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Vol. 51, No. 3, Fall 2007
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Volume 51, No. 3
Fall 2007

Timothy J. Cooley
Assistant Editor: Barbara L. Taylor
Book Review Editor:
Frederick Moehn
Recording Review Editor:
Paul Greene
Film,Video, and Multimedia Review Editor:
Rebecca S. Miller

From the Editor
Notes on Contributing Authors
371 "Localize It”: Rock, Cosmopolitanism, and the
Nation in Trinidad
Timothy Rommen
402 Jacking the Dial: Radio, Race, and Place in Grand Theft Auto
Kiri Miller
439 Music of Poetry and Poetry of Song: Expressivity and
Grammar in Vocal Performance

Tyler Bickford

Book Reviews
477 Michael V. Pisani, Imagining Native America in Music; Clyde
Ellis, Luke Eric Lassiter, and Gary H. Dunham, editors, Powwow;
David W. Samuels, Putting a Song on Top of It: Expression
and Identity on the San Carlos Apache Reservation
Brian Wright-McLeod, The Encyclopedia of Native Music:
More Than a Century of Recordings from Wax Cylinder
to the Internet

Beverley Diamond
486 Larry Crook, Brazilian Music: Northeastern Traditions and
the Heartbeat of a Modern Nation
; Lorraine Leu, Brazilian
Popular Music: Caetano Veloso and the Regeneration of
; John Murphy, Music in Brazil: Experiencing Music,
Experiencing Culture
; Rosângela Pereira de Tugny and Ruben
Caixeta de Queiroz, editors, Músicas africanas e indígenas no
[African and Indigenous Musics in Brazil]; Martha
Ulhôa and Ana Maria Ochoa, editors, Música popular na
América Latina: pontos de escuta
[Popular Music in
Latin America: Listening Points] [Rosangela Musicas indigenas Ulhoa]
Suzel Ana Reily
492 Teresa L. Reed, The Holy Profane: Religion in Black Popular
; Jerma A. Jackson, Singing in My Soul: Black Gospel
Music in a Secular Age
; Thérèse Smith, "Let the Church Sing!”:
Music and Worship in a Black Mississippi Community
William T. Dargan, Lining Out the Word: Dr. Watts Hymn
Singing in the Music of Black Americans
Melvin L. Butler
498 Aaron A. Fox, Real Country: Music and Language in
Working-Class Culture
; Tony Russell, Country
Music Records: A Discography, 1921–1942
Clifford R. Murphy
501 Ronald Radano, Lying Up a Nation: Race and
Black Music
A. Scott Currie
503 Donna A. Buchanan, Performing Democracy: Bulgarian
Music and Musicians in Transition
Claire Levy
506 Janaki Bakhle, Two Men and Music: Nationalism in the
Making of an Indian Classical Tradition
Stephen Slawek

Recording Reviews

513 Tambora: Baile cantado en Colombia Jonathan Ritter
515 ¡Arriba Suena Marimba! Currulao Marimba Music
from Colombia by Grupo Naidy
Janet Sturman
519 West Indian Rhythm: Trinidad Calypsos on World and
Local Events—Featuring the Censored Recordings—
Stephen Stuempfle
526 Women of Egypt, 1924–1931: Pioneers of Stardom
and Fame
Anne Elise Thomas
528 Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church: ‘AQWAQWAM:
Music and Dance of Heaven; Southern Ethiopia:
Music of the Maale: Praises and Blessings
Cynthia Tse Kimberlin
Film, Video, and Multi-Media Reviews
534 Jamesie: King of Scratch
Oliver N. Greene
537 The Sidi Malunga Project: Rejuvenating the African
Musical Bow in India
Roderic Knight
539 Sketches of Kerala: Gods Never Die; The Time of the
Puppets; The Three Wise Monkeys
Phillip B. Zarrilli
543 Index
The current bibliography, discography, filmography, and videography, compiled by Randall Baier, Karen Peters, and David Henderson, respectively, are located in the Publications area of the SEM website at http://www.ethnomusicology.org.
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