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Arizona State University
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Arizona State University
M.A. in Ethnomusicology, School of Music

Type of Program and Degrees Offered

M.A. in Music History/Ethnomusicology. Ethnomusicology and Music History are closely integrated, and we are primarily a service area for the many Music Education and Performance majors in the large School of Music. All ethnomusicology M.A. students are obliged to take an anthropology course. M.A. ethnomusicology majors are required to take the "Introduction to Ethnomusicology,” an area studies ethnomusicology course, a seminar, at least two semesters of one of the three "ethnomusicology ensembles” (African drum, Latin marimba, or Javanese gamelan), and other ethnomusicology-appropriate electives.

Program Focus

Music of the Americas (including Southwest Indians), Africa, pedagogical issues. We emphasize the importance of performance and "non-performance,” particularly writing, and the intimate interaction of ethnomusicology and "music history” within the rubric of musicology.

Special Resources

Resources include: African (Senegalese sabar) drum ensemble, Latin marimba band, and Javanese gamelan; music analysis laboratory; in-house audio-video editing facilities; Southwest Tape Archive (sound archive collection with a large holding of O'odham music.)

Full-Time Faculty in Ethnomusicology

Richard Haefer. (Ph.D., University of Illinois 1982) Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology and Music History. North American Indian music and music instruments, Spanish music in the Southwest (especially mariachi), organology, Gregorian Chant.

Ted Solís. (Ph.D., University of Illinois 1982) Professor, Ethnomusicology. Latin America and the Caribbean, Javanese gamelan, India, diasporic musics/dance, pedagogical issues.

Affiliated Faculty

Sabine Feisst. (Ph.D. Ph.D., Free University of Berlin 1995) Associate Professor, Music History. Contemporary music, music and nature, improvisation, film music.

Richard Mook. (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania 2004) Assistant Professor, Music History. American popular music/dance styles, race, gender.

Kay Norton. (Ph.D., University of Colorado-Boulder 1990) Associate Professor, Music History. American music, Southern hymnody, gender, music and healing.

Mark E. Sunkett. (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh 1993) Professor, Percussion. West African music, Afro-American music.

Financial Support

Modest stipend and partial tuition waiver available for those to whom we award the approximately 4-5 TA-ships available (i.e., those not filled by continuing TA’s).

Further Information

Ted Solís, School of Music, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-0405, USA. (480) 965-8612 (office); Email: ted.solis@asu.edu

Program Website

School of Music: http://music.asu.edu/musicology/

Ethnomusicology Student Group

No formal group. Contact M.A. candidate Amy Swietlik. Email: amy.swietlik@asu.edu

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