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Ohio University
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Ohio University
School of Disciplinary Arts


Type of Program and Degrees Offered


A PhD program in Interdisciplinary Arts with ethnomusicology/musicology as the primary area. 


Program Statement


Students in the ethnomusicology/musicology track have two options:

Option 1 is to write a dissertation that explores music and its connections with one secondary area. There are five potential secondary areas:

African Arts and Literatures
Art and Architectural History
Film Studies
Philosophy of Art

For example, let's say a student wrote an MA thesis on music in Tunisia. Perhaps this student is also interested in film studies. The student could focus her or his dissertation on music and film in Tunisia. Option 1 tends to appeal to students who are completing MA theses in ethnomusicology or musicology. Previous graduate-level courses in ethnomusicology include Current Issues in Ethnomusicology; Interdisciplinary Approaches to Music and Language; and Engaging World Music Theories: Raga, Dastgah, Makam, and Maqam.

Option 2 is called the "scholar/artist track." Here, the student's secondary area is private study with one of the professors in the School of Music. Option 2 tends to appeal to students who are completing their MA degree in performance or composition but also have an interest in scholarship. The culminating component of the scholar/artist track is an integrated scholarly/creative dissertation. 

Special Resources 

African Ensemble
Indian Music Ensemble
African Studies Program 

Full-Time Faculty in Ethnomusicology

Charles Buchanan 

Director of Interdisciplinary Arts

Art History, Early medieval manuscript illumination

Ph.D., History of Art and Architecture, University of California at Santa Barbara

(740) 593-9413



William F. Condee

Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts

Theater History, (America, Southeast Asia, Japan)

31 South Court Street

(740) 593-1314



Garrett Field

Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology/Musicology
School of Interdisciplinary Arts and School of Music
Music in South Asia (Sinhala Song and Poetry in Sri Lanka, South Indian Karnatak Music)

PhD Wesleyan University

614 684 8075



Andrea Frohne

Associate Professor of African Art History

African Art History, African American Art History

31 South Court Street

(740) 593-4288



Vladimir Marchenkov

Professor of Aesthetics, Theory

Aesthetics, Philosophy of Myth, Russian Philosophy

31 South Court Street

(740) 593-1314



Erin Shevaugn Schlumpf

Assistant Professor of Film Studies

Film Studies and Comparative Literature (China and France) 

31 South Court Street

(740) 593-1323



Affiliated Faculty


Paschal Yao Young

Professor of Music Education

Music in Africa

Ohio University 

School of Music

(740) 236-0521




Matthew R. Shaftel

Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Professor of Music and Interdisciplinary Arts

Music theory (Opera analysis, Schoenberg, Webern, Cole Porter)

(740) 593-1809



Financial Support


The PhD program of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts at Ohio University invites applications to the ethnomusicology/musicology track. The School of Interdisciplinary Arts offers to our PhD candidates four years of funding. The stipend is currently approx. $16,000and includes a tuition scholarship. The School of Interdisciplinary Arts also awards two maxi stipends. The maxi stipend is currently approx. $20,000. Each PhD candidate teaches for five semesters the course Introduction to the Arts. 

Further Information


Charles Buchanan, Director of Interdisciplinary Arts

31 South Court Street

(740) 593-9413



Program Website





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