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Vol. 47, No. 2, Spring/Summer 2003
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Volume 47 No. 2
Spring/Summer 2003

Editor: Peter Manuel
Book Review Editor: Melinda Russell
Recording Review Editor: Paul Greene
Film and Video Review Editor: Rebecca S. Miller
Assistant Editor: Evan Rapport

Notes on Contributing Authors
250 Time, Place, and Metaphor in Musical Experience and Ethnography Timothy Rice
180 Road Test for a New Model: Korean Musical Narrative and Theater in Comparative Context Andrew Killick
205 Ordering a Sacred Terrain: Melodic Pathways of Himalayan Flute Pilgrimage Paul Greene
228 Commerce, Politics, and Musical Hybridity: Vocalizing Urban Black South African Identity during the 1950s Lara Allen
Book Reviews
250 Lajos Vargyas, The Musical World of a Hungarian Village--Áj, 1940 Barbara Rose Lange
252 Norbert Beyer, Lautenbau in Südindien: M. Palaniappan Achari und Seine Arbeit David Reck
254 Eric Zolov, Refried Elvis: The Rise of The Mexican Counterculture Peter Garcia
255 Manuel Peña, Música Tejana; The Mexican American Orquesta: Music Culture and the Dialectic of Conflict Cathy Ragland
260 Toru Mitsui and Shuhei Hosokawa, editors, Karaoke Around the World: Global Technology, Local Singing Thom Gencarelli
261 Jeff Todd Titon, Old-Time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes Chris Goertzen
263 Ruth Stone, ed., The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: Volume 1, Africa; Dale Olsen and Daniel Sheehy, ed.’s, Volume 2, South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean; Terry Miller and Sean Williams, ed.’s, Volume 4, Southeast Asia; Adrienne L. Kaeppler and J. Wainwright Love, ed.’s, Volume 9, Australia and the Pacific Islands Helen Myers

Recording Reviews

268 Traditional Music of Peru 6: The Ayacucho Region; Traditional Music of Peru 7: The Lima Highlands Frederick Moehn
272 Caribbean Voyage: The 1962 Field Recordings: Caribbean Sampler; Trinidad: Carnival Roots; Carriacou Calaloo. Saraca: Funery Music of Carriacou; Tombstone Feast: Funery Music of Carriacou; Grenada: Creole and Yoruba Voices; Dominica: Creole Crossroads; Nevis and St. Kitts: Tea Meetings, Christmas Sports, & The Moonlight Night; Martinique: Cane Fields and City Streets; East Indian Music in the West Indies; Brown Girl in the Ring Gage Averill
278 Madagascar Côte Ouest: Antandroy, Masikoro, Vezo Ron Emoff
280 Lost Songs of the Silk Road: Persian and Indian Improvisations: Ghazal; Dhrupad of Darbhanga: The Mallik Family David Henderson
Film and Video Reviews
282 The New Klezmorim: Voices Inside the Revival of Yiddish Music Joel Rubin
The current bibliography, discography, filmography, and videography, compiled by Randall Baier, John Vallier, and David Henderson, respectively, are located at: https://ethnomusicology.site-ym.com/?Pub_JournalOgraphies
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