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Past Annual Meetings
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Below is a list of past SEM Annual Meetings, with information on dates, locations, organizers, and themes. Conference websites, programs, and abstracts are available from 2007 to the most recent meeting. Please send any corrections or additional information to Stephen Stuempfle, SEM Executive Director, at semexec@indiana.edu.


Formal organization: An organizational meeting to form an ethnomusicological society, was held on Friday, November 18, 1955, during the 54th annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Sheraton Plaza Hotel, Boston. Present were: Moses Asch, Elizabeth Bacon, John M. Blaut, Edwin G. Burrows, Donald Cantor, Helen Codere, John S. Fisher, Linton Freeman, Merrill Gillespie, Thomas P. Hazard, Melville J. Herskovits, Richard I. Hirshberg, Barbara Krader, Gertrude Kurath, Mieczyslaw Kolinski, David P. McAllester, Roxanne McCollester, W. J. Mayer, Bruno Nettl, Carol K. Rachlin, Willard Rhodes, Hugh A. Thurston, John Ward, Gene Weltfish. (Alan Merriam was elected editor at this meeting but his name does not appear in the list of attendees published in the January 1956 (No. 6) newsletter.

1st Annual Meeting: September 2-9, 1956
In conjunction with the 5th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences in Philadelphia,
Host institution: University of Pennsylvania
Program Chair: Melville J. Herskovits
Agenda includes: Adoption of a constitution, election of officers, expansion of the Newsletter into a Journal

1957 Annual Meeting (2nd): Chicago, Illinois, December 27-29, 1957 (in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association and American Folklore Society)
Location: Palmer House Hotel
Host institution:
Program Chair: Richard Waterman

1958 Annual Meeting (3rd): Boston, Massachusetts, December 29-30, 1958 (joint meeting with American Musicological Society and College Music Society)
Location: Sheraton-Plaza Hotel
Host institution: Harvard University

1959 Annual Meeting (4th): Chicago, Illinois (joint meeting with American Musicological Society)
Host institution:
Program Chair:

1960 Annual Meeting (5th): Berkeley, California, December 27-30, 1960 (joint meeting with American Musicological Society)
Host institution: University of California-Berkeley and Stanford University
PC Chair: Mantle Hood

1961 Annual Meeting (6th): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 17-18, 1961 (joint meeting with American Anthropological Association)

1962 Annual Meeting (7th): Bloomington, Indiana, November 29-December 2, 1962
Location: Indiana Memorial Union
Host institution: Indiana University
PC Chair: David P. McAllester
LAC Chair: George List

1963 Annual Meeting (8th): Middletown, Connecticut, October 31-November 2, 1963
Host institution: Wesleyan University
PC Chair: Nicholas England
LAC Chair: David P. McAllester

1964 Annual Meeting (9th): Detroit, Michigan, November 19-21, 1964 (in semi-conjunction with American Anthropological Association)
Host institution: Wayne State University
PC Chair: Theordore Grame
LAC Chair: Bruno Nettl

1965 Annual Meeting (10th): Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 11-14, 1965
Host institution: University of New Mexico
PC Chair: Robert A. Black
LAC Chair: Donald Roberts

1966 Annual Meeting (11th): New Orleans, Louisiana, December 27-30, 1966 (joint meeting with American Musicological Society and College Music Society)
Host institution: Tulane University
PC Chair: Gilbert Chase
LAC Chair: Robert Preston

1967 Annual Meeting (12th): New Haven, Connecticut, November 17-19, 1967
Host institution: Yale University
Program Chair: Robert Garfias

1968 Annual Meeting (13th): Santa Monica, California, November 21-24, 1968
Location: Miramar Hotel
Host institution: UCLA
Program Chair: Barbara B. Smith

1969 Annual Meeting (14th): Ann Arbor, Michigan, November 13-16, 1969
Host institution: University of Michigan
PC Chair: Bruno Nettl
LAC Chair: William Malm

1970 Annual Meeting (15th): Seattle, Washington, October 30-November 1, 1970
Host institution: University of Washington
PC Chair: David P. McAllester
LAC Chair: Robert Garfias

1971 Annual Meeting (16th): Chapel Hill, North Carolina, November 12-14, 1971 (joint meeting with AMS)

Location: Durham Hotel
Host institution: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
PC Chair: Barbara Krader
LAC Chair:
Topics: 1) urban popular music; 2) the changes in indigenous art music or traditional music brought about by Islamic invasion, contiguity, or conversion to Islam; 3) methods of approach of Western-oriented musicologists and ethnomusicologists to a common subject (e.g. ornamentation, vocal performance style, etc.); 4) music and iconography

1972 Annual Meeting (17th): Toronto, Canada, November 30-December 3, 1972
Host institution: University of Toronto
PC Chair: Robert A. Kauffman
LAC Chair: Mieczyslaw Kolinski
Topics: 1) Methodology and fieldwork; 2) Music in Canada and the United States (including Indian and Black music); 3) Current influences upon ethnomusicology (including music education and contemporary composition)

1973 Annual Meeting (18th): Urbana, Illinois, November 1-4, 1973
Location: Ramada Inn
Host institution: University of Illinois
PC Chair: Lois Anderson
LAC Chair: Bruno Nettl

1974 Annual Meeting (19th): San Francisco, California, October 24-27, 1974 (joint meeting with Committee on Research in Dance; sponsored by American Society for Eastern Arts)
Host institution: American Society for Eastern Arts
PC Chair: Fredric Lieberman
LAC Chair: Robert Black
Topics: 1) Theoretical problems; 2) American Indian music; 3) Urban music and dance

1975 Annual Meeting (20th): Middletown, Connecticut, October 16-19, 1975
Host institution: Wesleyan University
PC Chair: Judith Becker
LAC Chair: David P. McAllester

1976 Annual Meeting (21st): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 10-14, 1976 (joint meeting with the American Folklore Society)
Location: Benjamin Franklin Hotel
Host institution:
PC Chair: Frank Gillis
LAC Chair: Nadia Nahumck and Pandora Hopkins
Distinguished Lecturer: Charles Seeger
Theme: "Contributions of Various Ethnic Groups to our National Musical Heritage"

1977 Annual Meeting (22nd): Austin, Texas, November 3-6, 1977
Location: Thompson Conference Center (sessions) and Villa Capri Hotel (rooms)
Host institution: University of Texas
PC Chair: Charlotte Heth
LAC Chair: Gerard Behague and Marcia Herndon
Distinguished Lecturer: Mieczyslaw Kolinski

1978 Annual Meeting (23rd): Saint Louis, Missouri, October 26-29, 1978 (joint meeting with the College Music Society)
Location: Chase-Park Plaza Hotel
Host institution:
PC Chair: Charlotte Frisbie
LAC Chair: Arnold Perris
Theme: "Broad Awareness and World Musics"
Topics: 1) Musical change; 2) Application of ethnomusicology in diverse settings; 3) Current issues and future directions in ethnomusicology; 4) Urban ethnomusicology; 5) Analytical aspects of the social context of musics
Distinguished Lecturer: David P. McAllester

1979 Annual Meeting (24th): Montreal, Canada, October 11-14, 1979
Host institution: University of Montreal
PC Chair: Tim Rice
LAC Chair: Charles Boiles
Topics: 1) Music in Canada; 2) Circumpolar music; 3) Sign and symbol in music and musical occasions
Distinguished Lecturer: Gilbert Rouget (scheduled, but had to cancel)

1980 Annual Meeting (25th): Bloomington, Indiana, November 20-23, 1980
Location: Indiana University Memorial Union
Host institution: Indiana University
PC Chair: Ruth M. Stone
LAC Chair: Frank Gillis
Theme: "Twenty-five Years: Coming of Age"
Topics: 1) Toward a philosophy of theory in ethnomusicology; 2) Area studies in ethnomusicology; 3) Extensions of ethnomusicology: psychophysiology, technology, history, and mass media
No Distinguished Lecturer; memoriam to Alan P. Merriam conducted by Stephen Wild and Bruno Nettl

1981 Annual Meeting (26th): Honolulu, Hawaii, October 15-18, 1981
Location: Ala Moana Americana Hotel, Waikiki
Host institution: University of Hawaii
PC Chair: Barbara B. Smith
LAC Chair: Ricardo Trimillos
Topics: 1) Folk and folk-derived (and other traditional) music in contemporary tourism; 2) Music in the integration and adjustment of newly-arrived immigrant groups; 3) What ethnomusicologists can do; 4) Linguistics and ethnomusicology; 5) Extensions of ethnomusicology; 6) Theoretical issues; 7) Western art music and ethnomusicology; 8) Trance, music and dance; 9) Audiovisual instructional materials
Distinguished Lecturer: Klaus Wachsmann

1982 Annual Meeting (27th): College Park, Maryland, November 11-14, 1982
Location: University College Center of Adult Education (sessions);
Host institution: University of Maryland
PC Chair: Bonnie C. Wade
LAC Chair: Carol Robertson
Theme: "Counterpoints of Perspectives: Unsung Views in Ethnomusicology"
Topics: 1) Individuals and individuality in music; 2) The field at home; 3) Continuity in musical tradition
Distinguished Lecturer: George List

1983 Annual Meeting (28th): Tallahassee, Florida, October 20-23, 1983
Location: Florida State Conference Center (sessions); Tallahassee Hilton (rooms)
Host institution: Florida State University
Pre-Conference Symposium: "Music and the Interplay of Senses"
PC Chair: Kay K. Shelemay
LAC Chair: Dale Olsen
Topics: 1) Inter-ethnic contact; 2) The etic/emic dilemma; 3) Contemporary musical revivalism; 4) Music in the context of performance; 5) Ethnomusicology in the public sector
Charles Seeger Lecturer: Bruno Nettl

1984 Annual Meeting (29th): Los Angeles, California, October 19-21, 1984
Location: Bayview Plaza Holiday Inn, Santa Monica
Host institution: UCLA
Pre-Conference Symposium: Asian music in America
PC Chair: Anthony Seeger
LAC Chair: James Porter
Theme: "The Applications and Implications of the New Technologies"
Charles Seeger Lecturer: Jose Maceda, "A Concept of Time in a Music of Southeast Asia"

1985 Annual Meeting (30th): Vancouver, Canada, November 7-10, 1985 (joint meeting with American Musicological Society, College Music Society, and Society for Music Theory)
Location: Hyatt Regency
Host institution: University of British Columbia
PC Chair: Mantle Hood
LAC Chair: Alan Thrasher
Topics: 1) The perception of music; 2) Bi-musicality and musicianship; 3) Improvisation and the performer-composer in courts, temples, and brothels; 4) Dance as a determinant of music
Seeger Lecturer: Barbara Krader, "Slavic Folk Music: Forms of Singing and Self-Identity"

1986 Annual Meeting (31st): Rochester, New York, October 16-19, 1986
Location: Eastman School (sessions) and East Avenue Inn (rooms)
Host institution: Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
Pre-Conference Symposium: "New Contexts for the Performance of Native American Music"
PC Chair: Stephen Blum
LAC Chair: Ellen Koskoff
Topics: 1) Musical learning and musical training; 2) The current state of area studies
Seeger Lecturer: Barbara B. Smith, "Some Interrelationships of Variability, Change, and the Learning of Music"

1987 Annual Meeting (32nd): Ann Arbor, Michigan, November 4-8, 1987
Location: Rackham School for Graduate Studies (sessions); Bell Tower Hotel (rooms)
Host institution: University of Michigan
Pre-Conference Seminar: The Writing of History
PC Chair: Arnold Perris
LAC Chair: Judith Becker and Judith Vander
Topics: 1) The anthropology of musical instruments; 2) Drama and theater as determinants of musical form; 3) Music and gender; 4) Music of stratified societies; 5) New technologies; 6) Internal and external challenges to tradition; 7) Music and the state; 8) Ethical issues
Seeger Lecturer: Hugo Zemp, "Filming Music and Looking at Music Films"

1988 Annual Meeting (33rd): Tempe, Arizona, October 20-23, 1988
Location: Sheraton Tempe Mission Palms Hotel
Host institution: Arizona State University and Heard Museum of Phoenix
Pre-Conference Symposium: Native American Dance Groups: Discourse, Demonstration, Discussion
PC Chair: R. Anderson Sutton
LAC Chair: J. Richard Haefer
Topics: 1) Popular music; 2) Music and borderlands; 3) Music and the world soundscape; 4) Historical continuity and redefinition; 5) Museums and ethnomusicology; 6) Musical iconography; 7) Music of the southwestern United States
Seeger Lecturer: Howard Becker, "Sociology and Ethnomusicology"

1989 Annual Meeting (34th): Cambridge, Massachusetts, November 8-12, 1989
Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel
Host institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University
Pre-Conference Symposium: Music and Cognition
PC Chair: Jeff Todd Titon
LAC Chair: Stephen Erdely
Theme: "Assessing Ethnomusicology Today: Where We¹ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We¹re Going"
Topics: 1) Comparative studies; 2) Applied and public sector ethnomusicology; 3) Competing paradigms: analysis vs. interpretation; 4) Fieldwork, documentation, and representation
Seeger Lecturer: J.H. Kwabena Nketia, "Contextual Strategies of Enquiry and Systemization"

1990 Annual Meeting (35th): Oakland, California, November 8-11, 1990 (joint meeting with American Musicological Society and Society for Music Theory)
Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel and Oakland Convention Center
Host institution: University of California-Berkeley, Stanford University, and University of California-Davis
PC Chair: Gerard Behague
LAC Chair: Bonnie C. Wade
Topics: 1) Music and power relations; 2) Music in immigrant communities; 3) Music industry appropriation; 4) Feminist scholarship in ethnomusicology; 5) Music as construct of identity; 6) Ethnoaesthetics and music
Seeger Lecturer: Edward T. Hall, "Improvisation, Play, and Culture"

1991 Annual Meeting (36th): Chicago, Illinois, October 10-13, 1991 (joint meeting with Center for Black Music Research, College Music Society, International Association for the Study of Popular Music-US Branch)
Location: Palmer House Hotel
Host institution: University of Chicago
Pre-Conference Symposium: Asian Popular Music
PC Chair: Mellonee Burnim and Lester Monts
LAC Chair: Don L. Roberts
Theme: "Cross-Cultural Musical Relationships"
Topics: 1) Bridging the gap: terminology, methodology and theoretical approaches; 2) Music and media: production and consumption; 3) Tradition and innovation in contemporary society; 4) Training the music professional: approaches, objectives, goals
Seeger Lecturer: Krister Malm, "Music on the Move: Traditions and Mass Media"

1992 Annual Meeting (37th): Seattle, Washington, October 22-25, 1992
Location: Hyatt Regency Bellevue
Host institution: University of Washington
Pre-Conference Symposium: Musical Repercussions of 1492
PC Chair: Regula Qureshi
LAC Chair: Laurel Sercombe and Christopher Waterman
Topics: 1) Circumpacific music; 2) Music, dance, and sexuality; 3) Critical theory and fieldwork; 4) New perspectives on textual analysis; 5) Europe without boundaries
Seeger Lecturer: James Clifford, "Sites of Crossing: Borders and Diasporas in Expressive Culture"

1993 Annual Meeting (38th): Oxford, Mississippi, October 27-31, 1993
Location: Holiday Inn
Host institution: University of Mississippi
PC Chair: Chris Goertzen
LAC Chair: Warren Steel
Topics: 1) Music and public policy; 2) Defining global/local music cultures; 3) Issues in ethnomusicologists¹ training today; 4) Music, sport and ritual
Seeger Lecturer: Bess Lomax Hawes

1994 Annual Meeting (39th): Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 20-23, 1994 (joint meeting American Folklore Society)
Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel
Host institution: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Pre-Conference Symposium: Gender Trouble in Music Research: Theoretical Challenges, Problems, and Approaches
PC Chair: James Porter
LAC Chair: Jane Bowers
Topics: 1) The ethnomusicologist as (transregional) performer; 2) Synaesthesia as a goal in performing and representing traditional music; 3) Discourse and dialogism as analytical strategies in ethnomusicology; 4) The hermeneutics and practice of non-hum an musics (i.e., that of Gods or animals)
Seeger Lecturer: Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett

1995 Annual Meeting (40th): Los Angeles, California, October 19-22, 1995
Location: Biltmore Hotel
Host institution: UCLA
Pre-Conference Symposia: "Bartok in Retrospect" and "Music and Technoculture"
PC Chair: Victoria Levine
LAC Chair: Steve Loza
Topics: 1)Musical bonds, boundaries, and borders in the Americas; 2) The music industry; 3) Redefining musical cultures in a changing Eastern Europe; 4) The place of postmodernism in ethnomusicology; 5) Body, mind, and spirit in theory and performance
Seeger Lecturer: Nazir Jairazbhoy, multimedia presentation

1996 Annual Meeting (41st): Toronto, Canada, October 31-November 3, 1996 (in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music)
Location: Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel
Host institution: York University
Pre-Conference: Experience Toronto Day
PC Chair: Beverley Diamond
LAC Chair: Robert Witmer
Topics: 1) Remapping the musical: integrating approaches to music/dance/gesture/image; 2) Collection mania; 3) Multiculturalism and music education; 4) Issues of diaspora and nationalisms within; 5) From "world beat" to new concert musics: issues of borrowing and appropriation; 6) Intercultural musicality and musicianship
Seeger Lecturer: Jean-Jacques Nattiez

1997 Annual Meeting (42nd): Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 23-October 26, 1997 (joint meeting International Association for the Study of Popular Music)
Location: Sheraton Station Square
Host institution: University of Pittsburgh
Pre-Conference Symposium: The Future of Ethnomusicology
PC Chair: Ellen Koskoff
LAC Chair: Carl Rahkonen
Topics: 1) Music and industrialization; 2) Issues of identity in popular music; 3) Music on the move: systems of circulation; 4) Queer theory; 5) The ethnomusicology of immigration; 6) Music in cyberspace
Seeger Lecturer: Adelaida Reyes

1998 Annual Meeting (43rd): Bloomington, Indiana, October 22-25, 1998
Location: Indiana University Memorial Union
Host institution: Indiana University
Pre-Conference Symposium: Ethnographic Futures: Issues in Documentation and Fieldwork
PC Chair: Mellonee Burnim and Ruth M. Stone
LAC Chair: Gloria Gibson and Portia Maultsby
Theme: "Communities of Collaboration"
Topics: 1) Artists and ethnographers in the academy and beyond; 2) Music and work; 3) Music and technologies in context; 4) Performers, songwriters and the recording industry; 5) Music and healing; 6) Ethnomusicologists in the field; 7) Brain, body, and culture; 8) Performance in transnational contexts
Seeger Lecturer: Gerhard Kubik

1999 Annual Meeting (44th): Austin, Texas, November 18-21, 1999
Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel
Host institution: University of Texas at Austin
PC Chair: Tom Turino
LAC Chair: Stephen Slawek
Topics: 1) Theories of music and emotion; 2) Music, race, and culture; 3) Historical ethnomusicology--the interface of ethnographic and historical topics and method; 4) Research cultures--the regional, cultural, disciplinary, and pragmatic considerations influencing ethnomusicological approaches, collaboration, and communication; 5) The effects of capitalism on indigenous music making, is grey-out no longer an issue?; 6) Copyright
Seeger Lecturer: Ki Mantle Hood
Conference photos: http://www.arts.ucla.edu/dneuman/sem99/index.html

2000 Annual Meeting (45th): Toronto, Canada, November 1-5, 2000 (joint meeting with American Musical Instrument Society; Association for Technology in Music Instruction; Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres; Canadian Society for Traditional Music; College Music Society; Historic Brass Society; Canadian and US chapters of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music; Lyrica Society for Word-Music Relationships; Society for Music Perception and Cognition; Society for Music Theory; Society for American Music)
Location: Sheraton Centre Hotel and Hilton Hotel
Host institution: University of Toronto
PC Chair: Stephen Blum & Virginia Danielson
LAC Chair: Suzanne Meyers-Sawa
Theme: "Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections"
Topics: 1) Music by and for children; 2) Turn-of-the-century perspectives on musical hybridization; 3) Ethnomusicology as genre and practice at the turn of the century; 4) Music makers and audiences in the internet age
Seeger Lecturer: Arjun Appadurai, "Remake, Recall, Remix: Globalization and the Aesthetics of Repetition"

2001 Annual Meeting (46th): Detroit, Michigan, October 25-28, 2001
Location: Marriott Renaissance Center
Host institution: University of Michigan
Pre-Conference Symposium: Transcription and its Futures
PC Chair: Michael Largey
LAC Co-Chairs: Amy Stillman and Mark Clague
Theme: "Teaching and Learning in the Twenty-First Century"
Topics: 1) Ethnomusicologies outside of North America; 2) New synergies in world musics; 3) Power and legitimacy from the margins; 4) www.ethnocyber.com; 5) Centers of African American cultural production; 5) Music of Detroit and the Great Lakes; 6) Ethnomusicology as a profession: practical concerns
Seeger Lecturer: William Malm

2002 Annual Meeting (47th): Estes Park Center, Colorado, October 24-27, 2002
Location: YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park Center
Host institution: University of Colorado, Boulder
Pre-Conference Workshop: Academic Ethno' Ensembles
PC Chair: Su Zheng
LAC Chair: Brenda Romero
Theme: "Ethnomusicological Vistas"
Topics: 1) Applying ethnomusicology 2) Diversifying ethnomusicology 3) Music in mountain cultures 4) Popular music and sexuality 5) Music in times of crisis 6) Circuits of music production and consumption
Seeger Lecturer: William Ferris

2003 Annual Meeting (48th): Miami, Florida, October 2-5, 2003 (joint meeting with the College Music Society and the Association for Technology in Music Instruction)
Location: Hotel Intercontinental
Host institution: Florida State University
Pre-Conference Symposium: None
PC Chair: Gage Averill
LAC Chair: Dale Olsen; Associate Chairs: Alan Burdette, Tod Trimble, and Lara Greene.
Theme: "Cultural Crossroads" (subtheme: "Miami's Cultural Crossroads: The Latin/Caribbean City")
Topics: 1) Music, memory, and nostalgia 2) Historical methods in ethnomusicology/ethnographic methods in historical musicology 3) The relationship of research to teaching 4) Teaching music theory from a cross-cultural perspective. And the two SEM-specific topics are: 5) Performance theory 6) Authenticity and the politics of representation.
Seeger Lecturer: Judith Becker

2004 Annual Meeting (49th): Tucson, Arizona, November 3-7, 2004
Location: Radisson
Host Institution: The University of Arizona
Pre-conference symposium: Dance
PC Chair: Larry Witzleben
LAC Chair: Janet Sturman
Theme: Contemplating Boundaries
Topics: 1) Displaying Music 2) Ethnomusicologies: Global Perspectives 3) Ethnomusicology and Western Classical Music 4) Music and Dance of the American Southwest 5) Taking a Stand? Ethnomusicology and Advocacy.
Seeger Lecturer: Rayna Green

2005 Annual Meeting (50th): Atlanta, Georgia, November 17-20, 2005
Location: Sheraton, Midtown
Host Institution: Emory University
Pre-conference symposium: Race and Place: Invoking New Musical Identities
PC Co-Chairs: Bruno Nettl and Judith McCulloh
LAC Chair: Tong Soon Lee
Theme: SEM at 50
Topics: 1) The history of ethnomusicology 2) The history of SEM 3) Areas neglected by SEM and ethnomusicology 4) Contemplations on our future 5) African American music 6) Musical cultures of Georgia and the Southeast 7) Advocacy and cultural democracy 8) Diverse voices
Seeger Lecturer: Anthony Seeger
Conference website: http://www.indiana.edu/~semhome/2005/

2006 Annual Meeting (51st): Honolulu, Hawaii, November 16-19, 2006
Location: Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa
Host Institution: The University of Hawaii at Manoa
Pre-conference symposium: "’Whose Asia-Pacific?’: Representation and Presentation in Ethnomusicology.”
PC Chair: Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje
LAC Chair: Frederick Lau
Theme: Decolonizing Ethnomusicology (Program, Abstracts)
Topics: 1) Music, sexuality and the body, 2) Migration and movement, with special reference to Asia and the Pacific, 3) Diaspora studies, 4) Confluences of music and dance, 5) Asian and Pacific music masters: An ethnomusicology of the individual, 6) Music and Islam, 7) Music and indigenous politics
Seeger Lecturer: Adrienne Kaeppler

2007 Annual Meeting (52nd): Columbus, Ohio, October 25-28, 2007
Location: Hyatt on Capital Square
Host Institution: The Ohio State University
Pre-conference symposium: "’New Directions in Cognitive Ethnomusicology.
PC Chair: Margaret Kartomi
LAC Chair: Margarita Mazo
Theme: Music, War, and Reconcilliation (Program, Abstracts)
Topics: 1) Music, place, and environment; 2) Interactions between musicians in ensemble playing; 3) Digital communities and musical experiences; 4) Musical ontologies; 5) Ethnomusicologies: Shifting perspectives on the field (including cognitive ethnomusicology)
Seeger Lecturer: Bill Ivey

2008 Annual Meeting (53rd): Middletown, Connecticut, October 25-28, 2008
(*Please note that these dates indicate a day-pattern change from Th-Sun to Sat-Tues)
Location: Wesleyan University Campus
Host Institution: Wesleyan University
PC Chair: Jeffrey A. Summit
LAC Chair: Eric Charry
Theme: Ethnomusicology Beyond Disciplines (Program, Abstracts)
Topics: Ethnomusicology and Advocacy, Musical Innovation and Experimentation, De-Centering the Western Art Music Canon, The Ethnomusicology of Film, Music and Spirituality, Overlooked Musical Traditions
Seeger Lecturer: Robert Garfias
Preconference: "Toward a 21st Century Ethnomusicology." October 24, 2008.

2009 Annual Meeting (54th): Mexico City, Mexico, November 19-22, 2009
Main Location: Meliã México Reforma
Primary Host Institutions: Escuela Nacional de Música and Centro Nacional de Investigación, Documentación e Información Musical
PC Chair: Brenda M. Romero
LAC Chair: Guillermo Contreras Arias
Theme: Borderless Ethnomusicologies (Program, Abstracts)
Topics: Cultural Policy, Cultural Property, and Intangible Heritage; Instruments and Organologies; Ethnomusicology in the Megalopolis; Musical Borderlands; Social Dimensions of New Media; Ethnomusicology of/in Mexico/Latin America
Seeger Lecturer: Steven Feld
Pre-Conference: "The Past, Present, and Future of Music Research in Mexico.” November 18, 2009.

2010 Annual Meeting (55th): Los Angeles, California, November 11-14, 2010
Location: Wilshire Grand
Host Institution: University of California at Los Angeles
PC Chair: Barbara L. Hampton
LAC Chair: Tara Browner
Theme: Sound Ecologies (Program, Abstracts)
Topics: Music Displacement and Disaster; Music, Copyrights, and Human Rights; Music and Social Activism; Film Music
Seeger Lecturer: George Lipsitz
Pre-Conference: "Music Research and Performance in South Asia: The Life and Work of Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy." November 10, 2010.

2011 Annual Meeting (56th): Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 17-20, 2011
Joint Meeting with the Congress on Research in Dance
Location: Philadelphia Sheraton Downtown Hotel
Host Institution: University of Pennsylvania
PC Chair: Gregory Barz
LAC Chair: Carol Muller
Theme: Moving Music / Sounding Dance (Program, Abstracts)
Topics: Where Music Meets Dance, Advocacy and Outreach, Health and Healing, Interculturalism, Hybridity, Local Philadelphia Communities
Seeger Lecturer: Randy Martin.
Pre-Conference: "Music, Dance, and Civic Engagement.” November 16, 2011.

2012 Annual Meeting (57th): New Orleans, Louisiana, November 1-4, 2012
Joint Meeting with the American Musicological Society and the Society for Music Theory
Location: Sheraton New Orleans and Astor Crowne Plaza New Orleans
PC Chair: Bonnie Wade
LAC Chair: Mark DeWitt
Program and Abstracts
Seeger Lecturer: Portia Maultsby

Pre-Conference: "Crisis and Creativity"

2013 Annual Meeting (58th): Indianapolis, Indiana, November 14-17, 2013
Location: Indianapolis Marriott Downtown
PC Chair: David Harnish
LAC Chair: Mellonee Burnim
Program and Abstracts
Seeger Lecturer: Sherry Ortner
Pre-Conference: "Music and Global Health: Toward Collaborative Paradigms"

2014 Annual Meeting (59th): Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 13-16, 2014
Location: Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown
PC Chair: Martin Daughtry
LAC Chairs: Andrew Weintraub and Adriana Helbig
Program and Abstracts
Seeger Lecturer: Mark Slobin
Pre-Conference: "Music and Labor"

2015 Annual Meeting (60th): Austin, Texas, December 3-6, 2015
Location: Hilton Austin
PC Chair: Judah Cohen
LAC Chair: Veit Erlmann
Program and Abstracts
Seeger Lecturer: Philip Deloria
Pre-Conference: "Music, Property, and Law"

2016 Annual Meeting (61st): Washington, D.C., November 10-13, 2016
Location: Omni Shoreham Hotel
PC Chair: Janet Sturman
LAC Co-Chairs: Jonathan Dueck and Terry Liu
Program and Abstracts
Seeger Lecturer: Ellen Koskoff
Pre-Conference: "Soundings: Public Sector Ethnomusicology in the 21st Century"

2017 Annual Meeting (62nd): Denver, CO, October 26-29, 2017
Location: Denver City Center Marriott
PC Chair: Lei Ouyang Bryant
LAC Chair: Sarah Morelli
Program and Abstracts
Seeger Lecturer: Scheherazade Hassan
Pre-Conference: "Sound Alliances: A Celebration of Indigenous Music and Culture"

2018 Annual Meeting (63rd): Albuquerque, NM, November 15-18, 2018
Location: Hotel Albuquerque
PC Chair: Gillian Rodger
LAC Chairs: Ana R. Alonso Minutti and Kristina Jacobsen
Program and Abstracts
Seeger Lecturer: Kay Shelemay
Pre-Conference: "Decolonizing Strategies in Ethnomusicology, Teaching, and Performance: Perspectives from the U.S. Southwest and Latin America"

2019 Annual Meeting (64th): Bloomington, IN, November 7-10, 2019
Location: Indiana Memorial Union
PC Chair: Henry Spiller
LAC Chairs: David McDonald and Stephen Stuempfle
Program and Abstracts
Seeger Lecturer: George Clinton
Pre-Conferences: Film as Ethnography, Activism, and Public Work in Ethnomusicology” and “Heritage and the Politics of Inclusion in Latin American Brass Bands”
Conference Website: https://www.ethnomusicology.org/page/Conf_2019


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