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Institutions and Centers
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American Folklife Center: An introduction to the activities of the American Folklife Center and its Archive of Folk Cultureas well as news about programs and activities, online presentations of multiformat collections, and other resources to facilitate folklife projects and study.

American Gamelan Institute: Gamelan music of all kinds, in Indonesia and around the world, is supported and documented by the American Gamelan Institute, an organization devoted to publishing, recording, distributing, and making available information on all aspects of Indonesian performing arts and their international counterparts.

Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology at the University of Alberta: An archive and research center dedicated to promoting collaborative research between scholars and musicians, the University and the local, as well as national and international communities.

Center for Popular Music, Middle Tennessee State: The Center for Popular Music is an archive and research center devoted to the study of American popular music from the pre-revolutionary era to the present.

Center for the Study of Free-Reed Instruments at the CUNY Graduate Center: The Center for the Study of Free-Reed Instruments (CSFRI) is devoted to fostering and serving as a resource for scholarly research on all aspects--organology, sociology, repertory, performance practice, etc.--of all free-reed instruments, from the harmonium, so popular in India, and mouth-blown sheng family of Southeast Asia, China, and Japan to the western "art-music" repertories for the English concertina and accordion to the many types of "squeezebox" and harmonica as used in myriad folk traditions.

Center for Traditional Music and Dance: (CTMD), formerly the Ethnic Folk Arts Center, works to celebrate and strengthen the practice of traditional performing arts, affirming the value of diversity as an essential component of our national identity.

Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music (CHARM): CHARM aims to promote the study of music as sound, and research activity ranges from the creation of analytical tools and software to new critical approaches that highlight the importance of performance in musical culture.

Centre de Recherche en Ethnomusicologie. Supports research, publications, and a large archive of sound recordings.

CityFolk: Dayton Ohio's traditional and ethnic Arts presenting organization.

CORDAE (Occitan Research Centre for Ethnographic Resources and Activities): Center devoted to the preservation and the dissemination of the occitan cultural heritage through a variety of activities such as research, publication, information, creation, and formation.

Earthwatch Institute: The Research Program at Earthwatch (formerly known as The Center for Field Research) supports the organization mission by creating a public offering of scientific projects that address important critical environmental and cultural issues on which members of the public can participate.

Egyptian Center for Culture and Art (ECCA): The Egyptian Center for Culture & Art (ECCA) was founded in 2003 to promote traditional music in Egypt through recording, archiving, supporting performances, and providing opportunities for further encounters and networking among those who work in Egyptian arts and culture.

Finnish Institute of Recorded Sound: The Finnish Institute of Recorded Sound is a non-profit association founded by private enthusiasts. The Institute collects all Finnish records made before the introduction of legal deposit of sound recordings in Finland (1981). The Institute strives to become the foundation of the still nonexistent national sound archive of Finland.

iDIDJ: An independent Australian non-government organisation with a global community network of iDIDJ guild members that celebrates the didgeridoo and its source cultures, values Australian Indigenous peoples and traditions, respects the land and all its lifeforms, and seeks justice and equity for the traditional Aboriginal custodians of the instrument.

Institut für Ethnologie und Afrika-Studien: Das Institut für Ethnologie und Afrikastudien der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz ist eine interdisziplinäre Einrichtung, an der die Fächer Afrikanische Philologie und Ethnologie mit den Abschlüssen Magister Artium (M.A.) und Dr. phil. studiert werden können. Research and teaching in Ethnology, African Studies and African Languages as well as African Literature and Music.

Latvian Ethnomusicology: A site which provides information on ethnomusicology and ethnomusicologists in Latvia.

Music Research Institute: MRI addresses the impact of music on contemporary problems and issues through theoretical, comparative and applied research with a particular focus given to research and studies having worldwide implications and cross-cultural applications.

Patrimoines et Langages Musicaux: Le domaine de recherche commun est "la musique comme langage". Cette problématique large se concrétise notamment dans des travaux de sémiotique et de sémiostylistique musicales, des recherches sur le langage et le style de différentes époques, de divers compositeurs ou de diverses cultures musicales, des travaux d'analyse musicale, des recherches sur la théorie musicale et son histoire, sur les rapports musique-texte et, en ethnomusicologie, des travaux qui allient recherche historique et études de terrain, anthropologie des religions et étude des cultures. 

Singhini Research Center: An independent association, which aims to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the Himalayas.

The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America, Inc.: The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America is a Polish-American non-profit organization supported exclusively by the public, its members and friends. It has become the leading center of learning and source of information about Poland's history and culture in the United States. It is also a research center and a disseminator of knowledge about the Polish-American ethnic group and its role in America.

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