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The Special Interest Group for Celtic Music
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The Special Interest Group for Celtic Music was established in spring of 2008 to bring together SEM members with an interest in Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and Breton musics both at home and in the diaspora. Membership in the group is open to all scholars interested in the study and performance of these musics.


Jason Busniewski (2017-2019)
Email: jason.busniewski@gmail.com

Rebecca Lomnicky (2018-2020)
Email: rlomnicky@berkeley.edu

Secretary & SIG Contact
Sean Williams
Evergreen State College
Olympia WA 98505
Email: williams@evergreen.edu


The mission of the Special Interest Group for Celtic Music is to support the study of music in Celtic regions and the diaspora, primarily through the sponsorship and promotion of discussion, events and publications related to Celtic music. This group does the following:

* provides a forum for Celtic music scholars and musicians;

* offers an organizational basis to plan and execute events that focus on Celtic musics and musics of the diaspora;

* helps in the coordination of paper sessions, conferences, concerts and other special projects;

* advocates for the promotion of Celtic musics and musicians

* strengthens professional ties between scholars, performers, teachers, and professional organizations dedicated to the Celtic regions and the diaspora;

* comprises an information network where scholars can share and promote publications and activities related to the study of Celtic musics


Special Interest Group for Celtic Music listserv:

To subscribe, send a message to Scott Spencer: scottspe@usc.edu

The Celtic Special Interest Group also hosts a Facebook page:


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