. The Anthropology of Music. Evanston:

Northwestern University Press, 1964.

The first page of the paper should contain:

o Upper-case centered title, TIMES NEW ROMAN 14;

o Abstract in Portuguese or in Spanish with around 250 words, left-aligned, presenting the field of study, goals, methodology, results and the contribution to the field. The abstract should be inserted below the title and above the main text;

o Three (3) key-words, left-aligned, in Portuguese or Spanish;

o Abstract in English (Abstract), with around 200 words, left-aligned, presenting the field of study, goals, methodology, results and the contribution to the field. This abstract must be inserted right below the abstract in Portuguese or Spanish;

o Three (3) key-words, left-aligned, in English.

Papers not following these norms will not be accepted. The Scientific Committee may ask authors to do a final review (correcting references, quotations, grammar and style) of the text to be published in the Proceedings of the VIII ENABET. Authors not complying with the fixed deadline and/or not sending back a properly reviewed text may have the acceptance of their work cancelled.

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