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Vol. 45, No. 2, Spring/Summer 2001
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Vol. 45, No. 2
Spring/Summer, 2001

Editor: Bruno Nettl
Book Review Editor: Victoria Lindsay Levine
Recording Review Editor: Jane C. Sugarman
Film and Video Review Editor: Rebecca S. Miller
Assistant Editor: LaDona Martin-Frost

From the Editor  
Notes on Contributing Authors  
197 Instruments of Power: Sundanese "Multi-Laras" Gamelan in New Order Indonesia Andrew N. Weintraub
228 Las Caleñas Son Como Las Flores: The Rise of All-Women Salsa Bands in Cali, Colombia Lise Waxer
260 Competition and Conflict as a Framework for Understanding Performance Culture among the Urban Anlo-Ewe Daniel Avorgbedor
283 The Classification of Musical Instruments: Changing Trends in Research from the Late Nineteenth Century, with Special Reference to the 1990s Margaret Kartomi
315 Narcocorridos: An Emerging Micromusic of Nuevo L.A Helena Simonett
338 "From Here On, I Will Be Praying to You": Indian Churches, Kiowa Hymns, and Native American Christianity in Southwestern Oklahoma Luke Eric Lassiter
Book Reviews  
353 Patricia Shehan Campbell, Songs in Their Heads
Kari Veblen
355 Veit Erlmann, Music, Modernity, and the Global Imagination: South Africa and the West
Margaret Sarkissian
359 Dale Olsen, Music of the Warao of Venezuela
Robin Moore
362 Henry Townsend, A Blues Life; Steven C. Tracy, ed., Write Me a Few of Your Lines: A Blues Reader
Stuart Goosman
365 Stephen Jones, Folk Music of China: Living Instrumental Traditions
Frederick Lau
367 W. A. Mathieu, Harmonic Experience Daniel Atesh Sonneborn
369 Marie McCarthy, Passing It On: Transmission of Music in Irish Culture Kari Veblen

Recording Reviews

371 Fifteen CDS of Hindustani Music: A Review Essay
Peter Manuel
Film and Video Reviews  
377 Musical Instruments of Kacch and its Neighbors
Peter Manuel
378 Khyal: Classical Singing of North India
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