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Special Projects
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African Composers Edition: African music website containing a critical edition of choral music scores by African composer J.P. Mohapeloa (1908-1982) with transcriptions, texts translated into English, historical information and critical commentary, and a CD of historic African choral recordings.

Born to Groove: A collection of writings and resources on engaging the musical abilities of children, put together by Charles Keil and Pat Campbell.

EcosongEcosong.Net involves musicians, media makers, scientists, and community organizations in collaborations that combine outreach, education, art, and entertainment, all aimed at advancing local stewardship.

EVIA Digital Archive Project: Ethnomusicological Video for Instruction and Analysis, a joint project of Indiana University and the University of Michigan. 

MUSA on the Web: A project applying the principles of critical editing to a variety of American idioms. MUSA (Music of the United States of America) is devoted to expanding the legacy of American music available for study and performance. 

OutKasted Conversations: From Dr. Regina Bradley, OutKasted Conversations is a website dedicated to the documentation and archiving of southern hip hop scholarship. Bradley’s hope and expectation is to use this space to document and expand the conversations around southernness, race, identity, and class as they connect to hip hop culture.

Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC): PARADISEC (the Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures) is a digital archive of records of some of the many small cultures and languages of the world. 

RILM Bibliolore: Wide-ranging blog on new publications and other resources related to music. Includes articles, photographs, and videos.

Save Our Sounds Project: A landmark project to preserve our audio heritage - irreplaceable recordings of America's music and the voices of her people - based on a collaboration between the American Folklife Center and the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.

Sustainable Music: Blog by ethnomusicologist, folklorist and musician Jeff Todd Titon with  posts about music, ecology, and much more.

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