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Religion, Music, and Sound Section Student Paper Prize
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The Religion, Music, and Sound Section of the Society for Ethnomusicology offers an annual Student Paper Prize for papers concerning the ethnomusicology of religion (broadly defined) presented by a current student at the SEM annual meeting. 

Purpose: To recognize the best student paper at the annual meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology that engages with religion through the lens of ethnomusicological research presented.

Prize: The Religion, Music, and Sound Section Student Paper Prize comes with a cash award, generally of $200 for First Prize. At the discretion of the committee, a Second Prize may also be awarded.

Eligibility: The prizes are open to any person presenting a paper at the annual conference of the Society for Ethnomusicology who is a student at the time the paper is presented. This includes undergraduates, Master’s students, Ph.D. students and candidates, but does not include Post-docs, unless they are in another degree program at the time.

Administration: A prize committee consisting of the Section’s Secretary/Treasurer, the previous year’s prize winner, and one other Section member who may not be a current student, will review the submissions and select a winner to be announced at the following year’s conference.

Regularity: Annually, although the prize committee reserves the right to withhold the awarding of the prize if there are not a sufficient number or quality of entries.

Submission Process and Deadline for Submission: The application cycle for the 2018 Meeting is now complete. For papers to be presented at the 2019 Meeting, send a copy of your paper in PDF format, and any supplemental materials (photos, maps, musical examples, etc.) to the President of the Religion, Music, and Sound section by email to: rmss.sem@gmail.com, no later than Sunday, November 3, 2019 (the Sunday before the conference). If you are a Pages or Keynote user, please remember to convert your documents into PDFs before submitting. Supplementary materials exceeding 10 MB in size should be sent using a cloud storage service (e.g., Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive).

Please direct any questions about the competition to Basil Considine at rmss.sem@gmail.com.


2019 Cycle (2018 Meeting)

First Prize: Hamidreza Salehyar (University of Toronto). "Ritual, Martyrdom, and Shia-Iranian Nationalism in the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Second Prize: Eugenia Conte (University of California–Santa Barbara) & Lauren Vanderlinden (University of California–Santa Barbara). "Chorality Resounded in the Recovery Zone: Singing through Mud in Montecito, CA."

2018 Cycle (2017 Meeting)

First Prize: Hemani Shumaila (University of Alberta). "Dialogic Musical Analysis of the Shah-jo-Raag: Shah Latif Bhitai’s Surs in Post-Colonial Sindh, Pakistan."

Second Prize: Mili Leitner Cohen (University of Chicago). "Happy Birthday to Whom? Israeli Nationhood, Musical Collaboration, and the Exclusionary Semiotics of Bat Shishim."

2017 Cycle (2016 Meeting)

First Prize: Tamara Turner (Kings College-London). "Musical (Re-)Configurations of Social 'Warmth:' Sensing, Suffering, and Trance in an Algerian Sufi Community." 

Second Prize: Philip J. Murphy, Jr. (University of California–Santa Barbara). "Birds Who Sing in Many Trees: Artistry and Authority of Sufi Singers in Fez, Morocco." 

2016 Cycle (2015 Meeting)

First Prize: Inderjit Kaur (University of California–Berkeley). "Ethical Sensations: Affective Attunements in Sikh Shabad Kirtan."

Second Prize: Steven Terpenning (University of Colorado–Boulder). "Choral Singing and National Unity in the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation." 

2015 Cycle (2014 Meeting)

First Prize: Peter McMurray (Harvard University). "Tasting the Names of God: Gender, Timbre and Sufi Bodies." 

Second Prize: Nicole Reisnour (Cornell University). "Literary Performance and Religious Modernization in Bali."

2014 Cycle (2013 Meeting)

First Prize: Christine Thu Nhi Dang (University of Pennsylvania). "Vocal Redemption: Multilingual Harmonies of the Senegalese Catholic Church." 

Second Prize: Alisha Lola Jones (University of Chicago). "Gendered Sound and Black Vocal Performance in Contemporary Gospel."


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