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The Evergreen State College
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The Evergreen State College

Type of Program and Degrees Offered

All ethnomusicology classes are offered as year-long, full-time 48-credit interdisciplinary "programs” within the Expressive Arts or Culture, Text and Language divisions.

Program Focus

Each year includes an interdisciplinary approach to a particular musical region of the world, or theoretical question in combination with music (for example: religion, gender, race, class, the environment, etc.). All classes are taught in English, but may include (as a part of the interdisciplinary work) instruction in another language.

Special Resources

Performance ensembles are dependent entirely on which full-time program is being taught. For example, in some years there is a program on Asia, in which case the gamelan ensemble is part of the program. In other years there might be a program on Brazil (samba drumming), Ireland (céilí band music), or other areas. It varies each year.

Full-Time Faculty in Ethnomusicology

Sean Williams. Ph.D. (University of Washington 1990), tenured member of the faculty, music. Interested in musics of Indonesia, Ireland, Brazil, Japan, and the Arab World.

Affiliated Faculty

Andrew Buchman. D.M.A. (University of Washington), tenured member of the faculty, music. Interested in music of China, New York City, and Charles Ives.

General Program Statement

Evergreen State College is a small, liberal arts college with an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies and team teaching. Almost all courses are full-time, year-long, team-taught "programs” that focus on a particular theoretical issue or area of the world. The institution is geared entirely toward undergraduate education, and faculty spend an average of 20 hours a week in direct contact time with the students. Evergreen has one primary ethnomusicologist and one affiliated music faculty; one folklorist; and one anthropologist along with several other faculty in dance and theater with at least some training in ethnomusicology. Students interested in ethnomusicology could regard Evergreen as an appropriate place to prepare for graduate school through the development of an interdisciplinary approach to music and culture, and the strong focus on graduate-level seminars in every program. Courses are newly-created every year to reflect current interests and shifts in the field.

A typical year-long program for an ethnomusicology student at Evergreen would include – in addition to music – work on history, politics, religion, language, movement, film, drama, and literature. Every program includes significant training in effective writing and seminar discussions.

Financial Support

The college offers various scholarships.

Further Information

Sean Williams, Ph.D., COM 301 The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA 98505, USA; 360-867-6623; Email: williams@evergreen.edu; Dr. Williams' Website: http://blogs.evergreen.edu/williams

Program Website


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Interdisciplinary Program Website created by Sean Williams:http://blogs.evergreen.edu/ireland0910

Interdisciplinary Program Website created by Sean Williams: http://acdrupal.evergreen.edu/pw/

Interdisciplinary Program Website created by Sean Williams: http://academic.evergreen.edu/curricular/asiancultureart/

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