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Historical Ethnomusicology Section
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The Historical Ethnomusicology Section was established to bring together SEM members with an interest in historical studies. Membership in the group is open to all scholars interested in the study of music history and the application of historical methodologies within the field of ethnomusicology.


Current Chair
Michael Iyanaga
Assistant Professor of Music & Latin American Studies
The College of William and Mary
Email: miyanaga@wm.edu

Past Chair
Revell Carr, PhD
Associate Professor of Music
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Email: revell.carr@uky.edu

Tess Popper
Graduate Student, Ethnomusicology
University of California, Santa Barbara

Email: mashaqa1840@gmail.com

The mission of the Historical Ethnomusicology Section is to support historical studies in the field of ethnomusicology, primarily through the sponsorship and promotion of discussion, events and publications related to historical approaches in the study of music. This group provides:

  1. a forum for music scholars with historical interests to discuss issues related to the study of music history;
  2. an organizational basis to plan and execute events that focus on historical topics and methodologies;
  3. an information network where scholars can share and promote publications and activities related to the study of music history

Historical Ethnomusicology Section Website:

To obtain access and thereby become a Section member, email the Chair or request membership through the link on the facebook page.

Suggested dues: ($10-15, students, not fully employed and $20-25, faculty, full time employed) [Dues are optional.]

Section Prize

Historical Ethnomusicology Section Student Paper Prize

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