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Annual Meeting Travel Fund - North American Awards
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Notice: Due to the shift of the SEM 2020 Annual Meeting to a virtual conference format, the Society will not be offering annual meeting travel awards in 2020.


Purpose: To provide four annual awards of travel support to SEM Annual Meeting presenters who live in North America (Canada, US, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean). Awards will be made to individuals who are: 1) working part-time but are seeking full-time employment, or 2) working in a temporary position of under one year in duration but are seeking permanent employment. The Travel Fund Award Committee selects awardees on the basis of the quality of their presentation abstracts. Awardees are also intended to represent diverse geographic regions over time. (Note: A presentation at a pre-conference or on a special Board-sponsored session does not count as an Annual Meeting abstract acceptance.)

Individuals who: 1) live in North America as defined above, 2) are working part-time or in a temporary position as defined above, 3) are not students, 4) have received an acceptance of their presentation abstract for the Annual Meeting, 5) have registered for the Annual Meeting and hold a current SEM membership, and 6) do not have access to other institutional funding that would cover the costs of travel to the Annual Meeting.

Previous winners must wait three years before reapplying (e.g., 2019 winners may reapply in 2022).

Prize: Four awards of $800/each.

Regularity: Annually

Administration: The Annual Meeting Program Committee serves as the Travel Fund Award Committee and reviews all accepted presenters who have requested consideration for a Travel Fund Award. Applicants must have registered for the Annual Meeting and purchased an SEM membership by July 1. The committee contacts awardees in August and confirms their commitment to attend the Annual Meeting. Awardees receive checks in U.S. dollars at the Annual Meeting.

Application Process: After receiving an acceptance of an Annual Meeting presentation abstract, register for the meeting as soon as online registration opens in early June. In addition, submit an online Annual Meeting Travel Fund Application Form. Online registration and the application form are available in the Annual Meeting Registration area of the SEM website.

Note: Applicants for a North American Award cannot also apply for an International Award or a Student Award from the Annual Meeting Travel Fund.

Application Deadline: July 1



Hannah Balcomb, United States

Andrew Colwell, United States

Anthony Rasmussen, United States

Anne Elise Thomas, United States


Ryan Koons, United States

Austin McCabe Juhnke, United States

Nolan Warden, United States

Dustin Wiebe, Canada


Logan Elizabeth Clark, California, United States

Darien Lamen, New York, United States


Katelyn Best, Independent Scholar 


Natalia Bieletto Bueno, Mexico

David Blake, United States


Meghan Forsyth, Newfoundland, Canada

Raquel Paraiso, Wisconsin, United States

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