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Vol. 55, No. 2, Spring/Summer 2011
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Volume 55, No. 2
Spring/Summer 2011

: J. Lawrence Witzleben
Assistant Editor: Paul Michael Covey
Book Review Editor: John Morgan O'Connell
Recording Review Editor: Sean Williams
Film, Video, and Multimedia Reviews: Frank Gunderson
Editorial Board
Kofi Agawu
Samuel Araújo
Stephen Blum
Philip V. Bohlman
Michael Frishkopf
Ellen Koskoff
Louise Meintjes
Ingrid Monson
Bruno Nettl
Helen Rees
Stephen Slawek
Tan Sooi Beng

From the Editor
Notes on Contributing Authors
185 Midnight at the Barrelhouse: Why Ethnomusicology Matters Now George Lipsitz
200 Pop Song as Custom: Weddings, Ethnicity, and Entrepreneurs in West Sumatra Jennifer Fraser
229 Binding and Loosing in Song: Conflict, Identity, and Canadian Mennonite Music Jonathan Dueck
255 Singing Heaven Down to Earth: Spiritual Journeys, Eschatalogical Sounds, and Community Formation in Evangelical Conference Worship Monique Ingalls
280 Democratic Pedagogies: Perspectives from Ethnomusicology and World Music Educational Contexts in the United Kingdom Simone Krüger

Special Section: The Legacy of Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy

306 Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy: Bibliography, Discography, and Filmography Amy Catlin-Jairazbhoy and Helen Rees
318 The R?gs of North Indian Music, Forty Years Later Marc Perlman

Book Reviews

325 Suzel Ana Reily, ed., The Musical Human: Rethinking John Blacking's
Ethnomusicology in the Twenty-First Century
Christopher Waterman
329 Patricia Fumerton, Anita Guerrini, and Kris McAbee, eds., Ballads
and Broadsides in Britain, 1500–1800
Elizabeth Neale
336 Andrew Shahriari, Popular World Music Jesse Feyen

Recording Reviews

340 Indonesia: Songs from the Islands of Flores and Solor Michael Tenzer
343 Gamelan of Java: Volume One, Kraton Kasunanan; Gamelan of Java:
Volume Two, Contemporary Composers; Gamelan of Java: Volume
Three, Yogyakarta
Henry Spiller
347 Judeo-Caribbean Currents: Music of the Mikvé Israel-Emanuel
Synagogue in Curaçao
Judah Cohen
349 Musiques hongroises de Transylvanie: Traditions du Gyimes et
de la Grande Plaine
Barbara Rose
352 Peru: Music of the Awajún and Wampis Amazonia, Cenepa Valley Jonathan D. Hill
354 The Mighty Sparrow, First Flight Shannon Dudley
355 The Rough Guide to Cajun Dance; The Rough Guide to Zydeco Mark DeWitt
Film, Video, and Multimedia Reviews
361 Tassa Thunder: Folk Music from India to the Caribbean Sara Brown
The current bibliography, discography, filmography and videography, and dissertations and theses, compiled by Randall Baier, Ronda L. Sewald, David Henderson, and Jennifer Post, respectively, are located in the Publications area of the SEM website at http://www.ethnomusicology.org.
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