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African Music: An annual, peer reviewed, accredited, academic journal established in 1954 by Hugh Tracey that publishes original articles, not previously published, pertaining to contextualized studies of African music and related arts.

American Music: A quarterly journal whose articles, reviews, and special issues are devoted to American music in the broadest sense, including musical practices of North, South, and Central America as well as American musics performed anywhere in the world.

Analytical Approach to World Music: Journal welcoming articles, shorter essays, research notes, interviews, editorials, reviews, or any other innovative mode of scholarly discourse that engages the analytical, theoretical, and cultural aspects of the panoply of world musical traditions.

Asian Music: The journal of the Society for Asian Music, and the leading journal devoted to ethnomusicology in Asian music, publishing all aspects of the performing arts of Asia and their cultural context.

Asian-European Music Research Journal: A journal that publishes scholarship on traditional and popular musics and field work research, and on recent issues and debates in Asian and European communities, placing a specific emphasis on interconnectivity in time and space between Asian and European cultures, as well as within Asia and Europe.

Bulletin of the ICTM: Carries news from the world of traditional music and dance, a calendar of upcoming events, and reports from ICTM Study Groups and ICTM National and Regional Representatives. 

ECHO: An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed music-center Web-based journal created and edited by graduate students in the Department of Musicology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Ethnomusicology ForumA peer-reviewed journal that seeks to provide a dynamic forum for the presentation of new thinking in the field of ethnomusicology, encompassing the study of all music, including Western art music and popular music, with a focus on sustained ethnography.

Ethnomusicology Review: The graduate student publication of the UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology, publishing an annual selection of scholarly articles in the Current Issue section of its website and posting essays, book reviews and blogs in its Sounding Board section.

French Review in Ethnomusicology / Cahiers d’ethnomusicologie: Founded in Geneva in 1988 as part of the Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie, this journal is an annual publication whose volumes each focus on a distinct ethnomusicological theme.

International Journal of Heritage Studies: The interdisciplinary academic, refereed journal for scholars and practitioners with a common interest in heritage. The Journal encourages debate over the nature and meaning of heritage as well as its links to memory, identities and place.

Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa: Combines ethnomusicological, musicological, music educational, and performance-based research to promote the musical arts on the African continent.

Journal of Popular Music Studies: As the peer-reviewed, quarterly publication of the U.S. Branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM-US), the journal’s purview encompasses all genres of music that have been dubbed popular in any geographic region.

Journal of World Popular Music: A peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes research and scholarship on recent issues and debates surrounding international popular musics, providing a forum to explore the manifestations and impacts of post-globalizing trends, processes, and dynamics surrounding these musics today.

Latin American Music Review: Explores the historical, ethnographic, and socio-cultural dimensions of Latin American music in Latin American social groups, including the Puerto Rican, Mexican, Cuban, and Portuguese populations in the United States.

M/C Journal (Media/Culture): M/C Journal was founded as a place of public intellectualism, analyzing and critiquing the meeting of media and culture. It is a fully blind, peer-reviewed academic journal, but is also open to submissions and responses from anyone on the Internet.

MUSICultures: Scholarly journal of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music/La Société canadienne pour les traditions musicales, publishing original articles in English and French on a wide range of topics in ethnomusicology, traditional music research, and popular music studies.

Musurgia: A quarterly journal which publishes on all subjects dealing with music analysis and/or theory and has the ambition to create a dialogue beyond institutional, national, and disciplinary boundaries.

Muziki: Journal of Music Research in Africa: Focused primarily on African music research, this journal welcomes scholarly articles and reviews of books, music, and recordings related to musical theory and practice of the African continent and beyond.

Popular MusicAn international multi-disciplinary journal covering all aspects and all kinds of popular music, from any historical era and any geographical location.

Sounding Out!: A weekly online publication, a networked academic archive, and a dynamic group platform bringing together sound studies scholars, sound artists and professionals, and readers interested in the cultural politics of sound and listening.

Transcultural Music Review (TRANS): An ethnomusicological online journal which explores all kinds of music from transcultural and interdisciplinary perspectives. A particular interest of the review is research about music of the Iberic Peninsula and Iberoamerican countries.

the world of music (new series): A journal of the Department of Musicology, Georg August University Göttingen, dedicated to reporting and reflecting current theoretical perspectives on and research in the field of the world’s music and dance.

Yearbook for Traditional Music: A refereed scholarly journal from the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) which carries essays, reviews, and reports in the area of traditional music and dance research.

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