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The Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy Prize (South Asian Performing Arts Section)
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Purpose: To recognize the most distinguished student or early career person’s paper on the performing arts of South Asia and its diasporas presented at the SEM annual meeting. The prize is named for Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy (1927-2009), one of the foundational scholars of ethnomusicological research in South Asia and founding chair of the Department of Ethnomusicology and Systemic Musicology at UCLA. His research and teaching in Indian classical and folk musics continues to inspire scholars of South Asian performing arts.

Eligibility: Any applicant who gives, in person, a formal presentation on the topic of South Asian performing arts at the SEM annual meeting. An applicant shall be defined as a person pursuing an active course of studies in a degree program or within one year after a degree has been awarded. This will include persons who are engaged in writing the doctoral dissertation but not those who are teaching in a tenure-track position while doing so. Please note: The Jairazbhoy prize competition is separate from other prize competitions. Papers submitted for other prizes (such as the Seeger Prize) are also eligible for the Jairazbhoy prize.

Prize: A cash prize awarded to the student in an amount decided annually by the SAPA chairs; the amount will not exceed $101.

Regularity: Annually. The prize may be withheld by the decision of the committee.

Administration: The selection committee shall be made up of three non-student members of SAPA serving in two-year terms, with members chosen by the section at its annual business meeting.

Application Process: The paper submitted is to be the version that is read at the conference and may not exceed twelve double spaced pages (roughly 3,900 words). Candidates are encouraged to attach their paper abstracts as well as audio-visual examples, handouts, or PowerPoint slides that will be used in the presentation with a brief explanation of how the examples are used in the presentation. The paper and any audio-visual materials should be sent as an email attachment to nazirjairazbhoyprize@gmail.com. If these materials are too large to send with an email (i.e. larger than 10 MB), then they should be submitted on CD or DVD-ROM to the committee chair at the conference, or made available to download via a specified link. All submissions must be submitted by the end of the final day of the annual conference in which the candidate has presented. Entries will be judged solely on the content of the papers, including the use of video and audio examples submitted. The selection committee will decide upon a winner by the 15th of December following the paper presentation. Applicants should remove their names and any identifying information from their submission materials. 



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Rehanna Kheshgi
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