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Vol. 49, No. 2, Spring/Summer 2005
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Vol. 49, No. 2
Spring/Summer 2005

Peter Manuel
Book Review Editor:
Melinda Russell
Recording Review Editor:
Paul Greene
Film and Video Review Editor:
Rebecca S.Miller
Assistant Editor:
Evan Rapport

From the Editor
Notes on Contributing Authors
177 In the Time of Alaturka: Identifying Difference
in Musical Discourse
John Morgan O’Connell
206 The Black Pacific: Cuban and Brazilian Echoes in
the Afro-Peruvian Revival
Heidi Carolyn Feldman
232 Theoretical Approaches toward Qin Analysis:
Water and Clouds over Xiao Xiang
John Latartara
266 Buddhist Chant, Devotional Song, and Commercial
Popular Music: From Ritual to Rock Mantra
Pi-yen Chen
287 Medical Ethnomusicology in the Pamir Mountains:
Music and Prayer in Healing
Benjamin D. Koen
Book Reviews
312 Helena Simonett, Banda: Mexican Musical Life across

Brenda M. Romero
314 Suzel Ana Reily, Voices of the Magi: Enchanted Journeys
in Southeast Brazil
Alexander S. Dent
316 Kai Fikentscher, "You Better Work”: Underground
Dance Music in New York City
Eliot Bates
318 José Manuel Valenzuela, Jefe de jefes: Corridos y
narcocultura en México
Alejandro L. Madrid
320 Tina K. Ramnarine, Ilmatar’s Inspirations:
Nationalism, Globalization, and the Changing
Soundscapes of Finnish Folk Music
Kevin R. Burke
322 Steven Taylor, False Prophet: Field Notes from the
Punk Underground
Theo Cateforis
325 Samuel Wong Shengmiao, with Desmond Kon,
Impressions of a Pipa Player: Profiles of the World’s
Most Premier
John Myers
327 Briefly Noted: Linda J. Goodman and Helma Swan,
Singing the Songs of My Ancestors: The Life and Music
of Helma Swan, Makah Elder
; Luke Eric Lassiter, Clyde Ellis,
and Ralph Kotay, The Jesus Road: Kiowas, Christianity,
and Indian Hymns
; James P. Leary, Yodeling in Dairyland:
A History of Swiss Music in Wisconsin
; Aili Nenola, Ingrian
Mark C. van Tongeren, Overtone Singing: Physics
and Metaphysics of Harmonics in East and West
Judy Van Zile, Perspectives on Korean Dance
Melinda Russell

Recording Reviews

331 Sound Documents from the Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences: The Complete Historical Collections 1899–1950; Series 1: The First Expeditions 1901 to Croatia, Brazil, and the Isle of Lesbos; Series 3: Papua New Guinea (1904–1909): The Collections of Rudolf Pöch, Wilhelm Schmidt, and Josef Winthuls; Series 5/1:
The Collections of Rudolf Trebitsch: Recordings from Greenland (Kalaalit Nunaat) (1906); Series 5/2: The Collections of Rudolf Trebitsch: Celtic Recordings: Ireland, Wales, Brittany, Isle of Man, and Scotland (1907–09); Series 5/3: The Collections of Rudolf Trebitsch: Basque Recordings (1913); Series 7: Rudolf Pöch’s Kalahari
Recordings (1908)
Judith Gray
336 Adeus & Aloha: The Portuguese Heritage of
Andrew N. Weintraub
338 Mali Lolo! Stars of Mali Heather A. Maxwell
Film and Video Reviews
341 A Kabul Music Diary

Mark Slobin
343 Masters of the Balafon: Part 2, The Joy of Youth;
Part 3, The Wood and the Calabash; Part 4, Friend,
You are Welcome!
Roderic Knight
The current bibliography, discography, filmography, and videography, com-piled by Randall Baier, John Vallier, and David Henderson, respectively, are located in the Publications area of the SEM website at: http://www.ethnomusicology.org
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