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Charles Seeger Prize
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Purpose: To recognize the most distinguished student paper presented at the SEM Annual Meeting. Awarded at each Annual Meeting for the best paper from the previous year’s meeting.

Eligibility: Any student who presents a formal paper at the SEM Annual Meeting shall be eligible for the prize. A student shall be defined as a person pursuing an active course of studies in a degree program. This will include persons who are engaged in writing the doctoral dissertation but not those who are teaching full-time while doing so.

Prize: A cash prize of $200.

Regularity: Annually.

Administration: The selection committee shall be chaired by the Member-at-Large (Prizes) and shall include the Chair of the Publications Advisory Committee or a member of that committee designated by the PAC Chair, the Second Vice President, and the previous winner. Entries will be judged solely on the content of the papers, including appropriate figures and examples. The prize may be withheld by decision of the committee. The author of the winning paper is encouraged to submit a revised version to the Editor of Ethnomusicology for consideration for publication.

Application Process: All submissions for the prize must be made in electronic format. Complete the new online application form. Include your last and first name in the names of the uploaded files (last_first_xxx). Your paper must not exceed 12 double-spaced pages of text and must be the version that you read at the Annual Meeting. Your paper must also include an additional 1 page of references cited or a bibliography. If you have supplementary audio-visual material, you may upload up to 3 files as attachments. AV attachments should be in standard formats and together must total no more than 3 MB. Each file must include your last name and first name in the file name (last_first_xxx). As an alternative to uploading AV files, you may provide a web URL for your files.

Application Deadline: Complete and submit the new online application form no later than October 26, 2020. Keep a record of your submission transaction number.



Payam Yousefi, Harvard University. "Singing Resistance through Subversion: Feminine Voices Renegotiating Iran's Public Sphere."

(Honorable Mention) Nil Basdurak, University of Toronto. "The Little Buskers of Istanbul: Ethico-political Soundscape of Children's Street Labour."


Yun Emily Wang. "Shopping and Chopping: Sound, Diasporic Intimacy, and Everyday Movements in Chinese Toronto."


William Buckingham. “Disaster, Displacement, and Genre Death: Recollecting Isleño Décimas in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.”


Kelsey Klotz. "Sweating Sound: Labor, Intellect, and Race in Miles Davis's Discourse."


Lauren Sweetman. "Performing the Prison-Clinic: Kapa Haka and the Redefinition of Maori Forensic Psychiatry."

(Honorable Mention) Leila Qashu. "Singing Prayers to Resolve Dispute and to Assert Women's Rights: Ateetee, an Arsi Oromo women’s sung dispute resolution ritual in Ethiopia."


Laryssa Whittaker. "Creating opportunities, developing life skills: Economic contexts of musical development work in South Africa."


Allen Roda.  "Local Makers, Global Players: Tabla Design and Construction in an International Marketplace."


David C. Fossum. "Musical Canons in Ethnomusicology: The Case of Turkmen Instrumental Music.”


Catherine M. Appert. "Griot MCs and Origin Myths: Negotiating Environments of Displacement in Senegalese Hip Hop."  


Katherine Lee. "P'ungmul, Politics, and Protest: Drumming During South Korea's Democratization Movement."


Max G. Katz. "Introducing Institutional Communalism: Rupture and Continuity in the Sitar of Lucknow."

(Honorable Mention) Shalini Ayyagari. "Performing Tradition and Selling Seduction: The Staging of a Hereditary Musician Community from Rajasthan, India."


Matt Sakakeeny. "A Sound-Body Politic: Making Claims on Public Space through Sound."


Monique M. Ingalls "'The Word Made Digital': The Challenges of New Media to Old Boundaries within American Evangelical Worship." 


(Co-recipient) Michael Birenbaum Quintero. "Music, multiculturalism, and ethnogenesis: Blackness and credible identity in Colombia."

(Co-recipient) Ronda Sewald. "Back to the Armchair: Reinstating Sound Recordings as Information Sources in Ethnomusicology."


Petra Gelbart. "Music as Territory: The Romani 'National' Anthem, Representation, and Transnational Sociopolitical Spaces."


Richard C. Jankowsky. "Music, Possession, and the Racialized Body in Tunisia."


Katherine Butler Brown. "History and Censorship: Did Aurangzeb Ban Music?"


Jonathan Ritter. "When Our People Wept Blood: Carnival Performance and the Politics of Memory in Post-War Ayacucho, Peru."


Joshua Pilzer. "Music and Teleological Judgment: An Example on the Korean DMZ."                


Joseph Schloss. "'It Just Doesn't Sound Authentic': Live Instrumentation vs. Hip-Hop Purism."


Anthony McCann. "All That is not Given is Lost: Irish Traditional Music, Copyright, and Common Property." 


Richard C. Miller. "The History of Gagaku and the Idea of Japanese Homogeneity."


Tamara Livingston. "Music Revivals: Towards a General Theory."             


Ingrid Bianca Byerly. "The Music Ndaba: Musical Collaboration as Mirror and Mediator in the South African Transition from Apartheid to Democracy." 


Mirjana Lausevic. "Cleansing and Ethnic Labeling of Musical Styles in Bosnia."


Waxer, Lise.


Meilu Ho. "Nobat: Symbolic Inversion of Kingship and Legitimacy in the Malaysian Sultanate."


Andrew Weintraub. "The Interface between Teori (Theory) and Praktek (Practice) in Sundanese Music."


Jayendran Pillay. "Indian Music in Indian Schools in South Africa: The Use of Cultural Forms as a Political Tool."    


Louis Meintjes. "Paul Simon's Graceland, South Africa, and the Mediation of Musical Meaning."


Jane C. Sugarman. "The Nightingale and the Partridge: Singing and Gender Among Prespa Albanians."    


Philip Yampolsky. "Codification of Improvisation in Central Javanese Gamelan Music."""   


James R. Cowdery. "A Fresh Look at the Concept of Tune Family." 


Geoffrey Miller. "Are you all unhappy at a twenty dollar bill? An Ethnomusicological Study of an Auctioneer as Performer: Cal Smith, Pleasant Valley, New York."            


Brett Sutton. "Shape-Note Tunebooks and Primitive Hymns."       


Michael S. Licht. "Harmonica Magic: Virtuoso Display in American Folk Music."              


John M. Schechter. "The Inca cantor histórico: A Lexico-Historical Elaboration on Two Cultural Themes."      


Sue Carole deVale. "The Case of the Field Museum Gamelan: Dections in Gamelan Morphology and 19th-Century American Ethnomusicology."


Stanley B. Hoffman "Epistemology and Music in Java."


Ter Ellingson-Waugh. "Outline for Classifying Musical Notation Systems."


Robert C. Provine, Jr. "The Treatise on Ceremonial Music (1430) in the Annals of the Korean King Se-Jong."            


Ellen Martha. "The Social Organization of a Musical Event."

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