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SEM-L Electronic List
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SEM-L is the Society for Ethnomusicology’s electronic list for the discussion of ethnomusicology, related disciplines, and music-making, as well as for posting notices of interest to ethnomusicologists.

SEM-L is a closed and moderated list. “Closed” means that subscriptions are approved by the List Moderator. The list is open to subscriptions by both SEM members and non-members. “Moderated” means that messages are approved by the List Moderator before they appear on the list.

SEM-L Moderator

To be appointed.

How to Subscribe

Address an email message to list@list.indiana.edu, and leave the subject line blank. Put SUBSCRIBE SEM-L yourfirstname yourlastname in the body of the message. Allow a day or two for your subscription to be approved. You will then receive an automated welcome message from the list.

How to Post a Message 

To post a message, send an email to sem-l@indiana.edu.

NOTE: All questions regarding the list should be sent to List Moderator (to be appointed). At present, please send any questions to the SEM Business Office at sem@indiana.edu. Your questions will not be addressed if sent to the list address.

Appropriate Content

SEM-L serves as forum for the discussion of ethnomusicology, related disciplines, and music-making, as well as for posting notices of interest to ethnomusicologists.

The following kinds of communication are not appropriate for the list:

  • commercial solicitations
  • announcements of single concerts or lectures
  • mass mailings
  • personal attacks
  • messages that are carelessly written and confusing

The List Moderator reserves the right to contact individuals who send messages inappropriate for the list, and, if necessary, to prevent their access to the list.

SEM-L accepts announcements of the publication or re-publication of books, recordings, and films/videos related to ethnomusicology, as well as new Internet resources concerning ethnomusicology. Limit announcements to items newly available or reissued. 

Format for Postings

SEM-L has a text-only policy. Do not use attachments or unnecessary formatting.


When responding to SEM-L do not change the subject line of the message. Continuity of subject lines is critical for the maintenance of “threads” (sequences of messages connected by topic). Also, when posting, do not include the entire text of the message to which you are responding. Include a relevant excerpt only.

All posters must identify themselves in their signature with a full name and an affiliation and/or location of residence.

Copyright Observance

Subscribers should follow US copyright law in posting material to SEM-L. When possible, provide a link to content on other websites. The Society for Ethnomusicology assumes no responsibility for any infringements of copyright law resulting from postings to its list.

Copyright for a message posted to SEM-L is held solely by the author of the message, but with the understanding that reproduction and distribution of the message within the context of SEM-L communication and archiving is not a violation of copyright.

Special Instructions

Please see the SEM-L Special Instructions page for information on: 1) temporarily turning off messages, 2) unsubscribing from the list, 3) changing a subscription email address, 4) receiving a digest version of the list, and 5) reading posts in the list archive.

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