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Standing Committees
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Standing committees are appointed by the SEM Board and address issues of ongoing importance to the Society. Most hold formal meetings during the SEM Annual Meeting.


Academic Labor Committee

Gage Averill, Chair
University of British Columbia
Email: gage.averill@ubc.ca

Members: Kariann Goldschmitt, Sandra Graham, Joshua Katz-Rosene, Thomas Porcello, Jonathan Ritter, Alexander Rodriguez, Susan Taffe-Reed, Steven Terpenning, Margaret Walker

Academic Labor Committee Page

Board Nominating Committee 2018

Beverley Diamond, Chair
Memorial University
Email: bdiamond@mun.ca

Members: Jonathan Ritter, Timothy Rommen, Gabriel Solis, Sean Williams

Council Nominating Committee 2018

León Garcia, Chair
Northern Arizona University

Email: Leon.Garcia-Corona@nau.edu

Members: Adriana Helbig, Cheryl Keyes, Jean Kidula

Diversity Action Committee

Denise Gill, Chair
Stanford University 
Email: dengill@stanford.edu

Members: Shalini Ayyagari, Gavin Douglas, Kyra Gaunt, Deonte Harris, Sidra Lawrence, Yun Emily Wang

Ethics Committee

Andy McGraw, Chair

University of Richmond
Email: amcgraw@richmond.edu

Members: Edward Herbst, Steven Moon, Alex Rodriguez, Roger Savage, Muriel Swijghuisen Reigersberg, Benjamin Teitelbaum, Jeff Titon 

Form for Submission of Questions, Concerns, and Suggestions to the Ethics Committee

SEM Position Statement on Ethical Considerations

Investment Advisory Committee

Jeffrey Summit, Chair
Tufts University
Email: jeffrey.summit@tufts.edu

Members: Tim Rice, Kay Kaufman Shelemay, Ruth Stone

Local Arrangements Committee 2019 (Bloomington, IN)

David McDonald, Co-Chair
Indiana University

Stephen Stuempfle, Co-Chair
Indiana University

Members: Judah M. Cohen, Lydia Cullen, Rebecca Dirksen, Javier León, Daniel B. Reed, Ruth M. Stone, Sue Tuohy

Program Committee 2019 (Bloomington, IN)

Henry Spiller, Chair
University of California, Davis

Members: Shannon Dudley (University of Washington), Darien Lamen (Binghamton, New York), Katherine Schofield (King's College London), Laurel Sercombe (University of Washington), Tes Slominski (Beloit College), Maria Sonevytsky (University of California, Berkeley)

Publications Advisory Committee

Ruth Stone, Chair

Indiana University Bloomington
Email: stone@indiana.edu

Members: Eliot Bates, James Cowdery, Mark DeWitt, Jeffers Engelhardt, Frank Gunderson, Benjamin Harbert, Trevor Harvey, Deborah Kapchan, Ellen Koskoff, Maria Mendonça, Davin Rosenberg, Cullen Strawn, Richard Wolf, Judith Gray (ex officio), Stephen Stuempfle (ex officio)

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