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Vol. 50, No. 3, Fall 2006
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Volume 50, No. 3
Fall 2006

Peter Manuel
Book Review Editor:
Frederick Moehn
Recording Review Editor:
Paul Greene
Film and Video Review Editor:
Rebecca S. Miller

From the Editor
Notes on Contributing Authors
373 Black Spirits, White Saints: Music, Spirit Possession, and Sub-Saharans in Tunisia
Richard Jankowsky
411 "It’s Just Begun”: History, Canon and Community in B-boy Culture Joe Schloss
433 Klezmer in Kraków: Kitsch, or Catharsis for Poles? Steven Saxonberg and Magdalena Waligórska
452 "A Man Can Sing and Play Better than a Woman”: Singing and Patriarchy at the Georgian Supra Fest Nino Tsitsishvili
Book Reviews
494 Gilbert Rouget, Un roi africain et sa musique de cour; Chants et danses initiatique pour le culte des vôdoun au Bénin
Veit Erlmann
496 Rudolf Maria Brandl and Wang Zhaoqian, Tänze der Geistermasken im Erdgottkult in Anhui (China) Barbara Mittler
498 Timothy Rice, Music in Bulgaria: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture Karen Peters
500 Richard Wolf, The Black Cow’s Footprint: Time, Space, and Music in the Lives of the Kotas of South India Roderick Knight
502 Bonnie Wade, Thinking Musically; Adelaida Reyes, Music in America Daniel Neely
505 Bonnie Wade, Music in Japan; Dale Olsen, The Chrysanthemum and the Song: Music, Memory, and Identity in the South American Japanese Diaspora Joseph Lam
507 Deborah Pacini Hernandez, Héctor Fernández L’Hoeste, and Eric Zolov, editors, Rockin’ Las Américas: The Global Politics of Rock in Latin/o America; Maureen Mahon, Right to Rock: The Black Rock Coalition and the Cultural Politics of Race Elizabeth Wollman
509 Paul D. Greene and Thomas Porcello, editors, Wired for Sound: Engineering and Sonic Cultures Deborah Wong

Jonathan Sterne, The Audible Past: Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction

Timothy Taylor
515 DJ Spooky, Rhythm Science Antoni Pizá

Recording Reviews

517 Espagne: València, Cant d'estil: Joutes chantées/Singing Contests
Carles Pitarch
519 Kerala (South India): Pulluvan Songs / Kerala (Inde du Sud): Le chant des Pulluvan Rolf Groesbeck
522 Inde du Sud: O. K. Subramaniam: Le nagaswaram dans la tradition carnatique / Southern India: O. K. Subramaniam: Nagaswaram in the Carnatic Tradition Yoshitaka Terada
524 Songs from the Steppes: Kazakh Music Today Izaly Zemtsovsky
Film, Video, and Multi-Media Reviews
527 Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme
Jason Robinson

Nadopasana: My Own Carnatic Tutor; Raganidhi: A Treasure Trove of Ragams; Carnatic Krithis and Varnams

Joseph M. Getter
533 Marcel Khalifé: Voyageur Anne Elise Thomas
536 Index
The current bibliography, discography, filmography, and videograpy, compiled by Randall Baier, Karen Peters, and David Henderson, respectively, are located at: https://ethnomusicology.site-ym.com/?Pub_JournalOgraphies
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