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Vol. 43, No. 3, Fall 1999
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Vol. 43, No. 3
Fall, 1999

Editor: Bruno Nettl
Book Review Editor: Victoria Lindsay Levine
Recording Review Editor: Jane C. Sugarman
Film and Video Review Editor: Rebecca S. Miller
Assistant Editor: Gregory Diethrich

From the Editor
Notes on Contributing Authors
399 Inuit Throat Games and Siberian Throat Singing: A Comparative, Historical, and Semiological Approach Jean-Jacques Nattiez
419 Imagining the Homeland: Poetry, Songs, and the Discourses of Albanian Nationalism Jane C. Sugarman
459 Sound Engineering in a Tamil Village: Playing Audio Cassettes as Devotional Performance Paul D. Greene
490 Ululations from the Weyewa Highlands (Sumba): Simultaneity, Audience Response, and Models of Cooperation Joel C. Kuipers
508 Governing the Arts, Governing the State: Peking Opera and Political Authority in Taiwan Nancy Guy
Current Publications
527 Current Bibliography Jennifer C. Post
536 Current Discography Laurel Sercombe
542 Current Films and Videos Leslie C. Gay, Jr.
Book Reviews
545 Sebastian Klotz, ed., Vom tönenden Wirbel menschlichen Tuns: Erich M. von Hornbostel Albrecht Schneider
547 Chris Goertzen, Fiddling for Norway Richard Jones-Bamman
550 Selina Thielemann, The Darbhanga Tradition Gordon Thompson
551 Sheila Whiteley, ed., Sexing the Groove Cheryl Keyes
555 Dale Cockrell, Demons of Disorder Thomas L. Riis
557 Kip Lornell and Anne Rasmussen, ed., Musics of Multicultural America Bruno Nettl

Recording Reviews

560 Jemblung and Related Narrative Traditions of Java; Java: Tembang Sunda; Sumatra: Musiques des Batak Karo, Toba, Simalungum; Music of Indonesia 13, 14, 15. R. Anderson Sutton
567 Wood That Sings, Indian Fiddle Music of the Americas Brenda Romero
569 The Discoteca Collection: Missão de Pesquisas Folclóricas. Music of Ceará and Minas Gerais. Patricia Sandler
Film and Video Reviews
572 Chulas fronteras; Del Mero Corazón; Tex-Mex; Songs of the Homeland T. M. Scruggs
578 Hmong Musicians in America 1978-1997 Clifford Sloane
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