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The LACSEM Student Paper Prize (Latin American and Caribbean Music Section)
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Purpose: To recognize the most distinguished student paper about Latin American or Caribbean music presented at the SEM annual meeting.  

Prize: A cash prize in an amount decided annually by the LACSEM chair; the amount will not exceed $200.

Regularity: Annually.

Eligibility: The prize may be withheld by the decision of the committee. Any student who presents, in person, a formal paper about Latin American or Caribbean music at the SEM annual meeting. A student shall be defined as a person pursuing an active course of studies in a degree program. This will include persons who are engaged in writing the doctoral dissertation but not those who are teaching full-time while doing so. Please note: The LACSEM prize competition is separate from other prize competitions. Papers submitted for other prizes (such as the Seeger Prize) are also eligible for the LACSEM prize.

Administration: The selection committee shall be made up of three or four members of LACSEM, with members chosen for the next year’s competition by the section at its annual business meeting or by mail-in vote. The current winner of the Student Paper Prize will serve on the next year’s Prize Selection Committee. Entries will be judged solely on the content of the papers, including the use of video and audio examples submitted. In general, the LACSEM Prize selection committee will decide upon a winner by 15 March each year.

Application Process: To apply for the LACSEM prize, each prize candidate must submit his/her paper electronically to the prize committee chair by the end of the annual SEM conference (Sunday, 11:59 p.m.). The name and email address of the committee chair will be announced in the LACSEM business meeting and LACSEM listserv. The paper submitted is to be the version read at the conference and may not exceed twelve double-spaced pages (roughly 3900 words). Candidates are encouraged to submit electronic copies of audio or visual examples that will be used in the presentation with a brief explanation of how the examples are used in the presentation.

Application Deadline: Last day of the annual SEM Conference (Sunday, 11:59 p.m.).

LACSEM Prize Selection Committee Chair





Anthony Rasmussen (University of California, Riverside). "Pregones Perdidos: Sales and Survival within the Contested Acoustic Territories of Mexico City’s Historic Center.” 


Honorable Mention: Ruthie Meadows (University of Pennsylvania). “Ifá Tradicional Nigeriano: Women, Consecrated Batá, and the Polemics of 'Re-Yorubized' Spirituality in Cuban Sound.” 




Sarah Town (Princeton University). “Leading Ladies: Gender, Aesthetics, and ‘Tradition’ in Cuban Salsa.”


Honorable Mention: Jessica C. J. Hajek (University of Illinois). “¡Y Ahora! ¿Y Ahora?”: Alibabá in Santo Domingo Carnival and the Emergence of a Performance Genre.”




Patricia Vergara (University of Maryland). “‘It Arrived by Train!’ From Carrilera to Corridos Prohibidos: Mexicanness, Mass Media, and Musical Identities in Colombia.”




James Butterworth (Royal Holloway, University of London). “Divas and Entrepreneurs: Blurring the Boundaries between Art and Business in Peruvian Commercial Huayno Music.” 




Holly Holmes (University of Illinois). “With a Voice Like a Gun’: Brazilian Popular Music, Censorship, and Strategies of Resistance during the Military Dictatorship, 1964-85.” 



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