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University of North Texas
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University of North Texas

Division of Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology


Type of Program and Degrees Offered

Ethnomusicology at the University of North Texas offers a comprehensive program, preparing students for careers in academia and the public sector. Housed in the Division of Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology at the College of Music, course offerings in ethnomusicology range from undergraduate introductory surveys that are part of the University Core Curriculum, to doctoral seminars on current issues in the field.

The Ethnomusicology Program has affiliations and cross-listed courses in Jazz Studies, Music Theory, Instrumental Studies, Anthropology, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Linguistics, and Latin and Mexican American Studies.

Degrees Offered: MA and PhD in Music with Concentrations in Ethnomusicology. A BA in Music with Concentration in Ethnomusicology is currently under development. Ethnomusicology serves as a related field for other disciplines within the Division, as well as for students seeking advanced degrees in jazz studies, performance, composition, and conducting.

Program Statement

Whether in graduate seminars or in one of the many world music ensembles, the ethnomusicology program at the University of North Texas emphasizes doing ethnomusicology. The curriculum challenges students to engage musical experience in all of its dimensions in preparation for careers in both academia and the public sector. The graduate program admits a limited number of students to ensure an environment of close interaction and mentoring with ethnomusicology faculty.

Special Resources

World Music Ensembles are open to all students:

African Percussion Ensemble

African Music and Movement

Chinese Music Ensemble

Balinese Gamelan (Bwana Kumala)

Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian Ensembles

Latin Jazz Ensemble

Mariachi Águilas

South Indian Cross-Cultural Ensemble

Steel Band

Summer study abroad programs in Ghana, Puerto Rico, China and India

Summer Mariachi Music Camp (offered by Music Education Department)

Full-Time Faculty in Ethnomusicology

Steven Friedson (PhD, University of Washington) Distinguished Research Professor of Music and Anthropology (African music; phenomenology and ontomusicology; ritual and music; ethnomusicology theory and methodology)

Cathy Ragland (PhD, CUNY Graduate Center) Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology (Music of Mexico, Texas and American Southwest; Hispanic Latin America; Spanish regionalism, autonomy and music; border studies/transnationalism; music and the politics of migration/immigration; sound studies; gender studies; public sector ethnomusicology)

Vivek Virani (PhD UCLA) Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology and Music Theory (Music of South Asia; music and spirituality; musical constructions of community, nation, and self; rhythm and improvisation)[CR1] 

Affiliated Faculty

John Murphy (PhD, Columbia University, Ethnomusicology) Professor Jazz History and Chair of Jazz Studies (Brazilian folk and popular music, Cuban music in New York, jazz improvisation)

Rebecca Geoffroy-Schwinden (PhD, Duke University) Assistant Professor, Musicology (Sound Studies, music and politics, eighteenth-century music, music of the French Revolution)

Gideon Alorwoyie (Master Drummer, Dancer; Institute of Art and Culture in Ghana) Professor, (African Percussion and Dance)

José M. Aponte, (MM, UNT Jazz Studies) Senior Lecturer (Latin Percussion)

Ed Smith, Adjunct Professor (Gamelan)

Poovalur Sriji, Adjunct Professor (South Indian Percussion)

Financial Support

The ethnomusicology program, through the auspices of the College of Music and the UNT Toulouse Graduate School, offers financial support in the form of scholarships, teaching fellowships, teaching assistantships, and grader positions. Financial support is also available for graduate research and travel to conferences. Go to the College of Music Graduate Studies website for more information on financial support: http://music.unt.edu/graduate/

Further Information

Steven Friedson, College of Music, University of North Texas, Division of Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology, 1155 Union Circle #311367, Denton, TX 76203; email: steven.Friedson@unt.edu; Ph# 940-369-7541.

Cathy Ragland, email: catherine.ragland@unt.edu; Ph# 940-565-7539.

Vivek Virani, email: vivek.virani@unt.edu; Ph# 310-895-9995

Program Website



Student Society for Ethnomusicology at North Texas


Related Websites

UNT College of Music website: http://music.unt.edu/

Division of Music History, Theory and Ethnomusicology website: http://mhte.music.unt.edu/

World Music Percussion Ensembles: http://percussion.music.unt.edu/ensembles

Mariachi Águilas website: https://www.facebook.com/UNTMariachiAguilas

Chinese Music Ensemble: http://music.unt.edu/ensembles/chinese-ensemble



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