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The SEM Council
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The SEM Council is an elected body that provides advice to the Board of Directors. It addresses the long-range plans of the Society and also communicates the general concerns of the membership to the Board in the form of recommendations. The Council meets each year in conjunction with the SEM Annual Meeting. The 42 members of the Council serve three-year terms, with terms staggered so that at least 12 regular members and 2 student members are elected each year. The Council Nominating Committee prepares a slate of candidates for each year’s election. Any SEM member may recommend names (including his/her own name) to the Council Nominating Committee for consideration as candidates.

The Council welcomes communications from SEM members throughout the year. If you have a question, concern, or suggestion pertaining to the Society's programs or operations, please contact the Council Secretary at slsnyder[at]wcu.edu.


Council Chair
Dwandalyn Reece
(Smithsonian) National Museum of African American History and Culture
Phone: (703) 338-3040
Email: ReeceD[at]si.edu

Council Secretary
Sara Snyder
Western Carolina University
Phone: (828) 227-2303
Email: slsnyder[at]wcu.edu


Council Members

For email addresses for individual Council members, please log into the website and use the member "Directory Search."


Jorge Arévalo Mateus

 Association for Cultural Equity - Alan Lomax Archive  2019
 Lisa Beebe
 University of California, Santa Cruz  2019

Kate Galloway

 Wesleyan University   2019

Luis-Manuel Garcia

 University of Birmingham  2019

Nancy Groce

 Library of Congress American Folklife Center  2019

Anna Hoefnagels

 Carleton University  2019

Birgitta J. Johnson

 University of South Carolina  2019

Alisha Lola Jones

 Indiana University, Bloomington  2019
Kathryn Metz
 Oberlin College and Conservatory  2019
Dwandalyn Reece
 National Museum of African American History and Culture  2019

Matt Sakakeeny

 Tulane University   2019

Daniel Akira Stadnicki

 University of Alberta  2019

Benjamin R. Teitelbaum

 University of Colorado, Boulder  2019

Louise Wrazen

 York University   2019
Jessica Bissett Perea
 University of California, Davis  2020

Xóchitl Chávez

 University of California, Riverside  2020

Martin Daughtry

 New York University   2020

Andrew Eisenberg

 New York University, Abu Dhabi  2020
Deonte Harris
 University of California, Los Angeles  2020

Kim Kattari

 Texas A&M  2020

Teresita Lozano

 University of Colorado, Boulder  2020
Katherine Meizel
 Bowling Green State University   2020

Barley Norton

 Goldsmiths, University of London  2020
Liz Przybylski
 University of California, Riverside  2020

Huib Schippers

 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings  2020
Jessica Schwartz
 University of California, Los Angeles  2020

Sara Snyder

 Western Carolina University   2020
 Anna Stirr
 University of Hawaii at Manoa  2020

Supeena Adler

 Independent Scholar  2021

Maya Cunningham

 University of Maryland  2021

Juan Diego Diaz

 University of California, Davis  2021

Robin P. Harris

 Dallas International University   2021

Eduardo Herrera

 Rutgers University   2021

Meghan Hynson

 Duquesne University  2021

Monique Ingalls

 Baylor University   2021

Jesse Johnston

 Library of Congress  2021

Krystal Klingenberg

 Harvard University  2021

Timothy Mangin

 Boston College  2021

Fernando Orejuela

 Indiana University, Bloomington  2021

Elizabeth Ozment

 University of Virginia  2021

Kendra Salois

 American University  2021

Marysol Quevedo

 University of Miami  2021

Nolan Warden

 Purdue University   2021
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