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Vol. 44, No. 1, Winter 2000
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Vol. 44, No. 1
Winter, 2000

Editor: Bruno Nettl
Book Review Editor: Victoria Lindsay Levine
Recording Review Editor: Jane C. Sugarman
Film and Video Review Editor: Rebecca S. Miller
Assistant Editor: Gregory Diethrich

From the Editor
Notes on Contributing Authors
1 Interconnectedness in Ethnomusicological Research Gerhard Kubik
15 Confronting the Social: Mode of Production and the Sublime for (Indian) Art Music Regula Burckhardt Qureshi
39 Nitmiluk: Place and Empowerment in Australian Aboriginal Popular Music Chris Gibson and Peter Dunbar-Hall
65 Meter and Grouping in African Music: A View from Music Theory David Temperley
97 The Construction of a Diasporic Tradition: Indo-Caribbean "Local Classical Music" Peter Manuel
120 Bridging Contexts, Transforming Music: The Case of Elementary School Teacher Chihara Yoshio Joanna T. Pecore
Current Publications
137 Current Bibliography Jennifer C. Post
146 Current Discography Laurel Sercombe
153 Current Films and Videos Barbara Rose Lange
155 Annual List of Theses and Dissertations Jennifer C. Post
Book Reviews
161 Christopher Small, Musicking: The Meanings of Performing and Listening Charles Keil
163 Theodore Levin, The Hundred Thousand Fools of God Slawomira Zeranska-Kominek
166 Lawrence E, Sullivan, ed., Enchanting Powers: Music in the World's Religions Amnon Shiloah
170 Edwin Seroussi, Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue Music in Nineteenth-Century Reform Sources from Hamburg Israel J. Katz
172 Lorna McDaniel, The Big Drum Ritual of Carriacou Rebecca S. Miller
174 D'Amico and Mizzau, eds., Africa: Folk Music Atlas (Multimedia publication) Paul Neeley
Film and Video Reviews
177 The JVC/Smithsonian Folkways Video Anthology of Music and Dance of Europe, vol. 1-2 Dorothea E. Hast
180 Exploring the World of Music John Murphy
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