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The Richard Waterman Junior Scholar Prize (PMSSEM)
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Purpose: The purpose is to recognize the best article by a junior scholar in the ethnomusicological study of popular music published within the previous year (in any publication).

Prize: A cash prize in an amount decided annually by the PMSSEM chair; the amount will not exceed $200.

Regularity: Annually. The prize may be withheld by the decision of the committee.

Eligibility: For the purposes of this award, junior scholar is defined as any scholar, regardless of employment status, who received his or her Ph.D. no more than seven years prior to the submission year. An applicant may send more than one article for consideration per year, and may send items for consideration each year. Award recipients are ineligible to compete for the award in subsequent years. 

Administration: The selection committee shall be made up of three to four senior members of PMSSEM, with members chosen for the next year's competition by the section at its annual business meeting or by mail-in vote.The previous year’s winner will be invited to serve on the committee if he or she now qualifies as a senior member. For the purposes of this award, senior is defined as any scholar, regardless of employment status, who received his or her Ph.D. more than seven years prior to the submission deadline.

Application Process: Applicants should send a copy of his or her paper, in PDF format to pmssemwatermanprize@gmail.com by 12:00 PM (eastern time) on April 1st.




Catherine Appert. “On Hybridity in African Popular Music: The Case of Senegalese Hip Hop.” 



John Paul Meyers. “Still Like that Old Time Rock and Roll: Tribute Bands and Historical Consciousness in Popular Music.”


2015 (Listed year shifted in 2015 to reflect when presented opposed to year awarded)

Benjamin R. Teitelbaum. "Saga's Sorrow: Femininities of Despair in the Music of Radical White Nationalism."    


Noriko Manabe. "Music in Japanese Antinuclear Demonstrations: The Evolution of a Contentious Performance Model.”


Andrew Eisenberg. 
"Hip-hop and Cultural Citizenship on Kenya’s Swahili Coast."


Ellen Gray. 
"Fado's City."

Jonathan Ritter. "Chocolate, Coconut, and Honey: Race, Music, and the Politics of Hybridity in the Ecuadorian Black Pacific."


Matt Sakakeeny. "'Under the Bridge': An Orientation to Soundscapes in New Orleans."


Kiri Miller. "Schizophonic Performance: Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Virtual Virtuosity."


Jeremy Wallach. "Living the Punk Lifestyle in Jakarta."   

David Novak. "2.5 x 6 Metres of Space: Japanese Music Coffeehouses and Experimental Practices of Listening."


Teresa Magdanz. "'Sobre las olas': Cultural Synecdoche of the Past."





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