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Vol. 48, No. 2, Spring/Summer 2004
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Vol. 48, No. 2
Spring/Summer 2004

Peter Manuel
Book Review Editor:
Melinda Russell
Recording Review Editor:
Paul Greene
Film and Video Review Editor:
Rebecca S.Miller
Assistant Editor:
Evan Rapport

From the Editor
Notes on Contributing Authors
169 Contemporary New York City Big Bands: Composition,
Arranging and Individuality in Orchestral Jazz
Alex Stewart
203 "Reform Arts”? Performance Live and Mediated in
Post-Soeharto Indonesia
R. Anderson Sutton
229 Oktobchos of the Syrian Orthodox Churches in
South India
Joseph J. Palackal
251 Sacred Songs of Khoja Muslims: Sounded and
Embodied Liturgy and Devotion
Amy Catlin-Jairazbhoy
Book Reviews
271 Bruno Nettl, Encounters in Ethnomusicology:
A Memoir

Albrecht Schneider
273 Michael Tenzer, Gamelan Gong Kebyar: The Art
of Twentieth-Century Balinese Music
Lisa Gold
278 Alison Arnold, ed., The Garland Encyclopedia of
World Music: South Asia: the Indian Subcontinent
Richard Wolf
283 Deborah Anne Wong, Sounding the Center: History
and Aesthetics in Thai Buddhist Performance
Margaret Sarkissian
286 Marc Schade-Poulsen, Men and Popular Music in
Algeria: The Social Signifcance of Rai
Virginia Danielson
288 John Schechter, Music in Latin American Culture:
Regional Traditions
Robert W. Templeman
291 Caetano Veloso, Tropical Truth: A Story of Music
& Revolution in Brazil
; Christopher Dunn, Brutality
Garden: Tropicália and the Emergence of a Brazilian
Jesse Samba Wheeler
293 Loren Chuse, The Cantaoras: Music, Gender, and
Identity in Flamenco Song
Timothy Mitchell

Recording Reviews

296 Yomigaeru Oppekepee: 1900–nen Pari-banpaku no
Kawakami ichiza
Gerald Groemer
299 Pete Seeger: Folk Songs for Young People; Pete Seeger:
Song and Play Time; Ella Jenkins: Little Johnny Brown
and Other Songs with Girls and Boys from Uptown
Chicago; Ella Jenkins: Growing Up with Ella Jenkins
Amanda Minks
308 South of the Clouds: Instrumental Music of Yunnan,
vols. 1 and 2
Sara Davis
Film and Video Reviews
310 From China’s Southwest Borders: Minority Dances,
Songs, and Instrumental Music of Yunnan. Volume 1:
"Dances and Festivals”. Volume 2: "Vocal, Instrumental
and Religious Music”
Jack Body
312 Radical Harmonies
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