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Robert M. Stevenson Prize
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Purpose: To honor ethnomusicologists who are also composers by awarding a prize for a single composition, broadly defined as an original musical work created by the applicant. A recording of the work (or an excerpt) will be presented at the SEM Annual Meeting. If feasible, a performance of the work may be organized for the meeting in lieu of a recording.

Eligibility: An applicant must hold a current SEM membership and may submit only one composition in an award cycle.

Prize: Up to $1,000, depending on investment earnings and performance arrangements.

Regularity: Awarded biennially (odd years).

Administration: The Stevenson Prize Committee will consist of no fewer than three members appointed by the SEM Board President in consultation with the SEM Board. The prize winner in a given year will be appointed to the committee for the following award cycle.

Application Process: Applications must be submitted through an online application form. An application must include: 1) a recording of a single composition (an original musical work created by the applicant), or an excerpt of the work not exceeding 10 minutes (provide audio file or website link); 2) a CV; and 3) a brief narrative statement (maximum 250 words) that describes the work and its significance in relation to the fields of music composition and ethnomusicology.

Application Deadline: April 1, 2021

Submit Application: Online Form



Andrew Raffo Dewar. "Volver." Recording in YouTube.


Cydonie Banting. "Crane Songs."


Charles Lwanga. "Best Be."


Steven Loza.

Michael Tenzer.


Ali Jihad Racy. In Recognition of his Stellar Achievements in both Ethnomusicology and Composition.


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