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The Nadia and Nicholas Nahumck Fellowship
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Purpose: To help support research on a dance-related subject and its subsequent publication.

Eligibility: Established scholars, recent Ph.D.s or Ph.D. candidates who have completed all degree program requirements except dissertation research. Preference will be given to applicants planning to enhance their research findings with movement notations such as Labanotation and/or with digital media such as photographs, video, or web-based formats.

Prize: $4,000 research fellowship and $1,000 award for publication.

Regularity: Awarded biennially (even years), or as frequently as allowed by investment returns.

Administration: The fellowship and award are administered by a Chair and two additional committee members, appointed by the SEM President. The Chair will be responsible for monitoring the number of applicants and will encourage further applications when the number is insufficient according to the committee's judgment. Committee members are not eligible to apply for the fellowship and award during their tenure on the committee. The fellowship and award may be withheld by decision of the committee.

Application Process:

A completed application consists of:
  1. Research proposal, typed, not to exceed four single-spaced pages (including references).
  2. Proposed budget
  3. Current curriculum vitae
  4. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of two references
  5. Letter from the Graduate Program Advisor verifying completion of all program degree requirements except dissertation, if applicant is has not completed the doctorate.

Application Deadline: April 1, 2020

Submit Application: Online application form.



Emily Howe. “Animating the Stone: Women’s Perspectives on Gender, Embodiment, Sound, and Social Change in Contemporary Cambodia.”


Maho A. Ishiguro. “Seudati and the Social Contestation of Female Dance in Aceh, Indonesia.”


Elizabeth Hartman. "Hearing the Dance: An Ethnographic and Ethnomusicological Study of Stripping in the Midwestern US."

(Honorable Mention) Jonathan Dueck. "Performing Basketball: Sport as Expressive Culture." 

(Honorable Mention) Clara Henderson. "The Danced Spirituality of Women’s Guildsin Southern Malawi: An Online Scholarly Publication of Annotated Field Video Recordings."


Grete Viddal. "Vodú Chic: Danced Identity in Eastern Cuba.”


Mustafa Avci. "Köçeks: Male Belly Dancers in Turkey."


Sydney Hutchinson. "Meaningful movements: Gender, politics, and collective memory in Dominican carnival."


Louise Meintjes. "Dust of the Zulu: Performing Manhood in the Post-Apartheid Struggle."


Joanna L. Bosse. "Limited by Prosperity: The Appeal and Problem of the "Exotic" in Ballroom Dance and Music."

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